Do You Need Backlinks? Exactly What are Backlinks and Why are They So Important – Video

First of all, if you plan to get your website listed at the top of the search engines, you might need some backlinks.

Although this subject is a bit controversial in Internet marketing, it’s well worth considering.

And, if you do it right, back links can be a really useful tool to help you get traffic — and sales!

So, watch the video and see if you can put some of these marketing strategies to work in your online business.


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About the Video by Ahrefs:

What are backlinks and why are they important for SEO? How do you check them and how do you get more of them? You’ll find out in this tutorial.

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Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another.

If you’re on the receiving end, you can refer to them as incoming links or inbound links. If you’re linking to others, it’s called an external, outgoing or outbound link.

Why are backlinks important? There are three main reasons, and you’ll learn what those reasons are in the video.

The easiest way to conceptualize backlinks is to think of them as votes. When a page receives a backlink, it’s essentially another website vouching for the content on the page. And the more “votes,” you get from credible sources, the higher the trust.

But not all backlinks are created equal.

How do you tell a “good quality backlink” from a “not-so-good” one? You’ll learn how in the video.

And now that you’ve learned how to tell the difference between high and low-quality backlinks, you’ll want to check backlinks pointing at your own site.

We’ll show you the two places you can do this for free.

And finally, how do you get backlinks?

On the whole, there are three main methods to getting backlinks. You’ll learn what they are in the video.


0:24 – Why backlinks are important
1:36 – What are “high-quality” backlinks
3:09 – How to check backlinks
4:30 – How to get backlinks

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46 thoughts on “What are Backlinks and Why are They Important?”
  1. Is it possible for a tech blogger to sustain in SEO. Since you the article you post today will not be searched by anyone in few days. E.g smartphone review. Also the high authoritative websites are dominating in every keywords.

  2. Nicely explained. I understand more when I see numbers and multipliers. What the best way to create backlinks for a total new beginer like me? By beginer I mean 1 month baby and 4 post fed😆

  3. Hey there, great SEO video as always.

    I‘ve got a question: How does this apply to YouTube only?

    In your video you talked about search engines but is it mostly relevant to google or YouTube as well?

    If so, should i backlink individual videos or my whole channel link?


  4. There are some keywords that have Suggested videos section on SERP when searching Google. But I doubt you will get more organic traffic to your video or channel if you build some backlinks. We covered some tips on how to get organic traffic for YouTube videos from Google here –
    – Max

  5. Thanks for sharing this video! Very informative. Though I’ve a question, when you quoted Google patent on the backlink quality, does it means Google’s algorithm only care about PageRank (which is defined as URL rating for Ahrefs), instead of Domain rating?

  6. awesome video, very simple about backlinks, thank you so much

  7. Hi Sam, could you please do a video about the core google algorithm changes till date ? like penguin, panda updates. I think you can do it in a different way

  8. Another day & another good vid from Ahrefs – made a note of this one as it is a great resource to send to clients that maybe don’t quite get the whole backlinks thing! 😁

  9. There are hundreds of factors that go into ranking a page, so I’d say no. Also, I do want to clarify that “URL Rating” isn’t an exact replacement for PageRank.

    While we calculate URL Rating (UR) in a similar way to the original version of Google PageRank, it’s not the same. Nobody outside of Google knows how the PageRank formula has developed over the years. But we do know that URL Rating (UR) is comparable to the original Google PageRank formula in the following ways:

    – We count links between pages;
    – We respect the “nofollow” attribute;
    – We have a “damping factor”;
    – We crawl the web far and wide (which is a critical component when calculating an accurate link-based metric)


  10. Thanks, Nigel. That’s one of the main reasons why we created this video 🙂

  11. Possibly in the future, but at this time, we don’t really cover core algo updates as things are constantly changing. Instead, we share more of the “evergreen” strategies/tips/tactics. If you have more details in terms of what you’d like to see, feel free to let me know.

  12. can you make a video on how to add above the fold content in WordPress using a plugin or other options no one has talked about it yet pleaseeeeeeeee.

  13. @Ahrefs Thanks for your prompt reply! How do we make use of Domain Rating in Ahrefs tool? Which is more important to look at? Domain Rating (DR) or URL Rating (UR)?

  14. The purpose of DR is very straightforward – to assess the “relative link popularity” of a given website. For that reason, it is a super-useful metric to look at when link prospecting, as links from sites with high “link popularity” are typically more valuable than those from sites with a low “link popularity.” “Link popularity” (Domain Rating) is also a useful metric by which to estimate a website’s ability to get search traffic from Google.

    So page with low UR from a high DR domain will still have smaller chances to outrank high UR page from low DR domain. It is known that Google ranks pages, not domains. While DR score tells you that pages on this domain a likely to have a high UR score.

    Hope that helps.
    – Max

  15. Not sure I understand your request. If you look for a plugin that will generate amazing content for your site, I guess it is not yet developed🤷‍♂️
    – Max

  16. Hey Sam I wanna know something,
    I have been blogging for about 1 year and I have found that some of the websites in my niche is ranking for more keywords that are missing from their blog and Google shows them as “missing terms” in the SERP.
    I want to know is there a way of achieving this or it’s just by luck.
    Looking forward to hear from you via reply or it will be best if you make a video on the same topic 🙂

  17. That happens when search engine is not sure what is a search intent, what is the thing that you look for. So search engine will “guess” to meet your intent, highlighting keywords that are not present on a page. I doubt there is anyway you can optimize your pages for that. Maybe these “suggestions” are based on tfidf, you will never know the truth =(
    – Max

  18. Ah ha! So that’s what those external sites I see in analytics are! Thank you for these research tips and ideas for actions to take!

  19. Exceptionally well in detail tutorial for backlinks. Thanks, it refreshes my knowledge.

  20. Such a great explainer video, thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  21. Very informative. thank you! What’s the best way to get organic real links? Writing articles? I’m a money mindset coach and am wondering what the best way would be for people to find my youtube channel to help them out during this recession.

  22. You can blog about things that you cover with your videos. Additionally you will embed YouTube videos in each blog post and drive more views to your channel with your site. We do the same here at Ahrefs, where lots of our videos are covered with blog posts too.
    – Max

  23. Ahrefs Thank you! Is the best way to blog on your own website or write articles on another platform?

  24. I am a total beginner and this is the video I wanted to watch to understand what backlinks are. Thanks!

  25. Hey, thanks for detailed video. When I look at the top 5 pages on your free backlink checker I see that 3 of them are archives and no longer active links. What does this mean?

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