This is why online marketing isn’t working for you.

Steps to passive income online

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If you're struggling to build an audience or following for your online business, it's probably because you've been told 2 things that are keeping you stuck.

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34 thoughts on “This is why online marketing isn’t working for you.”

  1. Desi Marketer

    One misconception is to use “3 Reasons” or “7 Reasons”
    And right here I can see “2 Reasons”, and yet I click on your video because I love your content 🙂

  2. Thrive Themes

    Haha, good point. Imagine trying shoehorn another reason into the video because some guru says you have to use the number “3”. 😀

  3. Thrive Themes

    Thank you very much, Alex! I’m happy to hear that and so are the guys who helped me craft this video. 🙂

  4. William Tadeu - Tecnologia Para Coaches

    The best no bullshit marketing advice ever 😉
    Thanks for that!

  5. David Sweeney Chiropractor

    Wow excellent content! This channel needs 1million subscribes.

  6. Lourdes Sebastian

    hello sir, i would like to ask How to create “BLOG PAGE” just simply go to dashboard then PAGES and add new page then TITTLE: BLOG..thats it?
    i did this one..but the pages shown is from WORDPRESS templates…what shall i do on the next step..I am super beginner i bought thrive architect pluginns. hope you reply sir, thank you.I did already HOME PAGE, ABOUT PAGE, now im on BLOG PAGE buy got confused whats next…

  7. Nice one, Shane! Haha I’m going to guess that the next video will be creating content on the pain points customers have of one’s solution. Because we ourselves know the pains, and had our epiphany, and then created our solution that solves it. Hehe anyway, looking forward to the next vid!

  8. One of the best video posts in recent times. I’m not surprised it came from Shane Melaugh, a smart marketer and credible dude in the online space. I’m proud of the products he releases and the team he has assembled.

    If you’ve not been following this guy, and also subscribing to his personal and business blogs, then this is your chance to do so. You’ll not regret it.

    Subscribe now, and thank me later.

    For me, I’m already waiting for the next video or videos to be released. Shane, thank you so much!

  9. MamaRed Knight

    I came back to watch this one again (you’re one of two people/companies I a watch/follow/read consistently). I’m rolling laughing…again…with the statistics you’re rattling off. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I’ve read…then gotten overwhelmed over…and went out for more coffee upon hearing! Thanks for all you do! MamaRed.

  10. Get You Some

    Is the “launch” type page where you get notified a template in Thrive Theme Builder? I love it!

  11. You are a real guru. Many people out there are fake ones. Thank you! I have been in the membership for 3 years. I am so happy with Thrive Theme

  12. SoloBusiness

    WHY in the world does this video has ONLY 168 Likes (at the time of writing)?! Thank you Shane and Thrive Themes team – excellent work.

  13. Thomas Gunther

    Maybe it boils down to providing great answers to specific questions, valuable solutions to problems, in other words help to someone in need. I can clearly see this when posting video tutorials. No marketing needed, when it checks either of those boxes. Is this where you are going with this?

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