The Secret to Making $250 per Day with Ai Art

Steps to passive income online

How to make money with Ai Generated art using the tool Midjourney and ChatGPT. Jam Packed video reveals how to create next level peices of art work using secret prompts, plus how make money online for free with the ai art.

Tools used
Create a free printful account –

If you're looking for ways to make money online with Ai technology (artificial intelligence) such as mid journey and chat gpt – then this is the video for you.

Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links, when you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. This comes directly from the company and does not affect you in anyway. These affiliate links allow me to continue to post free content on YouTube.

Earnings Disclaimer: My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical. You Results can be more or less. I can not guarantee anything.

55 thoughts on “The Secret to Making $250 per Day with Ai Art”

  1. Liam James Kay

    Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe if you’re not subscribed. Some epic videos dropping soon 🤫🔥

  2. Great video! What about mid journey TOS? Do they allow the generated content to be monetized?

  3. Liam James Kay

    yes, you’re allowed. I heard you’re not allowed to monetise images if you have a free trial account. But you could still create all your artwork, then sign up for a full account if any items sell, this way you’re fully licensed.

  4. Heads up, you can message the Midjourney bot directly (DM) with prompts instead of in a Newbie channel so you don’t have to scroll through other people’s stuff to find your designs.

  5. Liam James Kay

    I’ve never actually tried it with amazon – but I will test it out and hopefully do a follow up video.

  6. When I look at this movie I realize AI is not the main problem on this planet. Its ignorance and greed.

  7. Made by Marcin

    If you are not a Paid Member, Midjourney grants you a license to the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License (the “Asset License”).

  8. Artpal is another print on demand service that can be used, not much traffic, but the platform is really good. I kind of wish more people knew about artpal because it is a good service.

  9. This “money maker” has an expiration date. Once everyone figures out how to create AI art, no one will buy it, because they will just create it for themselves.

  10. Thankyou for doing this. I realize it’s an idea to make money, but in terms of where Ai is going to go this is part of that. Obviously it’s easy to make great images with no work. But even now we have very creative methods and tools to use AI as a tool. What will happen is AI images will become an art, where cream rises to the top. What will happen is that basic images will just become ubiquitous and people will find them boring and worth far less. This has happened many times in tech in the past. Initially people are impressed but after the market saturation it’s no longer impressive. In terms of making money, not everyone can be artist so right now there’s a huge opportunity for people to use the initial value people still have with images that eventually they will perceive lower and lower in value

  11. Joseph Brown

    Lol….I shouldn’t laugh but this is where the world is headed …yikes

  12. Queen of Sheba

    Thank you so much. As a web developer I can use this to create awesome art work for my web design

  13. JulesStudio

    Love this video! Thank you so much for this information. I am already using Midjourney for a while and now have the motivation to actually use the generated art.

  14. @Made by Marcin how they know if u are on paid member or not? if there is no watermark

  15. Made by Marcin

    @Patryk Well options are always. If they save these graphics or at least some form of ids (md5 sum or something similiar) they could trace it but I don’t think personally they do.
    I think it’s more about being compliant with the licence and avoiding possible legal problems and damages in the future. 8$ for peace of mind is not a lot.

  16. Adora Evangelista

    Nice video!! Very engaging from the begining to the End. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

  17. @Watchdog I remember the photos in Facebook feeds of my friends who were first adopters, it was very good for many types of art. I know it’s more “precise” now, but people who buy artwork like this, don’t care if it’s a “biker, skeleton head, skull, black leather jacket, with a electric guitar” with one specific type of guitar or another. Now it’s possible to polish results more towards exact requirements. But the quality of abstract and fantasy stuff was high from day one (because it scraped all the internet lol, and there was already fantastic art to remix at)

  18. Thank you for this high valuable information! I got a question: I’m in Europe and I saw that Printful is from North Carolina. Should I make my etsy shop on US? I think that would might get more audience easier. Also, does Printful ships their packages outside US?

  19. Liam I have a question? when I searched it up it said that midjourney allows users to use the images that they create, but only if they do not sell them an get profit of them. Is this right? Or is it legal to sell midjourney ai-artwork?

  20. @BabyFox

    Yepp, you can make whatever you want. People can go even further and edit the art 100 times to make it look more unique. THERE’S NO EEEEND TO THE POSSIBILITIES!

  21. Brade Edwards

    @Unfortunately Liam this is very cool and sounds very simple, except you didn’t mention purchasing a standard license so that you can actually legally sell these images you create. Surely that costs quite a bit to get a standard license on each of the images you create, isn’t it? Also, with Etsy you can’t start anything for free dude! There is a small cost to list each of item you try and sell on their site, that is if I have use it correctly so far, right? Etsy has about 4 to 5 fees that have to be paid to them, plus, they take a good amount of % of the profits right? I love your video in the sense that it all seems easy, but I would love to see a video where, you or anyone for that matter, really talks the truth and the “actual numbers” involved. If you can make a video (I don’t care if it’s an hour long), that shows me exactly what you have to do and what you will pay out to get the license fees paid, how much of the sales revenue each of these companies keeps for themselves, I would be thrilled and willing to try what you call ‘so easy!’ Also, tell me and your viewers the real truth about what POD companies actually keep in % profit to do all these services to be able to make it so your customers can get their product, and again, I will be thrilled. I want you as a YT’er to actually tell the ‘whole truth’ step by step, but I don’t think you will, because then it’s not so easy right? If it’s all really as easy as you make it seem, then I will darn sure try it. Show me please. Tell people the ‘real truth’ is all I am asking. There are a ton of videos like yours that do exactly what you are doing, and that is telling people its all so easy and it’s really not because there is a lot involved just like this viewer asked you about having to buy a “standard license” to legally be able to sell any image. If you don’t get this license then you are only setting yourself up for getting sued, right? Seriously, I challenge you to make a video that shows the ‘real truth’ like showing me on your screen the costs of trying to sell these images. Go for it, I’m ready!

  22. Do you want us to set up your shop and create your designs too? I have no problem doing that for you sir

  23. @Brade Edwards no risk no reward Brad. Obviously nothing is easy. And the time it took you to write this essay you could have answered a few more of your own questions. Why not make the video yourself???

  24. Then you destroy the art market, reducing how much money you get and putting a bunch of real artists out of work, good job!
    These programs are trained using images that do not belong to you or the creators of the AI.

  25. Liam James Kay

    Printful is actually based in Latvia Europe. But they have facilities in USA, Europe and U.K

    You can sell worldwide and Printful will ship to your customer from the closest location

  26. The biggest issue im having is the automatic $30 shipping fee, no one would buy anything with a $30 fee, is there any way to change this or get around it?

  27. Michael Wisniewski

    @Brade Edwards He obviously doesn’t make any money from etsy, and neither do 99% of the people who tell you it’s so easy on YouTube. They make their money from telling you its all so easy.

  28. Brade Edwards

    @Michael Wisniewski Thats true but i quit watching as soon as it sounding like a used car salesman. Others say im defeatist but thats not it. Just for once I would like to see a guy on YT like this actually show people the real truth but that won’t happen so.

  29. lifestyle Health Now

    Hey Liam with your amazing knowledge can you recommend a software for YouTube ai video creation which includes ai script and ai voice over. A all-in-one software. Thanks Liam. Love your videos. Kathy😊

  30. derek greenwood

    Subbed just on the fact you’re literally the Micheal Bisping of the Entrepreneurial world – top stuff

  31. Liam the answer ChatGpt gave you was bogus out of all the 10 things men between 18 and 30 are interested in I noticed that the number 1 thing “women” was no where on the list.

  32. nonefvnfvnjnjn jevjenjvonejn

    @BabyFox absolutely. i wonder if there is a secret group of early niches to make money on discord or somewhere. but you are 100% correct. the milking period is over so now these videos come in as an after burner.

  33. @nonefvnfvnjnjn jevjenjvonejn I doubt anyone will be sharing real discovered profit strategies, with outsiders who are not “in a share profit” close knit group (who are either friends, or people who you hire for the grunt work). So I don’t think it exist. Could be, but only for premium price, by someone who’s too lazy to implement the discovered strategies and willing to sell that brainstorming and insider “upcoming know hows” to small groups of like minded people for fun. Basically zero chance to find it unless get invited by friends or colleagues….

  34. Mauricio Rangel

    I’m about to become a digital artist. No, a digital art composer bc I’m not making the art but I’m composing, directing and feeding ideas to the machine making the art

  35. nonefvnfvnjnjn jevjenjvonejn

    @BabyFox you are right. you are the only person in this entire comment thread who makes any sense. people have lost their minds.

  36. Made By Saverio

    Can’t wait for the day when everyone else’s passion, and lifetimes of honing in on skillsets, becomes null and void because AI can do it. This is NOT ART, it’s literally just data entry that my 8 year old could do.

  37. Liam James Kay

    Don’t worry, physical art will become more in demand and people will get sick of ai generated art. This could actually have a positive effect on real art that ai can’t generate

  38. Made By Saverio

    @Liam James Kay Physical art can be made using any medium, digital being one of them. If your entire life has been in the digital art space as an illustrator, animator, 3d design, CAD, graphics, etc. and have never picked up a paintbrush/marker/pastel, sculpting tools, etc.. This AI trash will 100% eventually replace careers. Having said that, I hope people are ready, it’s inevitable that AI will replace many jobs in many industries – including the jobs of those that created said softwares and technologies.

  39. Liam James Kay

    @Made By Saverio yeah it’s going to change everything. Ai video editors, ai writers, ai journalists, everything is going to be radically changed but you’ve just got to adapt along the way and hope for the best

  40. Zac M Porg Brick Film

    @Jester Yes you can. You can sell AI art on Etsy. Etsy “does not prohibit the selling of AI art on its platform.” If you look more into AI art, you would find that there are millions of artists that do this to make a living. Even at art fairs… I just think you are too stubborn to accept it. My friend life gets easier, soon pictures you take with your phone of a landscape will be AI generated in the future, the world is adapting so should you. Not only you can sell it on Etsy, but other stock sites..

  41. @Jester

    If you are a great artist, you can still stay ahead of the game by using your skills together with AI.

  42. @Watchdog “together with AI” sorry but no, i still don’t see the point in automating art

  43. Ivan Ivanovich

    we will not do that because our main yt page will be overflown with similar content of your’s and will make it unusable. we only suppose to like ONLY what we really liked – like a girl, you. can’t like every girl you talk to right? thx for content, but pls stop asking for likes and subs. thx and it doesn’t work anyways

  44. Michel Jurgens

    @Jester Just asked chatgpt to summarize the legal stuff and yeah unless you have a subscription which isnt that expensive. Then your allowed to sell or use it!

  45. @Michel Jurgens the work has to be made by a human to be able to be copyrightbale, AI cannot hold or hand out IP privileges to the image itself

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