The Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2023

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An updated FAST and EASY Shopify tutorial created for beginners opening stores in 2023.
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0:00 – Store Preview & Teaser
1:09 – Get A FREE Shopify Trial
2:50 – Install A Free Theme
5:34 – Customize Theme Settings
10:57 – Edit Store Layout & Design
14:19 – Create Product Collections
19:37 – Add Products
26:48 – Add Policy Pages
28:50 – Create Store Pages/ About Us Page
30:06 – Update Store Menus
33:23 – Customize Store Footer
34:08 – Customize Product Page Layout
35:50 – Add PayPal & Shopify Payments
37:55 – Add Shipping Rates
40:56 – Change Store Currency
41:21 – Get A Shopify Plan
42:17 – Get A Custom Domain URL
43:19 – Update Store Preferences
43:56 – Activate Customer Privacy App
45:56 – Turn Off Password Protection & Send Store LIVE!

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33 thoughts on “The Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2023”

  1. Wholesale Ted

    ⚠ PEOPLE ARE IMPERSONATING ME! ⚠ It breaks my heart: people are posting Telegram & Whatsapp numbers from accounts that have stolen my profile picture and are pretending to be me. These accounts are NOT me! They are fake! I will NEVER ask you to DM me on WhatsApp/Telegram/Instagram etc. This is my ONLY account and it has the verified tick & verified bubble so you know its me and not the fakers. They will reply to all comments EVERYWHERE – videos, community posts, you name it! Please do NOT contact these fakers! And please also report them. People call these numbers and get scammed. It breaks my heart 🥺 and if you see a bot account replying to someone else – if you could let them know it’s fake, you might save them from being scammed by these bots too! 🥺 Thank you and I am sorry for the inconvenience! 🙏

  2. Living the Dream

    Thank you Sarah for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Always helpful information.


    Hi Sarah , thank for clear tutorial . Do you have any video how to add advertising banner on Shopify header or footer.

  4. Billy Bytes

    I sincerely express my affection for you. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for the quality of your content, it is expertly crafted

  5. Maori styl3z

    I started your introduction to your course but it was sooo time consuming trying to do everything on my $50 phone!
    Just getting me a new laptop and will get things going this weekend.
    The design side of things are challenging but with a new laptop I hope it will make things more easier!
    Umsplash seems to be great site to source photos/pictures from.
    Does anyone else use the Unsplash site and had great success with finding great photos for your niche?

  6. Wholesale Ted

    Craft has an announcement/advertising bar installed by default, I discuss it at 11:14

  7. Davion Mcknight

    When ever i see you videos and it says just uploaded i know to just hit like and start watching,thank you thank you


    I bought third party template outside Shopify store from Etsy called get inspired i don’t know if i can add advertising banner or not it. it is working very well

  9. Te Sunt In Manus

    You are a greedy woman and nothing more. It’s not enough for you to earn thousands of dollars a month just from your YT videos and the commissions you get from the products you promote, which you also sell online courses. What do you want so much money for? The day you die you are not going to take it anywhere. Behind your pleasant appearance there is only a greedy woman, and needless to say that the methods you expose do not work. They are over saturated and competing against millions of people doing the same thing is impossible, unless you develop a 100% original idea and succeed that way.

  10. Teddy P. Gray

    Not gonna lie, I have to watch at least 3 times to get it all down.

  11. Jerry Dease

    You’re changing my life 🤣🙌🏽 daily as I binge your content! Bless you!

  12. Joe the dude

    Hi Sarah. Can you please post a short or video about how taxes and fees work on Etsy? I’m also in NZ (Yay kiwis! :), but it’d my first time starting an online business (I want to do Print on Demand too). I posted a similar comment like this on the most recent short you posted, but I don’t know if you saw that comment. I’m posting this here hoping you’d see it. I’m sorry for spamming you with this, it’s just that it’d be really helpful for someone to explain taxes in NZ.
    Also, a great video as always! I just recently found your channel and everything you post has always contained such valuable information. Thank you so much!

  13. mightygoodmagic

    Sarah how do you recommend finding suppliers for my Shopify? I know what I want to sell, but I don’t know how to find suppliers of those kinds of products and (ideally) also finding suppliers who can manufacture some originals I design too…. Thx for a stellar channel!!!!

  14. Get Piano Lessons

    *only the BEST of the best content creators get haters and impersonators 🤔 Damn, I need to step my game up… no one wants to impersonate me yet.*

  15. Not sure if the advice she’ll give will be the same, but I do amazon KDP and run 2 shopify stores from New Zealand. I found the easiest solution was to just have an accountant. I mainly got one because I was still working full time in 2018 and tax is pretty confusing between countries. After I quit I just kept the accountant to simplify everything and ease a bit of the stress. They also keep you up to date on tax changes and if they have any effect on your buisness or future ventures. Good luck from Palmy NZ 👍👍👍

  16. Diabetes Supports program

    Please I want to ask something if you activate promo code in your produce like 10$ bonus off of your 30$

    Normally when is 30$ you make around 8$ profit so if you put promo code for them to buy it 20$ will you still get 8$ profit ?

  17. HI. Thank you for the video. I need to know that how can i connect my Shopify store with Bigbuy for ecommerce pack_

  18. Jerry Lucas

    Can I just link my Amazon products to shopify? Are there any sites I could do such a thing?

  19. Mark Kelderman

    Thank you for this content, Sarah. I am starting my dropshipping journey, and needed a guide how to build my shopify store. For products source, I am planning to use services from Winnerzila, a lot of people lately are saying good stuff about it. Can you do a review on that, I am sure everybody would like to hear it?

  20. All i want to say is Thank you. This actually helps me soo much, keep up the great work… ♥️

  21. Amazing video as always, I’ve always been really nervous about setting up a Shopify account. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you

  22. Wholesale Ted

    Usually dropshipping apps are just pulling their sources from Aliexpress, or using the same suppliers you’ll find on there but for free. So I’m pretty skeptical it’s worth it! If Winnerzila has a lucrative affiliate program, the truth is, some people might be gushing about it because they’re earning high commissions.

  23. Wholesale Ted

    You can make promo codes inside your Shopify store! Click the Discounts button on the left side menu.

  24. Wholesale Ted

    The best place to find a supplier to manufacture products is Alibaba. Head on over, find a supplier in a niche that sells something similar, and then email them explaining what you need made. Be as detailed as possible. A lot of suppliers on Alibaba can custom-make products even if they don’t explicitly advertise it.

  25. Wholesale Ted

    Unfortunately as I’m not a qualified accountant, I don’t feel comfortable giving tax advice. The IRD website is actually really easy to understand. I self-taught myself taxes back with my first video game business. I also filed my own tax returns. This was before Xero, which has made things much simpler. But the NZ tax code is considered to be one of, if not, the easiest tax codes in the world. You can answer most questions you have on the IRD website 🌞

  26. Joe the dude

    Thank you for the advice, everyone. I think I’ll just ask one of my friends who is an accountant. It’s embarrassing but I completely forgot that she is an accountant😅. Sorry for the trouble, but thank you so much for all your help 🙂

  27. hey, thanks a lot for this usefull information. i want to ask if there is an option to sell products from ali express for example? im asking cuz i dont really space to hold a stock of producs in my house 😀

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