In this video I quickly give updates on what we have coming up soon with regards to affiliate marketing and other digital profit making.

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8 thoughts on “Quick Affiliate Marketing Update – What we have coming up…”
  1. Kia ora Mark, have you got any contacts that do paid advertising on Bing and Google?
    I wouldn’t mind learning some more about that from someone who does it.

  2. Hi there Mark….I too would like to see tips on succeedng with Bing ads…..

  3. I do have contacts going well with these and am having good success myself with using them for retargeting and/or for certain search phrases where the intent is clear. I’ll look into this further as another thing people want to know more about. Certainly the audience size and ability to scale with bing is a lot smaller but as an addition to another traffic strategy it’s helpful

  4. Hey mark , i joined profit singularity september last year , it defintly the best thing i have ever invested in. Will we have the updated version for this year too?????????? I mean will it be for Free ? If not , please leave the videos in the member area and the tools for us past students just alone, i still need them , indeed we all still need them. Thank you Mark ,Rob and Gery

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