Mike Tyson – The Legendary Power

12 Rounds with Mike Tyson

In March 1985, a real phenomenon from Brooklyn entered the ring. The perfect coach, Cus D'Amato, turned the young fighter into a real hitman in the heavyweight division, revealing only his best qualities…

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52 thoughts on “Mike Tyson – The Legendary Power”

  1. As a lifelong Tyson fan I watch pretty much every video I can find about Iron Mike and this is one of the very best videos I have ever come across. We have seen his highlights over and over again but this video gave us something different by adding in the post fight interviews with Mike which very few videos actually have. It was a welcome addition from a very talented video editor. Whoever made this video congratulations on a job very well done! All of us Tyson fans appreciate your work and no matter how many times I watch Tyson’s highlight reels, I’m amazed every single time. Mike Tyson had the power like George Foreman, the speed like Ali and the savagery like Sonny Liston! He was a once in a generation special talent that had he never gotten rid of Kevin Rooney, he may very well have went down in history as the 2nd heavyweight champion to retire undefeated. I still consider Tyson the greatest fighter to ever lace up the gloves. There will never be another Iron Mike. He was a genetic freak of nature so to speak. His raw power and blinding speed were courtesy of his greek god like physique. At age 13 he was 195lbs of pure muscle looking more like a grown man than a 7th grader. He was a physical specimen that was born to do what he did and he was spectacular at what he did for a living: destroying trained fighting men and he made it look so easy.

  2. Mandy Candy

    He was so aggressive but always went to hug his opponents after knocking them out. He’ll always be the greatest in my eyes

  3. One of the craziest things about Tyson was that he seemed to have equal power in both hands. He had the same knockout power in his right hand as he did in his left, and he’s left handed. Hell, I think he had more knockouts with his right than his left because he fought orthodox despite being left handed.

  4. We will never see this level of boxing ever again, Tyson was a one off master in the ring of pure destruction

  5. Barry Douthitt

    I at one time thought Iron Mike was just a relentless brawler who won because of a kill mentality. But he was actually a skilled professional who also happen to be graced with two equally
    (take a nap) hands of stone along with lightning fast speed. His footwork was different then any I’ve ever seen. Was able to shuffle 2 3 4 steps at a time toward opponent and the lead foot would be on the same side as the punch he threw Everytime

  6. He’s right handed he had a orthodox stance. His favorite hand is his right but people got knocked out with his left more lol

  7. If you didn’t live through his prime you don’t understand the anticipation of watching this man fight. He was just plain scary. SO fast, SO powerful, SO elusive; incredible to see.

  8. Tyson was born to be a legend, never to be repeated. Once in a century phenomenon.

  9. Probably the best Mike Tyson video I’ve seen, so very well put together! The passage of time only seems to reinforce what an exceptional young man he really was! An almost unbelievably ferocious fighter yet with absolute control, compactness, conservation of energy and clinical precision. Humility in victory, no histrionic celebration (even when becoming WC at just 20 years of age) and often immediately compassionate and concerned with the welfare of his opponent. Then, in interview immediately afterwards, he’s measured, controlled, articulate, intelligent, gracious, kind, respectful and magnanimous. Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, certainly, but a remarkable man all round.

  10. Alex Legaspy

    One of the things that made Tyson even greater than his ability to throw a devastating jab was ability take one without even flinching. What a monster.

  11. Abe Buckingham

    Actually I think it was his left hook that got most of the KOs because people identified his right hand as being so dangerous early on. They based their defense on avoiding the right hand so much that he had to use his left for the KOs.

  12. I think what hardly gets mentioned is how fair Mike was to all of his opponents in his prime. He was a real sports man.

  13. Same. I had to watch videos of people explaining techniques displayed during fights to really appreciate fighters like Foreman, Marciano, and Tyson.

  14. Mike never fails to keep you entertained, truly the greatest heavy weight Boxer of all time !!!

  15. TechLinkOnline

    @Zebra all day Problem? Ali was a master in every possible way who beat guys that were HOF and that hit harder than Tyson. Much of Tyson’s highlights are against I don’t like to say it but basically bums. Buster Douglas KO’d a prime Tyson I will never forget that

  16. @TechLinkOnline Tyson was up all night before smoking boulder size crack rocks with Bobby brown the night before the fight. He definitely was on a downward spiral

  17. @Simon Grinham he did not hit harder than Tyson nor was faster you’re drunk asf

  18. Maksims Ivanovs

    I’d bet one can find a handful of champions in their respective weight classes who outplay their opponents like none other in every timeline.

  19. Ajman Dadar

    Have you noticed how polite, humble, down to earth Mike Tyson is?
    He possesses a very high level of sportsmanship.
    Because, he always mentions his trainers during the press interview and at the end of his fights.
    Because no matter what he is doing and what state of mind he is in, he politely and very promptly responses to his opponents, as they come to congratulate him.
    Well done Mike.
    We human beings must be worth of receiving God’s Gifts.
    God bless

  20. Beardedgamer dad

    I was a kid when Mike was on his rise, listening to the news reports of him destroying fighters caused great fear of him. What a legend! ❤️👍🏻🥃🇺🇸

  21. Rogers Clark

    Absolutely the G.O.A.T of heavyweight!!!! Ain’t nobody can compare to Tyson in his prime!!!!

  22. Barry Douthitt

    @David Brown Do you think Iron Mike ( in his prime) could’ve beat The Champ
    (In his prime)?

  23. Christopher B Smith

    Sugar Ray said after the first round with Roberto – who are the three men I am fighting in this ring – it can’t possibly be one Man 😳😳😳

  24. Kieran Black

    He had everything. Speed, power, frame, intellect, mentality. He would’ve been considered a Demigod in the ancient world.

  25. Daniel Hudson

    You can’t take anything from somebody that originated something

    Good job. Am I am proud of you, it is my holgiving you consent to own the team

  26. Jose L plascencia

    You mean head “buts” and the ref doing nothing about it, that pissed Mike off and rightly so, Mike didn’t lose to fighters he lost because of RX, DON ,K & 😺 mostly because of😾 to me will always be # 1.

  27. Gwomina Clever

    I was a million excited by this video. Mike Tyson has always been enthusiastic rather than lackadaisical when comes to boxing entertainment.

  28. @barry The sweetness is we will never know. I look at as One was my Parents era & Mike was ours. I caught Ali but I was just a little person. Yet it was Ali that made me love boxing. It was Mike that kept my young adult years extremely memorable!

  29. Original Recipe

    LMAO I was sitting here looking at that arm tattoo thinking to myself “Where have I seen that before?”. As soon as it dawned on me, i saw your comment 😂

  30. Anthony Cook

    Iron Mike was such a beast. But my favorite part of his fights is when he comes in for the embrace with his opponent after destroying them. He seemed to empathize and show sportsmanship and respect most of the time, like he could just turn off the insane aggressiion. I’d give anything just to blaze with Mike.

  31. Justin Yates

    I remember people used to have fight parties and get together to watch Tyson fight. I was prob the first to buy his PPV with Roy Jones. Was awesome. Obviously not the same intensity of their hay day but I was still a pie eyed kid again watching the fight in 2021. Love Mike old and new.

  32. Justin Yates

    @Frank Jones lol, except for the parts where he talks about killing and murder lol

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