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38 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Teaching Boxing”
  1. Родной ты мой ТАЙСОН, я вырос на твоих золотых боях. Ты легенда, ты, кумир многих, таких нет и никогда не будет.

  2. Его техника маятник на всегда останется в моём сердце, как и его имя и наследие.

  3. @Danil Danil за популяризацию этой техники отвечает именно Тайсон, по сути всё техники из древности идут, так что всё новое просто забытое старое. Но спасибо, бой я посмотрю.

  4. У него был один из самых сильных ударов за всю историю бокса)) он просто в нокаут отправлял сразу)

  5. Wish I could get lessons from him that man will always be my idol

  6. After all this years, mike still has it, just look at his body movements, a work of beauty

  7. 這麼多年了,身手還是這麼敏捷,年紀大不影響他出拳的速度。他這樣的身手真的太厲害了

  8. He’s still a champ to me this man moves so gracefully and with such Speed and Agility still wow

  9. Love this man Mike he’s definitely a Legend🔥🙏🏽💯

  10. Mike has really dealt with his inner demons and I have nothing but respect for him today.

  11. Больно смотреть, как годы жизни поражают Легенду, люблю тебя, и крепкого здоровья тебе Майк Тайсон!♥️

  12. Mike is not only one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, he’s one of the most interesting people that I’ve ever gotten to learn about from interviews and books about his career. He was such a student of the game and absorbed everything that was taught to him, which when combined with his compact frame and incredible punching power created one of the most unique combination of skills to ever be seen in a heavyweight champion. His life story is really something else, and IMO he could’ve been one of the best ever even despite Cus’ death if he had a little more self control and internal drive instead of having that part of his psyche given to him by Cus. He’s a flawed character but I think that’s part of why he’s become so beloved in the eyes of many, we don’t want our champions to be perfect.

  13. Even as a old man
    This guy is still Dangerous!
    I love ya Mike, I grew up watching you, supported you thru the hood and bad and back to the good
    You’re inspiring

  14. He’d still kill 95% of humans on this planet…..Peekaboo, Willie Bag, Cus hollering out numbers

  15. Τρέμει ό τύπος που κρατάει τους στόχους στον Τάισον

  16. en mi vida vi muchos boxeadores pero Mike es unico con su estilo de avance, cambios de guardia y esquives mas golpes letales y ningún boxeador podía aguantar tanta velocidad y precision,que la leyenda viva del boxeo de estilo


  18. Lo mejor de lo mejor, no saldrá otro como el. Un verdadero campeón.

  19. Mike Tyson , assisti a carreira desse homem do início ao final , e vou dizer uma coisa : Mike Tyson será consagrado uma lenda do mesmo nível que Bruce Lee e Mohammed Ali

  20. Never get tired of seeing mike in his element n great to see he’s passing his knowledge forward too

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