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  1. “God punishes you by giving you everything you want, to see if you can handle it”. Interesting statement as always by Iron Mike.

  2. Jaideep Nandha

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,”
    -Robert G. Ingersoll

  3. Reise Piece

    @Mariangela Caputo no I was writing to the person that made the video

  4. Mariangela Caputo

    @Reise Piece ah ok…its right!Sorry but i ve seen video on late!so u r right..i think the same things!!!!😂

  5. Fully Activated

    He’s like the only guy that went to prison and felt at peace. No one was gonna try to bother or intimidate him and he could relax and have a routine in prison.

  6. Jackson Arthur

    Mike Tyson at this age is wise beyond words. I think we can all strive to be a little more like him.

  7. In a nutshell: “True happiness comes from within and nothing from the outside can reach that”

  8. Bro is the only one who can find peace in prison. Nobody would dare touch him.

  9. He’s the only American that didn’t fear prison. Prison feared him.

  10. Jacob Thomas

    Tyson went from being an uncontrollable rage monster to one of the wisest men alive today

  11. George Farmer

    The older Mike gets, the more peaceful and intriguing he has become.

  12. Abdur R Nasir

    ​@Daddy give a man a loving family and you will see him trek through hell to keep them safe. adversity is just another day for the working men. its a tale as old as time.

  13. GreenGhost500

    Allah definitely ain’t letting nobody touch this one 🤲🏾☪️ Malik Abdul Aziz has been through a lot and we deserve respect and learn from the man

  14. Yes someone can be nice and have a facade but when they have money or power their real Personality will show

  15. Yet he allows persecution to Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis etc etc. Not trying to be offensive in anyway what so ever but got to look at it holistically

  16. GreenGhost500

    @KBR P not true, the people of Palestine 🇵🇸 will have they peace one day from Israel and he will definitely set new milestones for the true people of Iraq and Syria, all this fighting has been going on for a long time and the results been the same over the years, it’s so bogus, I’m African American, with some Libyan-Ethiopian blood in me and I’m a Muslim Brother, I don’t like that we fight amongst one another, I see us banding together and ousting people like isis and the kadyrov regime because killings innocents and all the harm they do is not Islam at all, Allah sees that and he’s definitely gonna stand on it when he can, if you ask me dude, when stuff or if stuff ever goes crazy here we don’t have dudes like that who will defend Muslims or Islam, it’s the Caucasians and most confused African Americans wit they “black power stuff” I don’t believe in any of it, I don’t see right or left, all is see is Islam and at the end of the day with that in mind I fear nothing but I do fear one day this country will go through what others have and it will suck

  17. GreenGhost500

    @KBR P I see what your saying brother, I’m over here lookin at it from the outside in, it’s not rite for what’s going on wit the Palestinians and the Sumerians and Syrian people, I don’t support nor speak on what the Jewish government is doing to my people over there in Palestine, I’m a brown skin brother with dreadlocks them people don’t know me other there so they would look at me and say why is this man protecting us and he don’t know us, he’s Muslim yes but why defend us, because I would defend anyone muslim in the name of Islam don’t matter what Arabic country you came from cause deep down the line my people from Africa somewhere and we all related through religion period, Allah sees what’s going on and he’s definitely gonna always be there for his people no matter what

  18. God bless my brother Mike Tyson, he has gotten to that perfect point where nothing in this life matters but the greater peace that surpasses all understanding which comes from our Creator 💪🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏🔥💯

  19. this dude experienced spiritual breakthrough.. Anybody here feels the honesty in his words every time?

  20. exactly my observation.. and there are no fillers or pretending in his aura just honesty and wisdom to what he says.

  21. Tuomo Luukkanen

    That’s pretty nice, but he raped someone. That’s what he did with his power.

  22. @Furion Max did you not see interview with Mike? He stated everyone wanted to fight Mike to try to take the throne he was a challenge to them

  23. FishingWivRhys

    “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you comfortable while being awfully miserable.”
    – Claire Boothe Luce

  24. Raymond Ireland

    I’ve heard regular people say they had peace in prison because it’s the only time they had structure or consistent meals. Or also not having the responsibility or pressure of providing for a lot of ppl by doing illegal things.. not for me but others have said it.

  25. FishingWivRhys

    @Abdur R Nasir this! Took the words out my mind, adversity is everywhere in life even little things. But I’d do anything for my kids

  26. The Religion of Gravity

    @Isayah 613 lol what material things do you think you need to be happy?

  27. I’m gonna be so sad when mike passes away I love this man and respect everything he stands for so much wisdom and humility 💚❤️‍🔥

  28. Scooby Reacts

    That’s why you should only focus on things you can control, such as yourself, don’t try to change anyone

  29. Steve Fisher

    Growing up watching young Mike tear through the boxing world, I never would have thought that he would become one of the wisest and most enlightening people on the planet

  30. Kevin Hernandez

    Tyson is a perfect example of how time shapes you but ultimately this man has a heart of gold and is just plain genuine. I love people who can take accountability who teach others based on their faults in life

  31. “The devil doesn’t appear to you with red horns and a tail. He reveals himself as everything you’ve ever wanted.”

  32. Daniel Keizer

    Became one of the most wise people ever. His understanding and depth is underrated. For a man who had struggled so much with his emotions he became one of the most balanced people. He knows himself. He understands life.

  33. Eric Howell

    The man got knowledge I can truly say that Tyson learned from his mistakes goals🙏🏽

  34. Jamie Freeland

    His transformation was really speechless! Still not perfect, but he’s right…peace…so important to have and helps you get there on that journey to perfection

  35. Naa Mike was a bad motherfucker but them boys inside don’t play fair with a referee. Mike was probably humble n showed respect which gave him an easy time inside.

  36. James Brinkman

    ​@GreenGhost500 Muslims and jew have been fighting for thousands of years you will never know peace

  37. Sampige Man

    ​@D G you think Mike was a successful fighter because of his size? Ok man ok

  38. Westsiderydin223

    @Trippie Chris that’s actually a blessing because they don’t have to go through the troubles of life. They don’t have to sin and they can go to heaven.

  39. Dylan Lanzuela

    ​@Furion Max brothers respected Mike because he really knew how to get along with street people.
    He represented the streets quite well

  40. Rickey Koga

    That’s fucking wisdom – its words spoken from the other side. A side the vast majority of us will literally never come close to. Mike achieved the highest level of fame – any current celebrity doesn’t come close.
    He truly achieved demigod status because he had an energy and an aura that was felt by anyone near him when he was in his prime. We need to listen to the words of the elders who tasted the forbidden fruit. Mike let us all know – money is the cheese used as the motivator for the rat race that is run by the elite. Getting the cheese won’t fulfill you as a person.

  41. lovesgibson

    @Jxxlhave you even been in? Or is this just your fantasy from watching movies?

  42. Marisa Martin

    I felt the same way when I went cus there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t have to stress out about paying bills of just living cus it’s totally out of your hands. It was a mental vacation.

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