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So, you wanna get started with Digital Products? Here's everything you need to know to get started with digital products! Make $10k/month with digital products with these tips.

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Music I Use in Videos
How I manage my content calendar and biz
My FAVORITE YouTube growth Tool
Email Marketing System

Fancy Camera (Sony A7s III)
Fancy Camera Lens
Fancy Camera Mic
Vlog Camera
Wide-angle vlog lens

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28 thoughts on “Make $10k/mo with Digital Products | EVERYTHING you need to know to get started”
  1. Back with a new biz and a new attitude. Bye wrestling and hello digital products and cooking videos.

  2. Hi Jessica, yo intento aprender mucho de los temas que enseñas, espero que en un futuro no muy lejano pueda lograrlo!! (Sorry, my inglish is not very goed) saludos @Susan Diana ❤️🩶❤️💖😘

  3. We are going to teach people how to make money online with our chnnel !💖

  4. Any chance you could list out what cosmetics you are wearing? Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick?

  5. Thanks for the motivation!! How’s your nose piercing? It’s pretty cute! Almost time for a ring yet? Have an awesome weekend!! 🤞😊✌🍀

  6. It’s Doing great! They recommended waiting until like 4 months post piercing to change it so my plan is to change it right before my birthday at the beginning of march!

  7. So sweet! I share this type of stuff on Instagram stories, I’ll try and share for you this week!

  8. Thank you for sharing. Honestly it came in the perfect timing. I have. Question for you about this video. The coloring of your videos are so good I night the lens you recommended. So you add a filer to your video to give it this flawless coloring LUTUS 🤣 sorry

  9. Hi!! I love your content…Could you do a video on how to build an audience?

  10. I like ECWID website/shop but need to drive audience there. Love the phrase ” borrow someone else’s “. I find many have not even thought about HOW to get paid…like a separate checking account.

  11. but you won’t show up on the front of things until you have sales and numerous products. And reviews. Literally 10s of thousands planner things out there – which is where I am dipping my toes – but my main plan is very simply to get more products up there on etsy. (plus support them with social media). I like this vid, I never would have thought of pinterest tho’ for paid ads. But, basically, being poor, my everything for the foreseeable future has to be minimal cost(which is why I chose digital). I love “you need to create the stupid things”! I’m an artist and have been hung up on one digital binder png group for 4 days now!!! Gotta be perfect, or close to. Luckily I’m old enough to be within a couple years sight of the old age pension, and for the first time in my life do just what I want nowadays (otherwise known as gainful unemployment). Oh and BTW repot the plant, trim the dead bits off and put it outdoors for a bit of natural life for a few days, well out of direct sun of course.

  12. What’s your opinion on ai taking over the online coaching niche as they can get all the information from ai, so instead of buying a digital product they can ask ai for the answers/implementation etc

  13. I started writing the first draft of my first digital product! It’s 11:23 pm I couldn’t sleep so I wrote down my idea! 😮

  14. “There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  15. I think that it’ll be a problem for the people wanting a quick answer and that’s it, but it won’t replace a customer’s connection with the way a certain coach speaks or explains things or the human element of talking things through.

  16. Thank you! So, I have REALLY focused on learning how to color correct this last year so I film in SLOG, color correct, and then apply my favorite LUT 🙂

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