Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing a Good Side Hustle?

Steps to passive income online

47 thoughts on “Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing a Good Side Hustle?”

  1. I think it’s genuinely cool seeing someone experiment with different hustles and seeing if they work or not. Keep it up man 👍🏻

  2. Spicy Gringo

    You seem to be one that is truly genuine with your side hustle shorts

  3. Ricky Mcfall

    Bro I really appreciate you breaking everything down and showing people how to do it I get so nervous doing new task that are not my strong suit but thanks to you bro you help ease all the insecurity away I will always watch your videos and I send it to my wife all the time lol

  4. Arnav Revankar

    Another person who does a similar thing is Caden Boof. He has been doing it for a while. Actually, this guy’s video style is shockingly similar to Caden Boof’s. It’s just a speculation, but this may be a copy of Boof’s style.

  5. Where did you get these social media accounts from? Do you own them or did you buy them?

  6. Unworthy Potato

    Affiliate links are really good if you review stuff – tech, make up, as well as niche hobbies

  7. Kacper the Ghost

    So my question is did you just do this for free or did you have to pay to start marketing

  8. saysomestuff

    No it’s not, it’s a percentage of the sale value, varies by category.

  9. AK Film It!

    “Passive” – you need to have/get a huge following, do targetting, link fetching and posting.
    Sound like a basic marketing job, to me.

  10. Big fan sir i have heard you earn 20k to 55k a day from each of your website and you have 16 web pages according to Forbes magazine you make round about 11 to 25 million dollars a month and this increases 300 times every year

  11. Andrew McKinnis

    This is true! You can. But BE CAREFUL! I had an affiliate for 3years and a great record with amazon, but out of nowhere had an account closure and they withheld over $6,000 because “they reserve the right to close accounts with or without reason.” Tried to appeal and the reason they gave me was complete crap and said I mailed my links to people. MAILED through the MAIL! Which was false and offered anything and everything to prove otherwise but kept emphasizing “with or without reason” 😞

  12. Andrew McKinnis

    Something to note, to get payouts it takes 60 days from end of each month. So all funds from last 2 months were held since they were still pending. Which was around $6k. This happened 3 weeks ago

  13. As a foreigner, I don’t understand why in America, a country where salaries are so high, people work so hard picking up pennies from large corporations, doing what’s honestly tons of skilled labor just so they can avoid creating anything of value.

  14. @Hairy Tornado you know you can just open a dropshipping store and make x5 times that right?

  15. Urgh. Now i know who i have to thank for those shitty promotional memes.

    Good to know that in the eyes of content creators i am always just a source of income and not a human being.

  16. Nasrullah Mallah

    How we Affiliated with Amazone, and how we sell products Amazon, and link with Shopify 🤔

  17. @manaquri would you be willing to help me learn? we could get in contact and you could get me started?

  18. @Michael afaik it’s kinda hit and miss till you find your niche, you need to enjoy doing that. I wouldn’t say it isn’t profitable since you don’t spend money (because you’re just posting things on free accounts) if you’re happy that you’re getting like 40 bucks after spending 4 hours making 50 memes shoving different products onto everybody’s timeline
    Though yeah once you get a backlog you can probably get some ok money because some old links may still get a buy from time to time.
    Basically don’t expect the advertised “5000 bucks per week from my own home” bs but you can probably get a minimum wage out of it after a year.
    Usually it’s easier to market to groups you know, so like “what does my mom buy” and “what groups does she like”
    You can also do stuff that you actually like, it may be easier to market.

    (The only thing i disagree with the op is that you don’t need a following)

  19. Main Hu Gian

    ​@gradedgforgood in other countries 54$ a week = 212$ /month can be a good side hustle. He never said it’s a job for people it’s just a side hustle for students

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