Internet Marketing Secrets

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Ever wondered how to crush it and scale your success in the digital age? In this video, Dan sits down with Shanda Sumpter, founder and visionary of HeartCore Business, and discusses how her internet marketing secrets have helped her almost hit the 8-figure benchmark in her business. You’ll get practical ideas and strategies that you can use even if you don’t have a business. So watch this video now to discover the internet marketing secrets.

In Shanda Sumpter’s humble beginnings, she had no more than $500 to her name and was almost forced to move back in with her parents in Canada. She never saw that as an option, so she hired a mentor that catapulted her toward success. And today, she is the founder and visionary of HeartCore Business. She is also a dynamic speaker, coach, and bestselling author.

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This video is about Internet Marketing Secrets

23 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Secrets”

  1. Suspects Psychedelic Asylum

    Hey Dan, in your book FU Money (which i love very much, its changed my life) you say that most personal development books are a waste of time. Are there any personal development books you roccomend? Besides autobiography’s , but dont get me wrong, those are great too!!

  2. sonystooful

    Nothing is more exciting than learning the secrets of successful entrepreneurs! Always Adding value… Thank You!

  3. I’ve gotten to the point where I get a notification and I just watch like I’m in a theater 👌🏾

  4. Dan lok been helping me grow my business since I started watching him ❤️

  5. JeMs Playtime

    Dan, Your strategies and outlook on life is outstanding. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  6. If you could change ONE thing in your life
    using this advice, what would it be?
    And what would happen as a result?

    Comment down below, and make sure to
    Give the video a thumbs up if you liked it.

  7. *Very humble way of interviewing Dan* – always acting as a student, even if you already are a successful person

  8. Seoul뚜벅이부부

    As an immigrant your videos give me inspiration and strength a lot. Still need to learn much more. Thanks!

  9. Evert-Jan van Barele

    Hey Dan, You said that your first high income skill was copywriting. Do you still teach those skills? If not, do you have any tips as to where would be a good place to learn this skill?

  10. I feel so dumb — but in all honesty, I’m lost as to what this video’s main topic is actually about. Even after checking the title again.

  11. Hey Evert-Jan. Dan mentors students for 7 weeks and teaches them copywriting. Have you seen his training on how you can get started to learn from him?

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