In this video, you’ll learn how to use internal links to rank higher in Google.

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Internal links are simply links from one page to another on the same website. And they’re important for 3 main reasons.

► They help search engines like Google discover new pages so they can be added to their index.
► Internal links help pass PageRank around your site, effectively “powering” other pages.
► Internal links help search engines to better understand what a page is about. They do this by looking at anchor texts and the text that surrounds the link.

So, knowing these three things, here’s how you can boost your rankings with internal links.

The first way is to create a logical hierarchy in your site structure.

Think of site structure as a mindmap. At the top, you’d have your homepage. Then you’d probably have main topics that branch out from your homepage like your services page, your blog, and about page.

Then from these main topics, you have even more branches to other pages.

Structure helps search engines to understand the relationship between these pages, where branches are created using internal links.

And you can leverage this by using an internal linking strategy called content hubs.

We’ll show you how it works in this video.

The second strategy is to use the “site” search operator in Google.

You’ll learn how to use this tactic in the video.

The third way is to use the Link Opportunities report in Ahrefs’ Site Audit.

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account, verify your site, and then you can run a free website audit. After your audit is complete, head on over to the Link Opportunities report.

This report shows you internal linking opportunities based on keywords your pages rank for.

The last method is to look at your site’s power pages.

Naturally, some pages will earn more links than others. So they have more so-called “authority” they can pass to other pages on your website.

You’ll learn how to leverage power pages to boost your rankings in this video.

Whichever method you decide to use, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to force internal links. So don’t link from irrelevant pages and don’t overdo it.


0:24 Why internal links are important
1:15 Create a hierarchy in your site structure
1:49 Create content hubs
2:49 Find internal linking opportunities

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43 thoughts on “How to Use Internal Links to Rank Higher in Google”
  1. Needed this and have started using the internal links! Only thing I have not been able to make working is linking in the beginning clickable content headlines (don’t even know how it’s called), but when you can click on the internal headline that takes you to that paragraph. Maybe it’s not available in Kajabi, I have a blog there

  2. I personally loves thie strategy… my 5 other pages are ranking good after i linked them from my top ranking pages … Sam you are the osm tutor. i love your content

  3. Hey, those are called ‘jumplinks’ Try searching for some tutorials you’ll get it.

  4. Great one! Suppose I have three different silos, Shirts, Caps, and Trousers. So can I interlink a post from Shirts silo into a post that belongs to Caps silo and Trousers silo? Like can we interlink one silo to another?

  5. Jumplinks, Table of Contents, etc. They have many names. Not sure how Kajabi works exactly (never used it), but you may have to find a plugin or code one yourself.
    – SQ

  6. Thanks for sharing this video really helpful for making relevant internal linking.

  7. Hey Sam. Few months back I watched one of your videos, which talked about how to search top ranking pages by specific Affiliate link format, in ahrefs tool.

    Could you please guide which video it was?

  8. @Ahrefs I was just confirming from you because once I heard somewhere on the internet that cross-interlinking affects the SEO negatively.

  9. Nicely explained. Will apply this on my official client’s website.

  10. @Ahrefs Definitely, and let me tell you this, we also use Ahrefs in our company! Thanks for the amazing tool.

  11. I really like the internal link strategy, from a long time ago, which I didn’t know about, internal link (power effect) VS external link (backlink) (power effect), tell me?

  12. Not sure if you’re asking a question here. If you are, could you clarify?
    – SQ

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