How to start affiliate marketing without spending money

Steps to passive income online

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  1. The Characters

    Great tips! I’ve almost got it. Just need to finish building the funnel to get the traffic to convert.

  2. TengenBladez

    @The Characters how do I get traffic because I just started learning and right now I have 0 followers on tiktok

  3. The Characters

    @TengenBladez You have to pick a popular niche like make money, health, spirituality. Then find Tik Tok accounts in that space and follow the successful ones and consistently make tik toks on a daily basis until you figure out what works. Then you’ll get followers and likes and shares.

  4. grace on the york

    Thank you for jot yelling, being methodical and having a kind voice!

  5. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing How To

    That’s the goal. Try to be as clear as possible. The key thing in my journey is time is what makes the difference for you. When I did that video, I was still blogging and not happy. But, now I am building something that has me focusing my energy and content into one direction. It helps with expanding my opportunities mentally first. I’ve been several places this year, now I’ve found a home with a mentor that actually interacts with you, something I needed. It’s a journey but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

  6. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing How To

    What about the last statement resonated with you? The reason I ask, I love social media as it keeps track of the past, and things change in time. ❤️

  7. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing How To

    It’s the little things with this social media lol. I used to hate all of that extra stuff too when I would scroll through Social Media. But what it does is capture people’s attention right away. Tonality and how the algorithm works when you are using social media for business helps elevate your message. I go a little crazier now with YouTube shorts; but try to keep it to a minimum lol. How is your journey going?

  8. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing How To

    Thank you for subscribing! No worries! I am going to be honest. It’s a , but the end goal would be well worth it. If I can say honestly the difference between low ticket and high ticket is I can think more with 1 product! I was doing 5 different products a day writing my blog, understanding the technology, not having anyone but a community to chat with – as the mentor stopped replying and got help. The program direction changed about. 2 months in; and I’m glad it did! It led me to the right place. I would have still been blogging on, hoping Amazon would click for me 😂 how is your journey going? Do you have any questions?

  9. Johnny_Deep_

    @High Ticket Affiliate Marketing How To Who is your mentor? I need one!!!

  10. Brian Henson

    ​@The Characters well if you’re trying to get free traffic with or without paid advertising then the key thing is to seek out Facebook groups with a particular interest like weight loss etc etc.

  11. The Characters

    @Brian Henson yeah maybe I should try that next. No luck with tik Tok overall. Huge followings but not many sales. 🙁

  12. Now this is how you make a video on Marketing, not spitting non sense ✌️

  13. Love the video it was straight to the point. Question ❓ What about broken links. How do you detect them 🤔 If you use a link then find out that it doesn’t work 🤔. How do you know before a client uses it.

  14. The Characters

    @John Sterling I’ve got some clicks/hops. I’ve definitely put in calls to actions into the videos as well and descriptions. Sometimes things get flagged though in tik Tok. At the moment I give up all this whole thing as it isn’t worth the effort. Focusing on other business opportunities at the moment.

  15. Shadow501PL

    After seeing many fake vids about earning money with affiliates, there is one that finally has some truth in it, nice. Everything requires consistent work, there is no such thing as free money


    Very cool. I’m new to this so do you have a video that explains it in more detail as I’m new to the computer too.

  17. Helen Clark

    Thank you I subscribed. I was just wondering do you have a full length video that shows you step by step how to set up a free website and or sales funnel. For Affialt marketing. And how to set up and start a YouTube channel?

  18. Jacob Mitchell

    I have a full course on my channel walking you through my business model including funnel set up. You can even clone my funnel and just plug in your affiliate links if you want to promote similar products.

  19. Jacob Mitchell

    Yes, I have a full 5-part video course on my channel that runs about an hour altogether and goes over everything in detail

  20. Lawrence Penney

    I appreciate the fact there is no repetitive explanation or extraneous fluff. K.I.S.S =KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART.

  21. Brittany Belisle

    Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for keeping it so straight forward. I’ll let you know how it goes

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