How To Start a Digital Marketing Agency from scratch

Steps to passive income online

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45 thoughts on “How To Start a Digital Marketing Agency from scratch”

  1. Claudiu Dascalescu

    100% the 1-hour videos to setup an SMMA can be summarised as: know how to sell + be an expert at that specific niche
    that is all, the rest is business management and operations

  2. Chris Marrano

    Aaron, I couldn’t agree more with you! I’ve been in the industry for 12 years, owning an agency for 6 years (before it got “cool”), and unfortunately, we’re the ones that have to deal with these “agencies” because we pick up the pieces from these people taking money from businesses who have no idea what they’re doing. Great video! I appreciate your content

  3. Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master

    100% agree. Plus congratulations on being in the industry for 10+ years while still keeping your hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Julio Esteban Jr

    I 100% agree with you. I spent 6 years in my service company, 3 years practicing PPC, work with hundreds of shops and distribute film to my industry AND tint about 350-500 cars a year. I still felt very under skilled to offer PPC work to other shops. When they say it’s easy to make 10,000 a month I wish they would talk about the length of that client. It is not easy to scale and you need to know many skills to offer a digital marketing agency.

  5. this makes way more sense ! this is the missing ingredient in all the videos i’ve watched so far ! thanks so much aaron!

  6. Thank you so much for clearing this up, literally no one else talks about this. Offering a service that you know nothing about seemed pretty weird to me.
    It’s like saying “I know absolutely nothing about construction, but I’m going to become a general contractor and hire 10 people to work on people’s homes while also subcontracting to roofers plumbers and electricians.”

    I guess they omit the part that you have to get experience because that costs money – which goes against their claim that you can start this with no money at all.

  7. Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master

    Yep 100% agree.
    I will give it to them that the one thing they are good at is sales. But eventually if there is nothing backing up their claims it all falls down pretty quickly

  8. TonyTheBoss525

    These skills don’t gotta cost money, you can learn a lot of these skills by practicing and doing research. Even maybe find a couple clients and offer ur services for free to get some testimonials and start ur agency.

  9. Morpheus University

    I’ve just began to show interest in digital marketing. My main worry is delivering the service that the client will have spent money on, I decided I’m going to work in my friends agency for a few months in different positions just to learn the in’s and out’s. The get rich quick mindset is a good motivator but can be the very reason an aspiring entrepreneur might never have longevity for their service and business overall. Thanks for your honesty, hard legitimate work pays off!

  10. Danny Westwood

    I do agree, I spent a couple months learning through courses, then worked for free for my first 2 clients. My first paying client was $500/mo and so far I’ve made them a 190X ROAS. (Local lead generation).

  11. Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master

    My pleasure! Focus on the long game and becoming an expert because once you have achieved that status you can THEN very quickly scale your income

  12. Danny Westwood

    @Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master Thanks Aaron, although it’s easier to get great results when you work with a great business!

  13. Awesome video Aaron, I just wanted to say I’m into ebook content creation and I’ve written about Google Ads in an ebook I plan to release.

    I search for very good information like what you have presented here, and I do a lot of research on topics from the advice experts like you provide.

    I write about the topic afterwards, and I insert additional information within that particular topic matter.

    That’s just something I like doing, so I’m thinking researching thoroughly within a topic could be shared with others that interested in a particular field or niche would be key for starting an informative publication brand.

    I’m just curious to ask your opinion on this, thanks for the great video.

  14. mompreneur life

    You’re so right that without hard work and persistence, no one can be successful instantaneously. Thank you for adding truth to all the lies

  15. Π‘ΡŠΠ»Π³Π°Ρ€ΠΈΠ½

    I am in this industry as well, for 7 years. Don’t worry about these “agencies” the time would test them, and most of them are failing the first year. I have serious clients that I am working with for years, they won’t run away from me for sure. I am also sure that you have that kind of client as well, which makes the business secure.

  16. Chris Marrano

    @Π‘ΡŠΠ»Π³Π°Ρ€ΠΈΠ½ oh yeah, I’m not worried. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Good luck!

  17. Chris Marrano

    @Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master haha thank you, although, there’s a lot of gray!

  18. I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about digital marketing for a good while. And yes, people or YouTubers are really making marketing look very “Sprezzatura”.
    Thank you, Aaron for making this clear, for me and many others who are new in this industry.

  19. Paul Murphy

    Hi Aaron, great video and thanks for highlighting this issue of digital marketing agencies selling the dream without helping people achieve overnight success while travelling the world without a care. I have been in digital marketing for around 10 years and don’t know any business owners with this kind of lifestyle.
    I and many other honest agencies/freelancers in Australia are happy you have highlighted the real-world skills needed to become a specialist in one of the digital marking channels to be a proficient user of Google Ads, SEO or some other channel. It takes time to become an expert, and there is no way anyone will make the ridiculous amounts of money these people claim is possible.

  20. dimitris atha

    hey aaron your video is pure facts! i’m learning the hard way that running an smma agency isn’t as easy as a lot of these guru’s make it seem. Now i understand that i need to become an expert to my field (facebook ads) but being new to the industry and having no experience on sales etc i’m having a lot of trouble in finding clients that i can work for and gain experience. I have no money (still in school) and no experience running facebook ads. How can i attract new clients, and convince them that i can help them? with no testimonials and no prior experience? and while not having any money to run advertisements for myself to gain experience through my agency first, before feeling ready to serve people?

  21. Ryan Gedwill

    I strongly recommend you start a simple business first, and hone in your marketing skills there. It is incredibly difficult to start a marketing agency without any money or experience, I genuinely have no idea how this trend became a thing.

    Start a simple clothing brand, blog, service company, etc. and learn to market it well. Then you can pivot to helping other companies like yours with their marketing. The company you start doesn’t necessarily need to become highly profitable or scalable, you just need a sandbox to practice real marketing and sales. I recommend a service industry company if you’re serious about moving to social media marketing, because more skills you learn will translate since a SMMA is a service company.

  22. dimitris atha

    @Ryan Gedwill thank you for the info ryan i will start researching about service industry and see what can i do from there. Can i ask, what is your professional field what are you doing?

  23. Andreas Fanelli

    I work as freelance account manager and strategist. I always wondered why on Upwork there were so many people looking for media buyers with the exact same descriptions and $500 a client offer. After a while I started to see the videos and put two and two together. No wonder so many of my clients had these horribly managed accounts and clueless agencies. It’s truly a pandemic of fake businesses. Appreciate you addressing this.

  24. Growth Vertical

    I love this Aaron!

    I’ve literally been writing up some points to talk about this in a new video of mine. Even becoming a freelancer or consultant for those who don’t want to run an agency – can be still be tough, it’s again – undersold. Great post and keep em coming! πŸ‘Œ

  25. @dimitris atha I suggest reaching out to friends and family and seeing if they know anyone that you could do work for free. You could also reach out to small businesses and do the same, offer services for free. Of course in both scenarios they would pay for the ads, but you won’t be charging them for your time and expertise. This will hone your skills in the industry you want to be in. After that you can then market yourself to businesses confidently.

  26. Thanks for the advice Aaron but there is 1 major struggle that I could not get the answer for. How do we sell to the VERY FIRST client in order to successfully complete the job and have a case study? Any advice for that very first contract? on how to make him sign?

  27. George Yusuf

    Wouldn’t it be funny to deliver not working ads? I mean those “businesses” are not able to tell what’s good. That would be and easy way to get rid of them quickly πŸ˜†

  28. Jack Christensen

    THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! It is so frustrating seeing all guys who are effectively just sh*tty freelancers calling themselves agencies. To really build a true agency with employees and different departments. It takes an INCREDIBLE amount of work. Something that I do not agree with is that you need to be and EXPERT in one of the services you offer. I am a firm believer in hiring people much smarter then yourself. Now it becomes harder if you are just hiring freelancers. But thats why most of my employees work in the physical office and are full time employees that only work for me. Then I can focus on building my sales team. I am not sure where you are at with your agency but keep up the great work man! And yes SALES is a huge skill you will need.

  29. Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master

    My pleasure Jack yeah it really frustrates me as well!
    For the whole expert thing that is a preference for me so that I can troubleshoot any issues and also make sure that my guys are doing everything correctly.

    All the best with your agency as well πŸ‘πŸ»

  30. Jack Christensen

    @Aaron Young | 15,000Hr Google Ads Master I personally go the route of hiring those experts as my part of my QA (quality assurance) team. Going the route of a corporate advertising agency. Project manages and the full corporate infrastructure.

  31. Dakota Tomes

    @Danny Westwood Could you drop the courses that you used? I’m interested in the field but it seems pretty complicated to get into. I don’t want to start and mess stuff up.

  32. This is brilliant, I’ve recently been working toward starting a agency that specialises in seo and organic marketing, and have found that before starting this buisness, you NEED to know exactly how everything works

  33. πš†π™·π™°πšƒπš‚π™°π™Ώπ™Ώ-𝙼𝙴+𝟷 (𝟿𝟢𝟿) 𝟿𝟷𝟹-𝟿𝟼𝟷𝟿

    Glad you love the content ! I’ll like to introduce you to something new

  34. πš†π™·π™°πšƒπš‚π™°π™Ώπ™Ώ-𝙼𝙴+𝟷 (𝟿𝟢𝟿) 𝟿𝟷𝟹-𝟿𝟼𝟷𝟿

    Glad you love the content ! I’ll like to introduce you to something new

  35. Kelvin Akinrujomu

    You just saved my life,

    I honestly just finished watching a video training from those so called (gurus)

    Telling me I don’t need to have any knowledge of Digital marketing

    I found it weird because I have over 2 years worth of experience with (Facebook Ads) and I know how tricky it can be especially when you have to troubleshoot

    Thank you for speaking the truth ❀

    You’ve earned a new subscriber and I will tell all my friends about you ❀

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