How to Send Your Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign

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In this video, you’ll learn how to send a campaign to your audience.

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10 thoughts on “How to Send Your Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign”

  1. mailchimp is the most overly complicated system ever just to do the basics, even their training videos don’t help

  2. What ??? This is frustrating!!!

    You didn’t start right from the beginning.

    I’ll look else where for a better training!

    Very disappointed!

  3. gerda kIopper

    why does the reply to email address differ than the from email address? Now, subscribers cannot directly reply to my email address?

  4. Thanks for getting to the point of the video right away! Very helpful. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me send this particular mailing.

  5. जबरदस्त 🚩

    how can I change ( reply To mail address ) in mailchimp

  6. Intuit Mailchimp

    Hi there! The reply to address will always be the same as the “from” address, unless the inbox feature is used. You can change your default from address in your Audience settings by clicking on the “Audience” icon > Audience Dashboard > Manage Audience (drop-down) > Settings > Audience Name and Defaults. This won’t affect any campaigns that have been created previously, but will affect any new campaigns moving forward.

    We have some info on the inbox feature here, which redirects replies directly into your Mailchimp account:

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