How to Master Email Marketing (2023)

Aweber Email Marketing

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Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with your audience. 80% of business professionals believe that having solid email marketing increases customer retention. Watch and learn these email marketing tips to take your business to the next level.

The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words:

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0:00 Intro
0:48 How to master email marketing
1:05 How to build an email list
2:37 How to maintain an email list
3:33 What is email segmentation
4:22 Send valuable emails
6:48 Tip #1
6:68 Tip #2
7:04 Tip #3
7:14 Spam trigger words
7:29 Run a spam test

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31 thoughts on “How to Master Email Marketing (2023)”

  1. Vida De Los Dos Cocos

    This is awesome, Jamal. Thanks for sharing this valuable content, straight to the point, funny, and most importantly, no fluff!! Hope to see you more!

  2. Fahad Ahmed

    Hi Jamal, great video! I run a Facebook group and my email list is made up of group members. I send emails to this list and most of them open them but very few of them reply back or perform the actions which the email intents. Any suggestions where I might be going wrong? or how can I draft a copy through which they would engage a little bit?

  3. Joshua Curtis

    I watch a TON of YouTube, and I must say that Jamal is one of the best on camera I’ve ever seen. He’s really funny and love the breaking of the 4th wall on the side shot, LOL. You better be paying this guy a lot, HubSpot, because this guy is going somewhere and will be picked up by another company soon, if he doesn’t start his own channel himself. Excellent video on email marketing Jamal!

  4. BBI Brandboost

    Email has a long history that started as using the technology as a means of communications between bodies such as corporations and universities. Since then, its potential as an exceptionally cost effective marketing tool has been recognised and exploited. The extraordinary fact is that while many technologies have been replaced during this time, email has lasted well and indeed has thrived in popularity.

  5. KritTeekDeZigns

    Great info. Just really getting into and learning the basics of using content marketing in emails campaigns. This video will help me a lot. Thanks.

  6. CompassOutdoor

    Nice work! I love how you kept this video interesting and engaging. It’s all about delivery right?

  7. Sari Makarem

    His message delivery is unreal. I was engaged throughout the whole video and it was pretty fun ! Amazingly done.

  8. AGS-TECH Inc. - Custom Manufacturing

    Good content, good instructions. A little bit too fast though. One needs to watch twice or rewind certain parts. Thank you for posting !

  9. Melanie Vendetti

    This guy’s personality pulled me in to watch, and kept me for the duration. Love the funny delivery of it all, including the blooper at the end, which I replayed a couple of times 😆😆

  10. Jeremy Johnson

    Hey, thank you so much for making this value-rich video! The more I think I know about marketing, the more I find I have to learn.

  11. Thanks for this video, really engaging and informative! I’m wondering if you recommend any sites/apps that are useful when it comes to email marketing?

  12. This is a fire vid. Fire delivery. Upbeat and palatable on an elementary level. Well done Jamal, I’m subscribing for sure

  13. AdOperator. com Make your ads profitable!

    Your content has been a big help and a major source of inspiration for our AdOperator team. Keep on being awesome!

  14. Team Diva Real Estate at CBBain in Seattle

    I just went through pages of other videos and found this nugget of gold! Jamal is so good. This video made very complicated ideas into bite size chunks that we can quickly implement

  15. Mr. Manifestor

    You need to find people in your niche who are interested in your product/service. Sometimes group members are not the targeted audience u need, or it could be they dont trust you enough to buy something from you! Work on these 2 things and you’ll get plenty of sales.
    Hope this helps🙂

  16. Another great one! We can only add that combined with SMS Marketing, you can get awesome results!

  17. You were born for marketing LOL. I was completely invested throughout the whole video. Your delivery and ability to keep our attention between each point is impressive in itself let alone your email marketing

  18. Pamela Sanchez-Piedad

    Love your videos! Easy to understand and fun to watch! You rock!

  19. Vision Ladder Media (VLM)

    This is as clear as it gets. You got me, Jamal. Thank you for your simplicity.

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