How to Market Your Business in 2022: Marketing Strategies That Work NOW

Do you know how to market your business in 2022? A LOT has changed, my friend…

And a lot of digital marketing strategies that worked even as recently as this last year aren't gonna cut it in 2022.

It has been a tough year for every business owner lately since the pandemic hit… and those business owners who didn’t adapt to change like utilizing internet marketing were the ones who were worst affected by it.

So if you’re ready to see how to advertise your business, and make the plan that’s gonna help you sail right through 2022, watch the video!

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43 thoughts on “How to Market Your Business in 2022: Marketing Strategies That Work NOW”

  1. Saul Edwards

    Good stuff Wes!

    The IOS changes have had a significant impact across the board for all FB /IG advertisers. One thing that isn’t being discussed, as much, is that with the update Facebook’s data points have reduced roughly 30%, meaning, look-a-like audiences aren’t performing to the degree they once did. I would add that interest targeting has become more important than ever, and if you can get it right, will outperform many other audience types.

  2. Wes McDowell

    My pleasure! and I’m glad you guys liked it. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  3. Rachel Massie

    Wow, today I learned I interact with video content almost completely opposite than most people. Seems right for me honestly though. 🤣 Thanks for always putting out great content! Looks like 2022 is the year I finally force myself into dabbling with video content of some kind.

  4. Hadrami Kapisiz

    Hi Wes, you’re a champ, love your content, have been binging on them 😁

    I have a request though, I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find an advertising strategy for hosting an event that’s 4-5 months away. Majority of these videos not just yours, all talk about either selling a product or a service. Even though hosting an event might be a service, it’s more unique as its constrained by a deadline. Most of the tickets actually sell a week or two out from the event so if you can show us event hosts an advertising strategy that would be fantastic! Ours is specifically a 4hr speaker seminar.

  5. The Reference - المرجع

    Amazing content , 19 minutes felt like 5 minutes. Thank you so much.

  6. Siddhant Jain

    Amazing video. I was just fleshing out my startup’s marketing strategy for 2022 and this video is a goldmine for that. Thanks, Wes. New sub here!

  7. Sherman Stewart

    Bro what’s up I must thank you I first saw you about a year ago at the start of the pandemic. Your advice helped me tremendously and saved me and my business thank you thank you… continue what you do… God bless.

  8. Wes McDowell

    That’s really heart warming. Glad I could help out in some way. God bless! 🙂

  9. Enricka Julien - Ebites Virtual Services

    Hi Hadrami,
    I think Wes strategies would also work great for events, especially if you’re interested in using digital advertising for a new event. I’ve co-led and led regional and international groups in marketing international youth conferences. These conferences often required planning activities for the next event to start right after the first one ended, so we’d usually begin promoting the new event 6-4 months in advance. There are several organic and paid strategies that worked for us. I’ll post some here, but let me know if you need a video on it, and I’ll make one.

    1. Leverage the right social media channels – Focus on the social media channels where your ideal audience hangs out. Tools like Eventbrite Boost can help you grow your followers, even when you’re not hosting events.
    2. Content marketing is King – Create thoughtful content that positions your event brand as a thought leader or shows your audience how great of a time they could have if they attended. Use blog posts, infographics, and videos.
    3. Share your speakers’ reel (If you are unfamiliar with the term, please look it up). The reels could be used organically or in an ad.

  10. Intuition for Entrepreneurs

    Wes, Your videos are wonderful. Lot’s of great content and beautiful to look at! I’d like to upgrade my video editing … What video editing program do you use? Thanks in advance. I’ll continue tuning in and thank you for your great content.

  11. Wes McDowell

    Thanks Hadrami! I wish I had a great strategy for this, but its just not my area of expertise. But hope it goes well for you!

  12. Hi Wes,

    It was an amazing video! I agree that strong marketing is the most important aspect of business success. I appreciate you sharing these marketing tips for next year. It will help a lot of people and viewers. I really loved how you added about the Privacy update, it was a big issue for many marketers, and I think your tips will help a lot of us manage Facebook and Instagram ads. I will definitely share this video with other marketers to let them know about these marketing strategies as well.

  13. Janae LeVander

    Thanks, Wes! Do you prefer tracking events using Facebook Pixel or Conversions API (CAPI)?

  14. Jess Brand It!

    Just thinking about our marketing strategy! I love this information! Thank you!

  15. Michael Denufrio

    Hey Wes!! I am one of your biggest fans and admirers. I do have a specific question. I am doing marketing for a real estate company and as we know facebook limits ads for “housing and employment” Can I still run a lead gen campaign for facebook for commercial and/or residential real estate?

  16. Wes McDowell

    Thanks for that Michael, great to hear! Unfortunately I don’t know enough about that specific situation to give you any advice. I know there are definitely channels here that are devoted more to real estate marketing, I’m sure someone can address it!

  17. Invest in Yourself

    Yes you can Michael. I run ads for a mortgage company. You’re not allowed to target by zip code, age, or other demographics but you can run a lead gen campaign

  18. Zin Yamhon Soe

    Thank you Wes. Great information for 2022! Have a wonderful year to you.

  19. Great Video!

    Several good examples of why a marketing strategy, especially an online one, can never stay stagnant. This year we’ve begun using reels to expand our reach and we’ll definitely be keeping your tips in mind!

  20. Wes McDowell

    Well said! Business should always adopt to change. Thanks for Watching!

  21. Entertainment Graham Style

    The bigger the player the better the ROI and that is it.

  22. When the ‘how to market your business in 2022’ video is your exact marketing strategy for 2022! Great video, thanks!


    Hi Wes this is gold! Thank you. I have a quick question,

    How many ad variations would you suggest to have in one single adset when it’s a video views campaign?

  24. I would recommend two ads in one ad set and two campaigns in one campaign

  25. Important to know how to market on social media in a way that keeps you
    and your family safe. Or just be very effective at avoiding social media
    altogether the way it was done in the old days. Which worked just fine. One photograph of even just a head shot can mean your life. I’ve now had two REALLY scary men either physically come into my
    business in a very terrifying/inappropriate way or text me very creepy
    texts that just sent white hot fear through me. I’m furiously resentful
    of being forced into letting the world know we all exist in order for your business to be taken seriously.

  26. HP Anime AMV 2

    Thank for the information really appreciated🤗
    Keep up the amazing work 😊

  27. Yup and loads and loads of scammers now. Here in chch yesterday a stabbing from a marketplace pick up

  28. Thank you, this was really informative, and pretty much clarified everything for me

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