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0:00 How To Write Cold Email for Clients
1:20 Breakdown Do's and Dont's of A Real Cold Email
2:53 The Pain Formula
3:36 Example of Using the Pain Formula

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If you've ever sent a cold email before, you know how frustrating it is when people don't respond.

After all, it's just an email. So why does this have to be so hard?

Whether you're a salesperson, business development rep, account executive, sales development, or an account manager, you'll continuously be facing this problem.

I mean, we all want to cold email new clients and close more deals.

Or we want to cold email our existing clients, and generate more sales.

Now, after personally sending thousand of cold emails during my sales career, I've found finding success with cold email is very simple.

It's a combination of two steps:
Having empathy and understanding WHY people should respond to you.
Having the proper framework to help people realize this

And to make things as easy as possible, I created a step-by-step template ANYONE can use to write their cold emails, even if they don't have any writing or sales experience.

This is going to my one of my VERY cold email templates you can use for lead generation, prospecting, to fill your b2b sales funnel.

So if you want to learn how to write the perfect emails, and get people to respond, check out my latest video.

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Patrick Dang is an international sales trainer who started his career at Oracle in Silicon Valley and quickly became one of the top performers in North America in just one year.

After gaining experience in both the enterprise and startup world, Patrick began sharing his knowledge of modern sales students around the globe.

Since then, Patrick has trained over 50,000 students across 150 countries on topics on how to start a career in sales, business development, lead generation using cold email and LinkedIn, cold calling, and sales skills.

Ultimately, Patrick's vision is to inspire others to make a living from their passions and provide the knowledge and tools to make it a reality.

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39 thoughts on “How To Cold Email Clients – Best Cold Email Templates”

  1. Nate Alspaugh

    Love your channel man! I’ve been going through your course lately and it’s gold. Keep putting the knowledge out.

  2. Conor Richard Hader

    Love your content, Patrick. Very clean and understandable – thank you.

  3. We had really similar childhoods and Im
    now entering my first legit sales role. Just wanted to say thank you for doing this – you inspired me to believe my past will not determine my future

  4. Patrick Dang

    Appreciate you sharing that Lewis. Wishing you the best on your new role

  5. Michael Jereld

    Hey Patrick, I really appreciate this kind of content. I just started freelancing and although most of the business I’ve received thus far has been through referrals, email outreach is a part of my strategy. I was a little intimated by the idea of cold emailing, but once I learned how important it is, your video definitely helped break it down for me. I like structure when it comes to things like this so I really appreciate you sharing the formula. Looking forward to putting this into action.

  6. James Kipsang

    Hey bro, I have super qualified eCommerce leads that I sourced personally (fresh). Would you like to have that bro? All decision makers’ emails verified. I wanted to start my agency but I’m going a different route atm. I would give you this for little cents /lead bro.

  7. Excitingly Mundane

    Hi Patrick! I’m working in B2B Enterprise Sales and I must say, companies should use your content as part of their training curriculum or should be the only training content. lol. Great job and learning a lot!

  8. Hey Patrick,
    This video was extremely helpful and clear; thanks for teaching me how to write my first cold email! I am excited to use this template to get my sales career going! Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  9. thoughtoftheory

    Patrick- your genuineness shines in your tone and body language and it was a great decision to capitalize on the most important part of you sell. You. Your brand. Good stuff.

    I am in an analysis-paralysis state. I am an AE with a designated territory comprised of 67 zip codes. I decided to make a couple mini-verticals to cater my product to my business prospects within my territory. Send out targeted mail-merges for their industries. Do you have any advice on a ‘cadence’ ? For example: Your demo about watching your video and noticing you didn’t have a blog takes a lot of research. Would there have been a generalized intro/pain and solution that all YouTube content creators face that would have made you open that email?

    I feel like the subject line in the email is key. What would have made you even open it to begin with?

    *update* Just found your video on subject lines… You are on point.


  10. Tom Termini

    Very good summary! I like your structured approach.

    For my cold calls (using my script) and cold emails, I like to propose a specific time/date for a meeting … so I can then come back with, “ok, when is a good time to discuss…?”

    (I offer a Calendarly link at the bottom of my messages, too)

  11. Katie Patterson

    This is SO HELPFUL. I had some of the elements in place with my current format, but was missing some critical pieces! Thanks so much, can’t wait to put this into action.

  12. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the video it was great! One question I have for you is the legalities of cold emailing. While I want to start reaching out to potential clients I have seen some horror stories online about being flagged for spam and even facing legal fees. Is there a couple of guidelines you should follow as far as who to reach out to, how many cold emails a day, certain opt in/content qualifications. It would be awesome to know, Thanks!

  13. Michael Jereld

    @Aleena | The Well Rounded Entrepreneur I haven’t had the chance to fully integrate it into my email outreach strategy (yet) because my referrals have kept me busy. But I will say, just having this strategy as a resource (along with some coaching) has helped me shift my mindset.

    Instead of being intimidated by the process, now I look forward to reaching out and building working relationships. Sorry I couldn’t fully answer your question, but this video gave me the confidence I needed. And confidence is a big part.

    Wish you the best of luck on your outreach journey. 😎 ✌🏾

  14. Michael Jereld

    @Fifi Earth Wanderer Freelancing is going great, and it is serving its purpose for me at this stage in my life. Of course, there are peaks and valleys, but (for me), freelancing is about the journey and the opportunity to help people and have more control over my work/life balance. It’s definitely not easy and requires A LOT of discipline.

  15. Fifi Earth Wanderer

    @Michael Jereld Thats great. I have yet to jump into freelancing but still want to attempt it . my only concern is I don’t want the low paying clients I want to get my works worth on the projects. Best of luck on your journey. thanks for the reply. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💯👍🏼👍🏼

  16. Michael Jereld

    @Fifi Earth Wanderer No problem and same to you and you definitely want to value yourself regardless of your experience. I’m definitely cautious with who I work with and value myself/work. Only exception to the rule is of its a client I REALLY want to work with.

  17. Chris Bussing

    Great framework for writing cold emails! An email is like casting out a fishing lure to the prospect and these tips will definitely help get those future clients to bite!

  18. Dignified American

    This was amazingly informative, easy to follow, smooth to listen to and visually pleasing with the cool lighting in the back and change of camera movement. ❤

  19. Christen Jones

    Patrick your Business Development tips are game-changing for me. I’ve been in Business Development and Digital Marketing for 7 years and I am always looking for ways to step up my game on outreach and prospecting and lately I have been tasked with sending high volume Emails and I’ve been wanting to see better conversion. This video and a few others I have watched from you have been super helpful!! Please keep posting more

  20. Now this is what I call giving value. Thank you for this template and for the straight to the point video.

  21. Optimal Tech House

    Oh, will calendar links not trigger your mail to end up in spam folder?

  22. Shashwat Puri

    @Optimal Tech House Once the first email lands in inbox, you shouldn’t worry about attaching links to your followup emails.

  23. James Nicholson

    Hey Patrick and everyone in the comments section.
    I’m in about my fourth week in a new job, working in B2B sales for the first time ever. I’ve been encouraged to always make contact with new clients by phone and start the exploration there, then follow up by email.
    However I can also the many benefits of opening up with email first as well. In your (and anyone else’s) opinion what do you think is generally better? What do find generates more favourable responses and keeps a conversation going (ideally, as far as closing a sale)?

    Cheers in advance!

  24. Esther Omoye

    Hello Patrick,
    Thank you for this amazing content.
    I work with educational institutions more. How can I apply pain and solution based on what you explained in this video? I really would like to learn more.

  25. Ayorinde Tobiloba

    Hi Patrick, this is a goldmine you’re giving out for FREE!. I recently ventured into cold emailing after spending many months submitting proposals on Upwork with no results. I think I can face my fears now!!

  26. ElevationByDesign

    Awesome video. Straight to the point, thank you for putting this together!

  27. Venta Cuántica

    Hi, I really like the format and the way of explaining. I think it would be interesting to do an example with a B2B customer. This is B2C and also you have chosen you, who is a prospect with a lot of information available on the internet. Most B2B customers don’t tend to have information published or available and the ability to build something so elaborate and with such a direct Pain-Solution is more complicated. Do you have any videos with this type of information for B2B?

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