How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website in 2023

Steps to passive income online

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0:00 – Start Here
2:31 – Hosting your website
7:54 – Create WordPress account
8:50 – Registering domain
12:05 – Hostinger control panel
14:12 – Designing your site
50:34 – Growing your site

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! Everything in this video is based on information we learned from online resources, our own experience, and books we have read. Please do your own research before making any important decisions. You and only you are responsible for any and all digital marketing decisions you make. Thank you for watching!

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38 thoughts on “How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website in 2023”

  1. TVBAXI Español

    Hi Nate, thank you for your videos, great help, love your way of explaining things.. Would like to ask, is there a way promoter who is offering given discount codes by company or shops can check how many of his codes is being use or see progress??? Many thanks

  2. John H. Reed

    Nate, this was super helpful – well, a lot of your content is super helpful, but the timing of this was perfect for my project. Thanks!!

  3. Jennifer O'Donnell

    This article was jam packed full of
    great info, but even more amazingly, it really gave me motivation to try and write a blog. I’m excited. I will definitely rewatch this video….please keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. Marina Aria Sim

    I promise this is NOT a fake comment and no one paid me to write this! I really want to thank this guy, because if he didnt this kind of videos to help me understand what im doing and what should I do I wouldn’t be where I am today! He is the only one that explained everything step by step and ALL the details you need to know! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and even if you didnt realize you changed my whole world and helped me achieve my goals and help my family! May God bless you even more.

  5. Oswaldo Nieves

    Thanks! Nate, great video and well explained,. Hope you can do a new video explaining how to place your affiliate link into your website.

  6. sleepy time music

    Thank you Nate I have never had anyone explain how to build a website so clear I learned so much you took the confusion and guess work out of it

  7. Hello Nate. Exceptional video providing very detailed information, especially for newbies like myself.
    Where can I get a sample copy of a general affiliate agreement to place on my site?

  8. I have been loving this content. Straight forward, no scam to sell product and insanely good information. Great job and thank you so much!!

  9. Fredrick Foster

    Finally, a step by step tutorial on how to build a website even an “ok boomer” can follow… Good job Nate!

  10. _____MTony_____

    Is it best to get someone else to do the blog if I am not great at writing or anyhting as such as blogging as I have a difficulty in doing so as dyslexia but I have a really good niche that I think is so simple but efficient but I just can’t seem to get blogs done. Because if I ever get around doing the website it’s simple as 3 pages the products info and the different types and links and last of contact us but like I said it just the blogging bit that has got me stumped. Like mind has just frozen lol,

    Any help would be good.

  11. Robert Pearce

    Dude, this is so valuable! There are so many BS merchants in the affiliate marketing world, where often their only interest is to market you other affiliate marketing stuff, or to get you to market their product on their behalf – It’s so refreshing to see someone who genuinely wants to teach you how to do affiliate marketing properly and is so tremendously eloquent at doing it – Thank you!

  12. Larry Solomon

    When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible. While there are no shortcuts to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it

  13. Daniel Reid

    Scam rate can be reduced if only people can continue to share good reviews like this.

  14. Bautista Medina

    After my experience with a guy claiming t
    o be an expert I vowed not to trade online again but on seeing this good post about Mrs Stacy Griffin kartner I’ll give in again.

  15. Brandon Milligan

    @Suchapill!! did you get your affiliate career started if so I got the same question how long did it take to make your first sale and is it worth the time after 2 months

  16. @Brandon Milligan
    Hi Brandon, I actually decided to go with James Neville-Taylor’s Rapid Profit Machine instead. Just getting started. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  17. Really appreciate ur videos and efforts ur putting in. This video is so much detailed and everything explained practically. What i like more is ur not directing to buy any kind of course! Which btw many ppl on youtube are appearing just to give 5 mins video and redirecting the audience to buy thier full course.
    Good work 👍

  18. Very good video, but wish more time was spent on the actual affiliate part since there are thousands of WordPress tutorials available.. would like to have seen more about creating the funnels and linking them together.
    Overall great job!!

  19. Igor Mironyuk

    In your affiliate account may be such option. Need to ask an affiliate program support.

  20. Hello Nate, congratulations on the video. Is there anything like SUMRUSH here in Brazil…? Or I can use that same search engine?

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