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If I have to learn Digital Marketing from scratch again, I will do if differently to ensure I learn things quicker, have a stronger profile and grow quicker. I would learn things systematically keeping in mind the long term success and avoid shortcuts and avoid the noise in this space about learning

When I look back in the experience of 9 years in the industry, I will take the below steps, If I had to learn Digital Marketing again
0:00 Introduction
1:34 Get the basics straight
3:10 Create a Blog or a Webpage
5:52 Avoid the Noise
10:22 Learn Customer Journey(Landing Pages and Design basics)
11:48 Reporting and analytics
13:26 Understand the ecosystem and Marketing Stack
15:17 Taking a step backwards
17:00 Get into advanced skills
19:05 Learn Strategic Skills

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The below topics are important and sufficient from the above link. The topic names are in the left navigation panel on the above site
1. From "Home" – "Images" tab on the above link
2. HTML iFrames
3. HTML JavaScript


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42 thoughts on “how I would learn digital marketing (If I could start over)”
  1. Thanks a lot. I’m a total newcomer in this field, taking up Digital Marketing and E-commerce course by Google in Coursera and doing some Google Digital Workshop modules. The checkpoint you provided here is excellent. I will walk back a little and try to hit some of it this week.

    Newbie in everything about digital marketing but I will take the challenge to upload my first newbie youtube video on my journey. Actually, I will upload it today. Again you’re an inspiration. God bless you!

  2. I don’t have words to thank you, from last 3 years I have been hustling, and finding shortcuts, and have stressed myself when I didn’t find any results. Now randomly I found this video and you just opened my eyes. Now I have path to go and achieve the results I have been looking for. Thank you very much💓

  3. Same bro. Most of these people are giving advice on what they don’t know and wasting years of our lives

  4. Summery
    1.Get the basics straight: Avoid Shortcuts and have right mindset – Instead: Research at least 5 days what is digital marketing, understand the basic, why people use marketing in digital platforms
    2.Create a Blog or a Webpage: Learn Basic Building Block, Who you are, what you do, how you do differently, some of your work or reviews, and contract, How to make your website live: Buy domain and create a website, learn html basic, get familiar,
    3.Be an Expert and Avoid the Noise: Become an expert in one expatriate / platform. Try and test different strategy and campaign, get certified,
    4.Learn Customer Journey(Landing Pages and Design basics): Learn some design tool,
    5.Learning Reporting and Analytics Tool: Getting familiar with analytics,
    6.Learning the ecosystem and Marketing Stack: Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio,
    7.Taking a step backwards: Understand The basic of other channels, Affiliate, Facebook ads, Reach, Brief Overview, Formates,
    8.Get into advanced skills: App marketing, email marketing, DMP, CDP, At this state you can choose what you want to work for.
    9.Learn Strategic Skills: Media Planning, Startup, Objective vs Budzet, Start a business

    Resources: W3 School, Google Ads, Google Skillshop, Google Gurage, Canva, Google Analytics etc

  5. Thank you so much, your advices really boarden my mind, I’ve been caught up in learning to use only one platform for digital marketing for 6 months and now feeling stuck, and your step by step guidance has really change my whole perspective on digital marketing as a career, I’ve learnt so much about digital marketing from you than in uni or the books…once again thank you for sharing❤

  6. The information you provided in this video was exactly what I needed. I like Google Ads, SEO and Analytics. I will continue to take the HTML class online. Thank you

  7. Great and best digital marketing roadmap! Thank you for sharing this.

    I agree with you that many digital marketing courses are nothing but bullshit.

    A great digital marketing roadmap should also be focused on your specific goals and objectives, and not just some generic “one size fits all” approach.

  8. work as a marketer for a 2 years, I wish i could see this this video before, this is the perfect way to start and succeed in digital marketing, my respect to this man🙏

  9. BEST & most helpful perspective I’ve seen!! Thank you for the no BS approach to becoming a digital marketing expert! I’ve been drawn to so many ‘Guru’s’ trying to build my skill set, but this roadmap is a lot more realistic.

  10. Thank you so much, i cannot express my gratitude to u for making this amazing video, I came across it days ago and moved it to “watch later” and now I had time to watch it and pay attention while taking notes and I have to say: this is more that what I hoped for! Many of my questions have been answered and I can see now that my path in digital marketing is way more clear.
    Thank you very much.

  11. I absolutely love this video. Working as a 21 year old ppc specialist for an online marketing agency in the Netherlands I’m trying to teach our team the bigger picture this is what i’m wanting to teach them. You’re very motivating and sharing valuable content. I learned the exact way you explained except I started with social media management a few years ago. My goal since then was to learn more about online marketing. This excellersted once i dove into paid ads and data working at the agancy. School is waayyyy behind. Cheers!

  12. First time watching your video, and you’re so damm right! years ago, I started learning every marketing tactic from scratch, searching for one specific profession that I really wanted. now, I’m soely focused on SEO and become an SEO specialist in an enterprise and trying to thrive in Google ecosystem. Great video! Thanks a lot.

  13. Sorry to ask that but what’s your salary when you started ppc because i want to do digital marketing and i have 12th certificate with 5 month digital marketing course certificate.

  14. @Marnix Thanks , dude ! But Answer the question, is that will make problem in hiring process ? My 10 grade point !?

  15. I agree with everything you said. I have had a long 18 year career in digital marketing. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. But I think the fundamentals that you spoke about are really important. I will add one more thing to the top of the list: tracking. If you know the fundamentals of tracking, this will separate you from 90% of the people you are competing against. People hate tracking things or knowing how to track things because it gets complicated and messy. And they are frankly too lazy. Learn the details of tracking. Anyway I don’t reply to too many YouTube videos. But I thought you had some really great points.

  16. Congrats. Im 21, stuidied something similar to an Mba. I was offered a full time administrative job a few days ago but decided i want to get in the digital merketing world since i like it more and think i pays better if one does it well. Ive enrolled in an online marketing career online that has been really helpful but im still lost. Would you reccomend starting with a website as the video states?

  17. Thanks for the tip, Phil. What would you say are good resources to learn about tracking? Especially after the iOS 14 update
    Thank you 🙂

  18. Thanks for this man! I also use Famester to help me along the way. Clients are satisfied, results are above amazing!

  19. Thanks for the summary. But i think he said to research first what marketing is

  20. Could you explain me more about this? or indicate videos here that teach this?

  21. ‘that’s where me and you part ways’ – so humbly mentored a long journey in 20 minutes, highly appreciated!

  22. This was what i was searching for since past many many times and now i got clarity to how to start my path… thank you so much … cant thank enough

  23. Is there a specific popular strategy that would work best to attract visitors to My website?

  24. Major fact, but what also matters is that you targeted the right audience.

  25. So what would be the best approach to find a specific audience, focused on what I’m offering.

  26. I would advise choosing your advertising locations before deciding on your target market. Finding your target market will become easier after learning this.

  27. @Timothy Treadwell You might want to check into infoservicefyi

  28. Hi owais, thank you so much, I have just started my career with a digital marketing agency. And new Year’s goals I wrote I will be a successful digital marketer but didn’t know what should be my way. Thank you so much for putting this on! I have made me whole action plan. Kudos to you!

  29. I work in Digital marketing and I started learning it 3 years ago. I built successful companies thanks to it. I look at it completely differently! It is probably because I am an entrepreprenour and results mattered like crazy.
    But here is the thing, I would say learning all these techincal tools might take maximum 4 days in total. For me learning fb ads was like 20 mins tops. Although having a technikal knowledge is like learning how all the tools and brushes work in paint, without knowing anything about how to paint or draw anything. You could paint a messed up house but that is it.
    If you can set up a Google ads campaign but can not write COPY it will be just a giant waste of money to start a campaign.
    Without knowing how to target audience research you could also not write copy that works.
    Also the goal of any marketing campaign is to make Sales, so without the right Sales funnel, and websites, email sequences you can not go forward.
    And finally Building a brand but still doung every step as in direct response marketing is key!
    I think a great approach to start learning marketinng is to set up a dropshipping site, or find an affiliate program and create a website for that, and then have a goal: selling that thing!
    You will go like ohh nobody came to my site. What the heck should I do?
    And then find a hot topick of digital marketing on maybe youtube, find out the general topic, lets say you find something in direct respons, like how to create great video ads.
    Then find the expert of that topic in google, and buy (or get) a course around that.
    Complete the course, take notes and write down each part of the method.
    And APPLY IT to your marketing at your site…
    Did you sell any of the stuff? Probably not,( but maybe.)
    Now learn another method, from another topic.
    And another
    Go into online Sales funnels, (Clickfunnels 🙂
    AN another….
    You will know that you learned digital marketing when you can confidently sell any product to millions of people!

    You will now just have to implement it at many businesses! And hopefully make billions

  30. After being confused and misled by online gurus for almost 3 years, now I think I’ve found something worth my time. Thank you sir 🙏🏽

  31. Backlinks and get your website on other websites also online directories. I’m two years into digital marketing the journey has been very interesting.

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