High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 2022

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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – How I Made $2,000+/Month In 3 Months (Day 0)

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My MLGS Case Study Playlist (Back to Back Sales):

^This is the other business generating sales, now up to $300/week with only 10min/day.

In this high ticket affiliate marketing course I answer the question regarding high ticket affiliate marketing – how does it work? And I set the stage for the coming days where I will be explaining how to do high ticket affiliate marketing by revealing my secret high ticket affiliate marketing strategy that has allowed me to generate a $1,000+/month income after only 2 months…$2,000+ if you combine it with my other business I started only a few months ago.

So if you want to know how to make money with high ticket affiliate marketing or you're looking for some high ticket affiliate marketing products to promote, I cover the ones that I am using here. You will learn the best way to implement high ticket affiliate marketing 2022 and learn how to make money with high ticket affiliate marketing by following along with this on a day by day basis, taking action on EVERYTHING as I lay it out, daily habitual action is key.

There are a few high ticket affiliate marketing programs within this 1 program which is the beauty of it, allowing you to generate multiple streams of income. If you're wondering how to do high ticket affiliate marketing in the best way, this is it, by driving traffic to 1 link and earning from multiple streams, generating recurring, mid ticket and high ticket sales.

This is high ticket affiliate marketing 101, basically high ticket affiliate marketing free training that explains how to generate commissions from free traffic sources within as little as 30 days, after which if you do everything I'm outlining, the floodgates open and traffic begins to stream in. It's all about hitting a certain milestone on your social media platforms that once hit, allows the leads to start coming in at a much faster rate. these are some of the best high ticket affiliate programs you can promote to get yourself to a full-time income within a year, provided you're willing to do the work. The process by which one can do this is all explained in more detail in the following videos…

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Bear in mind that some of the links in this video/description are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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  1. I would like to start, what is the link ? Also what credit card you’d recommend on applying for to buy the year lease with some one who has a fair credit score ?

  2. Hey Harmony, go here, enter your email and you will be sent to where you can sign-up: https://jobquittingincome.com . As far as which credit card, I have always had a good credit score so I can’t say from experience which credit card to go with, additionally I’m from Canada and I’d imagine you’re in the US so we’d have different cards. I’m sure you could find the information you’re looking for with a few Google searches though. If you have any other questions you can email me here: mikeiserconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

  3. I’ve been seeing your reels on FB….gonna check out your videos tonight when I get home….my short term goal is to make $500 minimum a day online

  4. Hey Fu, welcome! My Youtube channel is where I document the side hustles that are generating me a good amount of income and I share transparently as much as possible about how I’m doing it so that others can duplicate my results. Reason being, that every time I found success online, it was because either:

    1. I found someone giving a very detailed, transparent course which left nothing out, fully documenting how they had success.
    2. A well documented case study where someone outlines what they are doing and how much money they are making. So that is what I have aimed to provide here.

    For this program here, I have a detailed/transparent 7-8 day free course on my Youtube….also….I have a 2nd business on my YT channel that I have a daily case study of, from day 1 up until day 152(5 months in) showing how I went from $0 to 1k/month. Hope that provides you and anyone else who stumbles across this comment insight into the nature of this Youtube channel 🙂

  5. William Tretiak

    Im curious, can I do any of this without linking my bank accounts? Can I use cash app or PayPal instead for all funneling?

  6. Not sure about that, don’t see the option for it, but there is an option to withdraw to a pre-paid card, credit card or withdraw via wire or do a direct deposit. I just send my payments direct to my bank account automatically each week as its the easiest way.

  7. Raquib Alam

    Thank you for all the inspirational video that lead me to here. The skeptic in me wants to know how you make money from sharing your secrets? Thanks in advance!

  8. Hey Raquib, no problem man! I have been making money for many years, since 2009. I have multiple streams of income and I’m always building more. I used to share my entire journey online back in 2009 for nothing…everything I did to go from $0 to a full-time income online, I shared what I was doing just for fun! In fact it was to my detriment as some people decided to copy my websites I was building and become my competition!

    People eventually began to ask me for a way to give back, and told me to put affiliate links on my site..so I did. But back then I just wanted to give stuff away for free, I didn’t want to make money off of anyone. The website is still visible here: https://web.archive.org/web/20110624152940/http://mikeiser.com/day-545-end-of-october-totals#more-1451

    I have since learned everything is energy exchange, you give value, and people give it back in the form of money to balance things out. I also came to understand unfortunately that people don’t value what is given away for free and take it for granted, so a lot of the time it’s in their best interest to BUY something so they don’t take it for granted and actually use it.

    So anyway! I built this Youtube channel up as an homage to my old blog, where I am sharing transparently what I’m doing in 2 of my businesses as I know from my personal experience, that each time I made a lot of money it was from either:

    1. Following a very detailed case study which leaves nothing out and covers all bases, showing someone going from $0 to $X,XXX/month. Or..
    2. Following a very detailed system/blueprint that shows you step by step how to implement a money making method.

    I have done both of these on this Youtube channel. For #1. I have a daily case study which shows how I took a business from $0 to 1k/month in 4 months time, and for #2 I have what you see right here, a 7-8 day free course which shows you transparently how I used free traffic to generate 1k/month in 2 months time (The business is now at a point where I have made that 1k in the first 9 days of this month, so I am continuing to grow it).

    I normally prefer to make my money quietly… I had developed these social media accounts and Youtube channel on a whim, not knowing what was going to come of the venture. A few times I thought of just stopping TBH and go back to quieter methods, but now I’m just deciding to continue to build it and see where it goes…

  9. Mervin Kemp

    I have 2 questions. 1. Are there any additional costs besides the either $49 monthly fee or $399 annual to join the program? 2. Is this a MLM program?

  10. Hey Mervin,

    The 1st question is answered in the above video, but I’ll answer it again:

    There are multiple streams of income in this business and you can decide on how many of them you want to participate in. If you want to build a 1k+/month business, I strongly recommend at the very least going yearly for income stream #1. Why? Because when I got to $1,000/month in 2 months with this system, a LARGE portion of that was due to me getting $200 and $20 commissions. I qualified for both because I went yearly. If you go yearly you qualify for $200 and $20/month commissions. If you go monthly, you qualify for $20 commissions.

    If you go yearly and start promoting with the free training I have given you, exactly as I outlined, you can start earning a nice income for yourself in a relatively short amount of time, especially if you follow the additional email training you get from me when you become a member. You can then consider other streams later on if you want to expand your profit further.

    For question #2, this is high ticket affiliate marketing via 4 potential income streams, not MLM.

  11. Angel Rivera

    @Mike Iser I’m glad that you decided to stick with it. It is because of what you are doing that I am interested in earning money online. You are my indirect mentor. Thank you.

  12. @Angel Rivera Hey Angel! Glad that me continuing to post publicly VS going back to other methods has helped in some way 🙂

  13. Brian Franklin

    Hello Mike, I’m interested in making extra income or to possibly make a full time income. It seems like this program has a lot of potential for someone that’s good with Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I don’t make videos on these platforms and I’m not great in front of the camera. Do you have a side hustle that doesn’t involve having to make videos. Something more lowkey I guess. I’m an older male looking for something that could help me when I retire and bring in some extra income. Please let me know. Thank you.

  14. Hey Brian! So when I started I wasn’t good at TikTok/Instagram/YT etc… I had 0 social media presence on TikTok and other platforms in Mid January when I joined…I only had 180 subs left over on this old YT channel from 2013.

    But again, no experience with Tiktok or any of the other “newer” social media platforms.. You don’t need to be good you just have to want to learn new skills badly enough…I had to step outside my comfort zone and do things I otherwise would never see myself doing, and become a different version of myself. That is ultimately what everyone must do if they want to achieve what they have never achieved before, constantly expand their comfort zones. I built a 31k TikTok account in a few months and a 50k+ FB Reels account in 30 days(which is now at 74k)….Social media is just far too lucrative if you know what you’re doing to not take advantage of it.

    In fact, even if you don’t want to be on camera there are ways to take baby steps, I share it with my team members and have been thinking of making another day of training here for it. But as long as you can point your finger at a screen and film your computer monitor and put a text overlay on your video, there is no reason you can’t do this.

    If you want a more in-depth explanation, email me at mikeiserconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you the email that explains it in more detail (how to do this without showing your face).

    This is the easiest way for someone who is completely new to start making life-changing income in a relatively short time. If you really want it, you’ve got to be willing to take some small steps outside your comfort zone.

  15. Home Business Academy

    Do you have to buy the products in 2 and 3 to earn commission off of it?

  16. Sue Tuigamala

    Hello, I’ve watched the video and it didn’t really mentioned about paying the 399 and didn’t mention about only making a certain amount if you pay 49 or 399. I’m very interested but I just wanted to understand that part. Also, what if you start off with just the 49 a month to test drive it and decide later on to pay 399. Thank you

  17. Hey Sue! Re-watch the video, I explained that at the 6-minute mark. My suggestion to you is to commit at the yearly level rather than dip your toe in, as those who dip their toes in tend not to succeed in this (or any other business for that matter) as they don’t have skin in the game. The $49/month allows you to earn $20 commissions and when you get the $49 level and upgrade to the yearly for $350 extra ($399) you then are able to earn $200 commissions. There are other income streams to take advantage of later on, however if you’re strapped for cash, I would get in at the yearly and focus on implementing the training and getting sales…then, once you have sales coming in, consider upgrading the other streams.

    If you don’t take the yearly and want to get it later, you will have to pay more money, it won’t be discounted, which is why I emphasize coming on board the yearly as otherwise, you won’t have the discount later.

    If you need me to explain anything to you in more detail you can reach out to me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/malleniser/ or by email : mikeiserconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. Hey paid to work for myself! That’s right, if you want to qualify to earn commissions for a product, you need to have purchased it. If you want to see my breakdown of commissions with this system and where they all came from, have a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDXU8s_UfE0

  19. Julio Lopez

    Do you run this through your personal accounts or did you set this up as an LLC? I’m curious how this all works with taxes and what would be the best route to go

  20. Hey Julio! I personally run things through a numbered corporation/LLC as then you are able to take advantage of various tax benefits such as business write-offs/expenses and a lower tax rate for the corporation. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you need to chat real-time: https://www.facebook.com/malleniser/

  21. Hi bro Mike, amazing job you are doing, thanks and keep it up

    Please, this high ticket method, do you cover the necessary steps here or you have an exclusive for this ?

    And i saw your response here saying People from Nigeria cant do this method? any Geo limitations?

  22. Hey Chris! Following this free training, you can get yourself to well over 1k/month as I did using this exact training. I share some extra nuggets with my team on how to ramp this up further, how I got it up to 4.2k/month, so those additional nuggets are available via email to my team members (or they can just directly ask me as I make myself available over Facebook where they can just DM me).

    Most countries are accepted, however there are a small number which are not, if you leave your country here I can check that for you.

  23. David Toyin

    Hi Mike, I saw your reels on Instagram last week and I decided to follow and subscribed to your channel. I currently live in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. I don’t know if this affiliate marketing and payment system apply to where I am from. Look forward to hear from. Thank You

  24. Hey David,

    So I do know that for some reason this company does not accept payment from Nigeria. The other business I make daily videos on may work however for you. Unfortunately, there are some countries that have a lot of restrictions, but there are many places where you can earn affiliate commissions from even from a country that has restrictions, there are ways to work around it.

  25. Thank you Mike, for being generous in sharing your ideas… you’re such a blessing to others.

  26. Roosevelt Daymon

    Starting the journey today using your videos and case studies! I look forward to sending you a check! 💯💯💯 🏄🏾‍♂️

  27. Hi mike. Is it possible to step into this with a debit card instead of credit card?

  28. Mike, I am interested in this affiliate program, maybe you break down what is included in the $399 per year in later videos but I’d like to know what I get and what other purchases cost and what they include? Also realistically speaking, can one be successful without any additional purchases?

  29. Hey Arthur,

    So the $399 covers you for the year with income stream #1 and gives you a 50 email autoresponder follow-up sequence that works on your behalf for the leads you bring into the system, to convert them into sales for you. It also upsells the additional income streams (2, 3 & 4) on your behalf. It also provides you with a website(a series of landing pages) that you can drive the traffic to. It’s basically a “business in a box” where the hard work is done (You’re given the converting landing pages so you don’t have to create them….you don’t have to buy hosting…you don’t have to write emails and schedule them…) All you have to do is drive traffic to 1 link and let the system do the rest. So in this sense, it’s good for beginners. You also get access to a FB community for support, daily morning “wake-up calls” and as of late they have added in some bonuses if you take the yearly….That being a 1on1 session with support where they walk you through the system so you fully understand everything, some free traffic and they give you a $500 course(on how to be successful with the system, created by the #1 earner in the company) for free (Again, all this is only if you go annual, you will see these as a bonus AFTER you sign-up).

    Income stream #2 is new it has replaced the one I talked about in this video and is far more lucrative. The old one made me $220/month, and so far it’s been 1 month with the new one and I’ve already made close to 4k with it. It is IM training and the money you can make with it is explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQFuTeehVu8

    Income stream #3 allows you to follow-up with your leads via text messaging….

    Income stream #4 is traffic, you can become a traffic reseller and earn commissions on sold traffic.

    I always mention to everyone the most important thing is to focus on income stream 1. If you’re strapped for cash, just come in at the yearly and focus on getting sales, it will only take 2 sales to earn your money back (2 $200 sales) after that you can figure out if you want to get anything else. You will still have the option to upgrade them later when you start seeing success…

    When I made my first $1,000, $800 of the 1K came from 4 $200 sales. So 80% of my results came from this….And this all happened only 2 months into the program for me. For the following couple of months, I continued to earn 3/4 of my income from income stream #1. Income streams 2-4 made up the remainder (1/4).

    So you can most definitely be successful with income stream 1, the key is to take action on the free training (and additional training I give via email)…and ask for help when needed.

  30. Funny Animals

    Hi Mike, I am not an US resident, is this system ( I mean, the way this system will pay off) suitable for me? Does this work all over the world? Will I be paid wherever I live? Whatever the taxation system is? Thanks a lot. ✌✌

  31. Hey funny animals! So it depends on what country you’re in. I myself am not in the US, I’m in Canada.

    As long as you’re not in the following countries, you’ll be fine (taken from a conversation with support):

    “Here is a list of the countries that we do not accept payments from:

    Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe”


  32. mistressotdark

    Hi mike, i always like watching your videos. I think i still need help. Ive tried a few side hustles . tried puzzle book. I have an etsy store. Shopify. So far sold 3 things on etsy. I need to figure things out am short 1000 for rent. Im struggling right now. And its frustrating.

  33. Hey Mistress, I understand the frustrations with trying to get some income coming in ASAP….that is the most challenging space to build a business from and I don’t recommend it if you can help it, because it will bring too much stress and you will make the wrong decisions from that mindspace…

    My suggestion would be to find a job as a call center rep (even if its not in your field)…These jobs are relatively easy to get, there are quite a few that have pretty much no experience needed other than to be fluent in English and polite on the phone.

    I recently posted to my social media a job where they were looking for 4,000+ call center reps for $19/h! If you’re in the US, that is something you can look into…From there, with that money coming in you’ll be in a better place to build the business you actually want for yourself….

  34. mistressotdark

    Hi mike i may try that but im Canadian. Hopefully i can get some things rolling soon. I have a lot of things up on my shopify store but no sales. I put some on etsy so far. 3 sales. Plus a couple of puzzle books on kdp. Im just frustrated. I put a Pinterest ad for Shopify. Got 27.1 k clicks. No bites. I am a photographer. And ive done some digital art as well.

  35. I’m sure you’d be able to find a Canadian call center job somewhere, but either way, there are always going to be ups and downs like this in life, I’m sure in following your intuition you’ll figure out some solution one way or the other.

  36. mistressotdark

    @Mike Iser ya i found someone to help with the shopify store. Maybe ill start making sales.

  37. Gym Motivation.

    I am dying in my 9-5. Being obsessed about learning this stuff is giving me such a headache and I haven’t even started. 😢

  38. Hey man, you’ve started the process by learning!

    When I first got into this that is all I did, just read, read, read….I didn’t take much action (which was why I stayed stuck for so many years…

    But you will eventually do so if you stick with this game long enough and when you do things will start moving. Check out my video I released today which is mindset related (I normally don’t release these types of videos but decided to do something different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06RZ66-I-iU . Maybe you can get something from here which will help you get started.

  39. Gym Motivation.

    @Mike Iser I’m too scared and have been used too many times so I find it really difficult to trust that I’m not being taken advantage of and scammed. This is frustrating for me and anyone providing some kind of service in this genre of content.

  40. Never make a decision from a place of fear, doubt and uncertainty and also never allow yourself to take on the idea of the victim mentality, it is disempowering, see all past experiences as necessary learning lessons.

    In my experience having been in the game since 2005, there are very few actual scams, there may be misrepresentation of the amount of work or what all is involved….but at the end of the day, you need to take ownership of your business and take massive action. .. most people underestimate the needed work to put into a business in order to see results.

    Most businesses work but most people don’t put in the needed work long enough to see the end results.

    Had I had a fear based mentality going into this year, I’d have never started these 3 new businesses (MIF/MLGS/Youtube) which are earning me over 10k/month …I didn’t have all the answers when I was looking to join these businesses and I had an element of fear or apprehension if you want to call it that before joining, but I did it anyway and committed to giving it my full effort….as a result I am where I am now.

    You have to at some point make your own calculated decision, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and learn new skillsets and put in the work consistently over time in the right businesses and the results do eventually come.

  41. Nirupa Kumar

    Thanks Mike for sharing your knowledge with us. How can I reach you for some guidance?

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