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77 thoughts on “Get $300 PER DAY For FREE From AI Art (New Method)”

  1. Wholesale Ted

    My New Zealand accent translation for those of you that are new around here 🤭
    Frie = Free
    Itsie = Etsy
    Coffiye = Coffee
    What other ones did a miss? 👀

  2. Daniel Schröder

    As much as I am astonished by this AI generated “art” or should I say pixels (I have to admit I had quite fun testing some promts), I believe we will slowly loose touch with or own human creativity/life force, if we are going down further this road. As many other people and especially artists wrote in the comments: these images are mixed and made out of the real talented minds, humans, people, maybe your friend or family relative who spend hours, if not even months or years, to channel and express the wonders of life into something that would impact and touch peoples hearts. By that we denial the credit & respect to those important individuals and what they do for our health and culture.
    To sell those 10sec generated “artworks” to people for ridiculously high prices seems more than morally reprehensible, even though it seems tempting in times, where we all have to pay increasingly large bills.

    Much respect & love to all the true artists out there 🙏🏻❤️

  3. The lawsuits against AI are going to be interesting because they scrape images that are under copyright for learning on the algorithm.
    Which then is passed on to the user of AI as the copyright infringement.
    But proving it is another thing.
    And then there is the fact that AI datasets can be trained on your own artwork.

  4. People might want to read the terms and services of the AI software they are using. Several of them reserve the copyright of what you create, others give you the copyright while reserving a sub-license. What that means is they get to use it however they want, you may not be allowed to sell them, and in the case of sub-licenses, they get to use it but you take responsibility for it. In the recent copyright argument and class action lawsuits, that may be a very bad thing.

  5. Cosmic Circles with Linda Varos

    The dark side of this is that I know many artists whose work is being swiped by Ai softwares in general, then using it produce a version of their work for other people. It’s HORRIBLE. It’s ruining the lives of well known artists because at this point they are powerless to do anything about it. Someone even had artwork swiped from her BOOK! IF you have a conscience at all, it’s time to rethink this until these kinks are ironed out.

  6. Capsule Corp. Cinema

    What is the software/platform that you use to look at the revenue statistics of the two stores? @wholesaleted

  7. This is great, but it doesn’t fulfil the video’s title; it doesn’t show us HOW to get $300 per day. It doesn’t even suggest that Sarah generated $300. Also, Sarah said you can make MORE profit by using the images on Print On Demand. Well, Print On Demand has very low profit margins. Most of people’s high dollar amounts are revenue. After all costs and fees, it could even be $0 or negative. Potentially. Other than that, a well presented video. 😁

  8. Cheryl Bruce

    This makes me so sad for the future of actual artists using their hard practiced skills

  9. STATION 7575 NEWS

    The problem I see with AI art is it’s ability to destroy artists. Now if someone is very talented I don’t see a problem unless the work is scanned into Dalle and the artist’s style is stolen. I do agree with many of the artist that this is a very bad idea. It means that geeks can steal your ideas you came up with and sell it with very little effort. Please consider retracting this video for all of your artist friends.

  10. Capital Moving

    2 or 3 best performing etsy shops are not representative. I want to know how many are there TOTAL image shops on etsy and what are their average profits?

  11. SeeShepDraw

    Pretty crappy to outright encourage people to bypass the hardworking artists who generate the images these ai programs rip off

  12. formulaone07

    Regarding Etsy, way before AI art came on the scene, it was not allowed to sell “one click” art that could be produced by Photoshop actions for example. The shop owner had to have some kind of creative process. So why do you think Etsy will allow AI work to be sold?

  13. Te Amo Trish Mo

    It takes me 8+ hours to paint an original work (from my own thought process without technology) not to mention the time to photograph it, frame it etc or seal it so it is ready for sale. Then I put it online and AI steals it based on a user generated search but changes a few things and there you have a 5 minute or less hack that makes the user millions and me nothing for the original.

  14. Rachel Smero

    While I like a lot of your videos, as an artist, this one was pretty heartbreaking. There are other ways to make a lot of money on Etsy. Please stop promoting AI that eliminates artists’ abilities to provide for their families.

  15. Mike Baldwin

    This is so shady. You’re stealing art from artists and repurposing it through AI to make money. And you act so nonchalant about destroying the ability of artists to profit from their skills and hard work. This is sick.

  16. It’s same style of videos, ” you could potentially earn X by doing this…”

    But no real actionable steps to take as the variables are too great. It’s the money formula of taking about earning money and not actually earning the money for said method. Rinse and repeat.

  17. Lady! Do know that you will be introuble for sharing how to sell unethical art.
    Ok so this is the kind of people we want to avoid. This is the kind of result we want to avoid. Its so heart breaking that people who claimed to be “artist” sells money by contributing to a machine that constantly stealing an identity from a real artist.

    But fellow Real artist! Good news!
    Thankfully, recently there’s a big movement on implementing a lawsuit against people like this.
    Go search : Protecting artist from AI Technologies by Concept Art Association

    This is a huge movement for us. 65k USD is already donated within 2 days. Its gonna be interesting to see how ironic this video will be

  18. Money In My Room

    I tried Dall-e and sometimes it did alright and sometimes the art was so bad that I doubt anyone would buy it. I typed in Stegosaurus riding a skateboard and Dall-e generated a bunch of mutated weird dinosaur looking things with broken skateboards that looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old child. So even if it can generate images those will likely still have to be edited by an artist to look good.

  19. Bartolini1307

    But how would anyone be able to tell that the image is from AI. Can’t You just say You made it? Like, noone will know.

  20. Saying this is theft is like saying inspiration is theft. And this won’t replace real artists as what it spits out often has errors or doesn’t look exactly how you want.

  21. It’s gonna make a bunch of people rich… except for the real people who originaly owns the artwork to whom this “AI Technology STEALS” the artwork from, and can’t do anything about it at the moment.

  22. im gona be honest we all are gona have to adapt to ai inless your painting the mona lisa its gona be hard to make it by without ai i say use ai i respect people who do the real thing but if your able to get a free advantage and dont accept it your not gona get your true potential

  23. $ 300 per year is more realistic! I earn 30 $ per month with 10,000 pictures online! if you don’t pay to promote your products nobody will see them

  24. Wow…this is truly horrible. I guess I shouldn’t have expected more from people, but it’s horrible to know that no one really cares about artists anymore. I know the art community is trying to reassure us, but I think it’s over. People won’t purchase art if they can get it for free, legally, in 10 seconds. I don’t think art is a viable career for anyone who isn’t already big. I’m sorry fellow artists. I’m so sorry.

    Edit: And just to clarify, this isn’t a guilt trip. But what you buy, same reason people get things from shein even though it was stolen from a small business, cause it’s cheaper, and we don’t have a lot of money right now.

  25. Stereoscope360 V

    Imagine an artist who spends tens of thousands of hours practicing and developing a unique style only to have someone start making pictures by the second, potentially millions of variations that all look like the artist’s work, and the artist inadvertently creates works in their own style but looks too much like works in the vast database of copies in the AI “Artist’s” hard drive and gets sued by the AI “artist” for infringing on their intellectual property because the artist made something that wasn’t transformative enough and it looks just like AI “artist’s” work because it was made in the style of the original artist.

  26. People love consuming games, animation, art, music, entertainement because it makes their lives not the “sleep, wake-up, go to work, sleep” routine until they get old and die but are so ungrateful to the people who made those things for all these years. only waiting for all of those things to be made so you can feed it to the AI when it’s ready. Psychopathic leeching parasitic companies destroy the purpose of life instead of sticking to replacing dangerous and tedious jobs. You can’t help psychopathy I guess…

  27. T. Jay Talking

    That argument is flawed because these same artists all got the inspiration to create art from art they saw at some point in time, how much have they paid to that artist?. If I made a 4 legged chair today am I supposed to pay something to whoever made the first 4 legged chair? Are car manufactures owing someone for making a car thats basically the same with 4 tires, seats, headlights, windshields?

  28. @luke you might didnt know about the process on how midjourney, stable diffusion, lensa Dall-E etc, stealing literally artwork from real artist. They are using a dataset that was clearly taken with out consent. The data sets called LAION. The issue is that these data sets, collected under these exemptions, are now funneling into for-profit commercial ventures like Stable Diffusion. And heck even this video told you how to sell ai art.

    Now you know, if you still using ai art, you are still doing an act of stealing.

  29. NikoNiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    ​@T. Jay Talking The issue is related partly to copyright and beyond that one’s Intellectual Property being taken *without consent* on any level and ESPECIALLY *en masse* (i.e. stolen), a probly bigger issue is how there’s AIs that splice copy/paste methods of generation (stealing parts of original images) and profiting off the stolen art. The 2nd is what I believe artists have the biggest gripe with. And touching on that last point is the closeness the AI generated images tend to have to the original images (a type of COPY my Homework but make it look like you didnt copy it which isn’t how using an actual reference works.). This is all at BEST a grey area legally but ignoring morally.

    You seem to either not understand how using a reference actually works from your comparisons or you’re purposely muddying the lines to self-justify your usage and/or promotion of AI generated images morally, financially or otherwise.

  30. Etsy allows virtually anything. It’s basically become another eBay, one of the reasons I left.

  31. I think they and most website and social medias won’t, it’s just that this is happening so fast is hard to respond.
    And how will they proove that what you are creating is not AI?
    This is the hardest part for me to think about, no website will hire a human to look at an image to see if it is AI generated.

  32. @JMulvy  if there’s no copyright, then doesn’t that mean the engine owners don’t own it either?

  33. @NikoNiiiiiiiiiiiiii 100% .. well said … that is exactly what they are doing, trying to justify themselves.. those images they pull from the internet all have copyright owners and should sue anyone making money from their images… those claiming how would they know.. are living in dreamland if they think an artist doesn’t know their own work..and even if it is a style they have..its still their copyright. Another thing they forget is that you can pull their prompt up easily (even on private accounts) to prove they have included words like say ‘marvel’ ‘batman’ picasso style’ etc

  34. ImCurrentlyNaked

    @Joanna Lero Part of the problem in my eyes seems to be that the different arts just don’t care – I’ve already heard that supposedly work to do illustrated album covers have completely dried up. Why should visual artists then bother to hire musicians for their work instead of using AI? Why should Visual artists hire the writers who used AI illustrations rather than using a Writing AI?

    The differing creative industries should be helping each other for the common goal of keeping each other alive and relevant, but are acting as corporate as any over non-creative industry and back stabbing are each other to save a few bucks. It’s sad – who should value the arts more than a fellow artists? It’s just a race to the bottom now.

  35. Morris Alanisette

    if its open source that means no companies owns it. i can generate images from my computer

  36. alinaholtmann

    or maybe it’s an opportunity for art to become something completely different, a new medium. we can use ai to generate art images fast, but then say, create virtual spaces with it that you can walk through the art (in the metaverse for example). it’s the horse vs car argument.

    you also can put your original work into ai and generate variants of your work.

    if, as an artist, it’s more about your process of doing art, that’s not being taken away. one could use ai for client work and regular art for personal work. also, fine art: like massive canvases, that people use for money laundering, is not going anywhere.

  37. Danielle Paxton

    Hopefully some people will still prefer original artwork from artists since is has spirit and soul in it. AI will never be human or better that human. It has no soul or life force and never will. But I agree, since most of the art that is purchased is usually just prints, not original art, this is going to make it much harder for truly talented artists to make a living with art when anyone and their grandma can use AI to create it. Art is one of the things that has defined culture and made humanity special. Now…well… Now people with no artistic talent or vision will create art just for money and not because their soul yearns to create it. Only an artist would understand how special it is to envision a piece and bring it to life. We are not the average person.

  38. Chadd Steinberg

    Technology, robots, ai has been stealing and replacing humans in every field, I guess it’s finally affecting you.

  39. Chadd Steinberg

    @Thor ODTplease do what she explained? You Post printable images on Etsy and Shopify?

  40. Chadd Steinberg

    Progressive Liberal Artist: Too bad you lost your minimum wage job to a machine, that’s just progressivism “learn to code”.

    Artist: ITS UNFAIR!!! I’m not needed anymore! DONT YOU DARE USE THIS AI!

    Technology is so great for??? Oh right, the owners alone.

  41. The Chill Spot - Relaxing Rain, Sounds and Music

    @Micah Olson they already do that…

  42. WeShareTheSameAffliction

    Eh, that’s their bad for choosing that profession. Technology is just gonna keep getting better and better. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  43. Todd Spangler

    I’m an artist, and while some of this is horrible, like stealing artwork and just changing it slightly is pretty low as it should only use images that are declared as free use. However, I can see artists creating a work from layering their own drawings or photos with this, but only if I know it is coming from free use images, not somebody’s hard work.

  44. @LePAUZ It’s about a million times easier than becoming a skillful artist and developing your own style

  45. Original artist needs to date the art through notary if physical image, or creating a web page with the digital image, artist information, then post in several archive websites for date purposes. All AI art is datestamped, so the original artist’s date of archival proves beyond a doubt who is the originator.

  46. Lamia Taj Errida

    Unfortunately AI is going to take down a lot of professions. Not only artists….

  47. Something similar to that has already happened in the past. And it was before AI came into existence. Hundreds of years ago, a painter named Manet was admonished for painting in a style “too much” like the style of Monet.
    Conflict in the art world is nothing new. All artists learn from other artists and mimic styles until they develop their own. But there is nothing new under the sun. So your theory is easy to imagine. It happens all the time. Always has, always will. But it doesn’t stop any artist from creating and reaching their own audience.
    The people who are complaining about what they think AI does and coming up with scenarios aren’t professional, practicing artists. That takes confidence and the ability to ignore what’s going on around you. Just perfect what YOU do and focus on your own audience.

  48. @Shereen Pestiss Draw me a bird without seeing a bird. Draw me a bird without seeing what a beak looks like. Using the word “input” isn’t useful in the conversation.

  49. Hey Sarah! You da bestest. Wonder if you have an answer for this – how to increase AI image resolution on DALL-E , since it only gives a square image of 1024 x 1024? (Without having to add a massive 14 extra generation frames in edit mode on DALL-E to get the picture high resolution for printing!?)

    Why is this important? Because posters, canvases and clothing require high resolution images produce the best quality products on print-on-demand stores – and if anyone can think of a clever shortcut to avoid adding a laborious 14 edits to an image, it is you! Thank you for being so helpful and inspiring!!!! <3

  50. Wholesale Ted

    @Ariel Thank you Ariel 🙏 I have an entire video chapter dedicated to discussing how to increase the resolution, and I also outline why it is important to increase the resolution, and I also outline which products you can print onto at different resolution levels as well. You can watch the chapter dedicated to this at 10:15

  51. Wholesale Ted

    @[marbardan] the biggest companies in the world with some of the best legal teams, in the world, such as Google, are behind AI image generators. Google would not be investing into them and creating them, if their lawyers didn’t believe they constituted as fair use 🙏

  52. @Wholesale Ted I love seeing you in the comments and getting down to the details of this. It seems like you definitely can use the images free and clear.

    On DallE terms it states,

    “Usage & Rights

    Subject to the Content Policy and Terms, you own the images you create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise – regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit.”

  53. @Wholesale Ted once again, you are YouTube creator baby doll not an attorney. Actual attorneys have covered this already. It is actually questionable whether this is allowed under Fairview or not because there’s no president for it as we speak there are lawsuits now underway to establish president and it’s only a matter of time before big companies like Disney and DreamWorks get involved, because so many people are using their copyrighted images.

  54. @Wholesale Ted not another YouTube star that has got big in the head and now think she’s an attorney because of Wikipedia😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. @Wholesale Ted oh my God now she’s tech genius everybody. Anything to not feel like you’re ripping people off off.😂😂😂😂

  56. @Wholesale Ted if that’s the case, why does it generate Iron Man when you search Iron Man like Disney’s Iron Man said I just generating like an off brand tin man?

  57. @Wholesale Ted Also let’s not forget that an infamous stock photo agency (which is the same who recently started a lawsuit against several AI Art generators) scraps the internet WITHOUT users’ consent in order to find violators of their copyright. They scraped mine despite my policy that explicitly forbids scraping to that category of companies. I then stopped their Israeli “scraper” from visiting my websites. Isn’t this ironic? The algo generates a completely NEW image based on other people’s works, but it is not even close to the original(s); yes plural, because not just one author is “emulated” for every generated image. In my opinion, it is part of the fair use and transformative work doctrines, hence there is no violation of copyright; we’ll see how those lawsuits go. Nobody can forbid me to create a photo portrait in the style of Annie Leibowitz. I just can’t use one of her photos and claim it as mine and yes I have to look at her photos to create my own (which is sort of scraping).

  58. @Lamia Taj Errida So did Amazon (just to name one) with mom and pops stores

  59. This whole thing is disgusting. Art has become a video game for the untrained and a job killer for those who loved what they did for a living.

  60. Hidden Secret Healing, LLC

    If you copyright your work and other people try to put their name on it you can sue them. If you put your images on websites for art and pictures and others use your original images you receive revenue for each time it’s used. 😉

  61. You are just mad we have technology that makes your art worthless. Its all about marketing nowadays, if u can sell u can sell anything. And its easier to use AI than to sit and make one art for hours lol.

  62. Not only for artist, what about Artificial intelligence (AI) like chatgpt and gpt3 …., and robots in workplaces .

  63. The world is not fair. I can feel bad for the scribes who had to write books en masse, but I will not want to get rid of the printing press and what came after

  64. I’m currently studying computer science, and have planned to specialize in AI. However this video does not sit right with me at all, and it’s really disturbing to see such an overwhelmingly positive reception to it..

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