Steps to passive income online

If you've been wondering how to create and sell digital products, this video will help demystify it for you! Create your first digital product, learn what you can sell, and where to sell them.

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26 thoughts on “Everything you need to know to create your first DIGITAL PRODUCT”
  1. I was just considering hmmm how do I sell online…. Thank you

  2. How did you learn how to use Adobe indesign to create these products because I’m struggling it’s so hard

  3. I was devastated to find out I wasn’t going to be first comment today… JESSICA. I’ve been following and I’m really feeling this BOGO you’ve done. There’s this huge story about what had to happen to me to find out that digital products are life changing to sell, but you should tell me how I can support the channel best. More people should know about “all the things” lol… ps, negative nancies just have to keep at it.

  4. I learned InDesign in college but then also spent a lot of time playing around in it. Take a course on something like Skillshare – that might help!

  5. You’re first digital products for 47.00,what will that course give me?? I am looking how to do digital product from beginning to end.Will that help me

  6. Great content- thanks so much! I’d like to hire-out the creation of a digital product, via Fiverr or something comparable. Do you ever do this and, if so, have you been able to find someone who can create the entire item (design + verbiage) or only complete the graphic design elements? Thanks!!!

  7. Would love info or more specific tutorials on how to market if you have no fan club or following. Wait to market until we grow a channel or followers on instagram? Or where/how to market your first 10 digital products as a newbie with no followers. Thank you ☺️

  8. Encouraging message. Negative mess somewhere else! My whole weekend is dedicated to doing it!

  9. I have a training included in the BOGO sale that explains just that

  10. You could definitely hire it out – you would need to come up with the idea and the IP, otherwise there could be legal issues

  11. So Inspiring Jessica< i have started an Etsy store and sold 11 products so far. Just need to keep on creating - on my path to passive income

  12. You’re great. Finally an honest YouTuber explaining things in a simple and understandable way on how to make money passively.

  13. Can you talk about how you manage incomes from digital products? Like do you create an LLC and a separate bank account for the earned income.

  14. Love your videos! I’ve started an Etsy with digital products and have yet to make a sale. Any suggestions?

  15. All the things is about to be my niche b/c every YouTube video or every time YouTube creator that I watch says all the things I don’t know who said it first but Jessica Stansberry as far as I know said all the things first because there was a whole thing about all the things right so I just love all the things I don’t know why you don’t have products like a t-shirt or mug that says all the things you should if you don’t by the time I get up and running I will definitely be having a mug t-shirt that says “all the things” for sale in my Shopify Etsy store I don’t know yet

  16. @Jessica Stansberry I noticed you sell indesign templates, would I be able to purchase them and then edit them to my style to then sell? Is that allowed?

  17. Hi there I would like to know that do you do DIGITAL DROPSHIPPING, I have recently created a shopify store and I’m intending on launching a DIGITAL PRODUCT can you help out on that please??????

  18. Please do let us know because I am really interested but need some guidance on how to start with it so please do reply thanks

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