12 Email Newsletter Design Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Results

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If you want people to open your emails, you need to pay attention to your email newsletter design. Good design is key to enticing readers to scroll through your entire email, and better yet, click to your website. And Visme is the perfect start for creating email designs that your audience loves:

If you're currently experiencing poor email marketing results, the first thing you need to do is take a look back at your most recent emails. How do they look?

Then compare your emails to some of the best brand emails you've ever gotten. Do they compare? If the answer is no, then it's likely other emails are stealing your audience's attention, even if they aren't even direct competitors.

You want to stand out in your audience's inbox as a must-read email newsletter. The best way to do that is by placing an emphasis on your email newsletter design.

In this video, Mike Ploger dives into 12 email newsletter design tips that will help to boost your company's email marketing results.

By implementing these, you'll see an uptick in opens and clicks and a decrease in unsubscribes. Follow along with this video to learn more about these 12 email newsletter design tips:
1:29 Design for Mobile Devices
2:05 Use a Clean and Organized Layout
2:31 Keep Text Short and Sweet
3:19 Create Visual Hierarchy
4:19 Embrace White Space
4:59 Frame Content With Headers and Footers
5:37 Set The Mood with Color
6:12 Simplify Font Choices
6:57 Use Stunning Images
7:36 Embed Videos / GIFs
8:16 Inform With Infographics
8:53 Create a Compelling Call to Action

Quality email newsletter design isn't an impossible task. And if you get started with a design software like Visme that includes tons of beautiful email templates (Check them out here: ), your email newsletter design will be both easy and efficient!

To learn even more about email newsletter design tips, check out our full blog post on the subject:

Also, check out our blog post on color psychology that Mike mentioned in tip #7 to learn more about choosing the right colors for your email newsletter:


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  1. oo0Spyder0oo

    I’ll always say it as ‘gif’, if they expected it to be pronounced ‘jif’ then they should have used the J.

  2. Im not even done with this video but wow this is very concise straight to the point hardcore tips. Love it man, great content. Thanks for creating!

  3. E-Mail Marketing Snacks

    I love that “It’s pronounced JIF”-part a lot! Made me laugh a lot 😂 Nice tips!

  4. The inventor/CREATOR has come out and said it is ‘GIF’, not ‘Jif’

  5. Nina Oglesby

    It’s the JIF for me. That part of the video had me chuckling a little too loud while I was at the library. I’m sure the person the cubicle over was a little annoyed. Note to self. Limit the engaging content when in quiet coworking spaces. Lol! 😂🤣😅🥰

  6. I liked when he said “those 2-3 inches can entice someone’s curosity or possibly entice them to move on”. Heh heh heh heh

  7. Aaron Molina Fletcher

    A truly useful video, thank you and thank you again. My favorite tip was…well all of them.

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    I know what the GIF creator intended. My design teachers and Obama don’t agree.

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