Email Marketing Secrets for 2022: Here’s What’s Working NOW!

Aweber Email Marketing

Want to stay on top of what's working NOW in Email marketing?

Wondering how the new IOS 15 update will affect your email marketing?

In this episode, I’m sharing the best tips for email marketing that’ll surely boost your sales in 2022.

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37 thoughts on “Email Marketing Secrets for 2022: Here’s What’s Working NOW!”

  1. Saro Dog Training

    Happy New Year Wes. So much valuable tips here. Thank you so much for sharing them. I am going to clean up my email list. New Year, new list. New strategy.

  2. Wes McDowell

    Happy new year to you Saro! Hope the course is going well for you, and yes, get that email strategy in place… super important for service businesses and course creators alike!

  3. Absolutely value packed content, thank you. I now have a Email To Do list to work through in Jan. Keep em coming Wes.

  4. Gary Wilkinson

    Thanks for the video Wes. Great tips with new and updated spins on the traditional email marketing posts. Where do you go for your Gifs to include in your emails? Thanks Wes

  5. Very interesting video ! Thank you very much ! I am wondering how people do to be on top of their website, social medias, blog, email list, short term strategy, long term strategy, and of course their actual job… it’s a mystery for me ahah.

  6. Hi Wes,

    It was an amazing share! I am a marketer and a startup owner, email marketing is one of the important jobs that I do almost daily. I read a lot of guides that can help me refine my process and increase the conversions from email marketing. I am so glad that you shared this video, I learned a lot from it, and gained so many valuable insights that will help in my process. I will be implementing all your tips into my process, and hopefully, I can gain benefits from them.

  7. Wes McDowell

    You don’t have to do all of it! Just pick what you can commit to and go all in!

  8. Garrett Ahlberg

    Hey Wes! Thanks for the great content. Quick question: what if your business isn’t a personal brand? In your examples, the email is coming from you so subscribers would expect great and useful content from you in the future. But our brand doesn’t have a “specific person” attached to it. Who should the email come from? The brand name or a specific person? If it’s a specific person, doesn’t that ruin brand recognition as the person isn’t really attached to the face of the brand. Hopefully this question makes sense

  9. Kevin Glenn it’s indeed superb.
    You may want to check out my tutorial too👍

  10. If you don’t have a ‘face’ for the brand, you’d use the brand name. Within our brand at work, we have a few people that we send emails from with ‘personal messages.’ This is similar to how you’d get a ‘Letter from the CEO’ email from different businesses.

  11. Menhal Sheikh

    hello! So I sell a pretty niche product, and I think the email content you recommend is educational – how do you do that if your customers don’t really look to you to be educated?

  12. Thanks for all the time you spend making these videos Wes! They really help!

  13. Freedom Star

    Your channel is my new favorite for up to date marketing tips! I appreciate how continually relevant your ideas are! Thx so much for putting it out there!

  14. Riccardo Stella

    I keep rewatching your videos as they come up in my algorithm because your insights are just so good.

  15. Great video – super informative and succinct!
    Unrelated to the topic, what do you recommend for adding the text and titles as you do for fcpx?
    The slide in box from the side, and the text overlay look great and add just the right amount of visual interest.
    Do you have a plugin that you use?
    Also, do you do your video editing yourself or do you outsource it?
    Thanks again for all the great content!

  16. Wes McDowell

    Thank you for your kind words Jeff! We outsource our video editing so they would know best about adding titles for fcpx.

  17. Great video!
    “I am not gonna lie” – every third email is now starting with this line 😀

  18. Kim Mathiot Affiliate Success Coach

    This was GOLD! I have been ignoring my email list and just cleaned out about 2k subscribers the other day. But I could always improve my open rates and I also coach creative businesses to digital marketing and your tips will help them immensely right out of the gate so that they can be more successful in their email marketing. You are my new favorite channel for email marketing info!

  19. Wes McDowell

    Nice work Kim! It always feels good to do an email purge 😎 and thank you for watching!

  20. Sebastian Shine

    Hey wes, Got a question to the Last Tip: “deleting after 90 days No click on CTA”

    Wouldnt it make more Sense to Just Put those people in a different Segment and Just Email them every 90 days to Check If they are still interested in that topic?

    There we’re serveral Times in my Life where i wasnt interested for months and months because i Had No Time but then again went full ham on a certain topic

    I Imagine that If i Segment them differently, they wont get all my Other E-Mails. Meaning that they wont have a negative Impact on my Open Rates and therefore Delivery?

    Or does it still make a difference for Email Providers?

    Other than punishment from Email Providers i dont See ANY value in deleting them.

    Even a Person who isnt responsive, but who Response at least once, is probably more likely to be interested in that topic again than a 100% cold lead, right?

    Edit: PS: and If i Just react by deleting my Most important Asset because of punishment from Email Providers, isnt it Just counter intuitive to the Most important Advantage that Email Marketing Has? The Independence. And the following Up until they are dead or unsubbed.
    I would certainly Not react by deleting that Asset Just because a company tries that on me. There has to be workarounds. Like the one mentioned above.
    Am curious If you dont See it as a Solution to the Problem and If so, then why.


  21. I’m a beginner and this is very helpful. The first video I’m seeing from you and I gained a lot.

    Thank you.
    I’m subscribing and turning on my notifications. I’m Never missing any of your videos 😹

  22. Tilde Mogensen

    Loved it! What do you think about email marketing tools? I am planning to buy MailEngine. Seemed more affordable to me than other software out there. Plus it has awesome features like spintext & spam word detector.

  23. Internet Marketing Academy

    One way to build a mailing list is to do ad swaps with other list owners.

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