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This is a recording from an email marketing workshop that I hosted on Monday, March 7th. During this training, I cover beginner and advanced strategies for growing your email list, and how to use it, too.

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27 thoughts on “Email Marketing in 2022 Workshop – How to Grow and Use an Email List”
  1. Thanks for the replay Pat. So many great points to incorporate. Have an awesome week. 🙂

  2. So my brother and I have had a podcast for 3 years now and we’re beginning to branch off and build our brand on other platforms. This information is great but I’m always challenged about how to apply it to myself because we’re not selling a product. I mean I understand the idea of giving value to the people consuming the content but we talk about art and entertainment and it’s just hard for me to understand how this translates to my field. Does that make sense? If anyone has any suggestions about how we can market ourselves I’d love to hear it. We’re artists who talk about art we don’t have any courses to sell or how to guides. But we want to reach people because we think our content is valuable.

  3. Very awesome content there Pat! Thank you!! But how does one create loads of content when in a spread of email lists, blogs & social media when there is no topic/subject that they are good at? Sure they may go look upon youtube channels or blogs they’re interested in and “copy & replicate” those content but end up feeling like a fraud. What would you advise?

  4. Fantastic tutorial! I got some real golden nuggets from this, thanks for sharing your knowledge Pat 🙏

  5. This deserves a million views. Such good education. I will be sharing this around.

  6. Hi Pat, really like your videos 👍. Your videos have helped us with our golf idea that we have grown over the last year. We started a league for our crappy golfer friends, off that we created a logo and started a podcast for our crappy golf league. In less than a year we have grown more than we could have hoped, not that we are in the top of the podcast world or followers on ig but…. We’ve just hit 1000 followers on ig, we’ve had 3 guests come on the podcast and have a chat, we also were invited on another podcast as guests, they have over 102K followers. Keep your videos coming my man . You are helping big time.

  7. Thanks Pat, your content is always the most educative. Extremely helpful videos. Keep it going

  8. Good overview! Email marketing works at its best when it’s made with care for the customer and with the desire to help solve their problem or achieve a certain goal.

  9. Great tips, Pat! I think the one that would most interest me would be YouTube ad revenue. Even though I am not at the thresholds you mention I think that working towards those numbers would help me build my online reputation and then when I reach the goals, I can start the ad revenue model. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  10. I just recorded my personalized video for my last email in my launch and I am really excited! Such a good idea!

  11. Take your best/most viewed podcast, write up something interesting/valuable about it, and then offer it to them in exchange for their email. Now you can send them emails that will interest them, while also reminding them to return to your podcast.

  12. Deleted my Facebook the other day and currently looking into paid on Pinterest and grow my email alongside my other methods on my channel,
    i was promoting a product where I had up to 1000 subscribers but really lame conversations and awful products so been following you for about 3 weeks and learning some more
    the other affiliate products i have been doing have been great since I binned this topic i won’t mentioned here any great video thanks pat

  13. I rarely comment on YouTube videos but I couldn’t for this one! By far the best tutorial on email marketing.

    It kind of took the apprehension I had about email marketing. This has a lot of value throughout ! I hope to meet you one day Pat…😇

  14. Thank you so much Pat! You are honestly the only person I listen to that actually makes me want to act. Thanks so much!

  15. This might have been one of the most valuable videos I’ve ever seen on Youtube. Your presentation was insanely good too. Thank you man

  16. Another phenomenal video, thank you Pat! Loved the tip about the challenge question!

  17. Thank you so much for this! What do you think of using an automated tool for collecting valid email lists from Facebook? Something like Leads2List. Your comments on this will be much appreciated.

  18. This video has really taught me a lot about email marketing and how to grow from it. I am pleased to learn from you and become part of your subscribers. I am inspired by how you share valuable information with others and help them grow in the field. I will definitely be watching more videos and following your posts on youtube. Hoping to learn more. Thank you.

  19. *Some timings to help refer back to key nuggets*
    00:00 Intro
    05:26 What we know
    06:26 The Plan
    08:50 Grow your list (Beginner)
    13:27 –> Lead magnets
    16:44 Grow your List (Advanced)
    21:26 Using your list (Beginner)
    28:19 Using your list (Advanced)

    Thanks for these tips Pat!

  20. Wow, this is so helpful, thank you I know this but having it all in such an organized manner really lifted a weight off my shoulders. I’m ready to push forward. I can’t thank you enough. God Bless!

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