Elon Musk on Millennials and How To Start A Business

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95 thoughts on “Elon Musk on Millennials and How To Start A Business”

  1. Elon’s mind is faster than his mouth. While normal people, it’s the contrary

  2. Swastik Swarup Das

    I watch Elon Musk videos to grow back the neurons I lost throughout the day looking at memes

  3. Marcus Kless

    Me: came here for business ideas
    Elon Musk: Neurological computers, genetics and electric aircraft.
    Me: Guess I’ll stick to selling things on ebay.

  4. Business Basics - Entrepreneurship 101

    At 2:24, Elon says something quite profound.

    “Entrepreneurs are born of everyday”. This resonates with me because the next big entrepreneurs are likely to be ordinary people, with an innovative idea and a solution to a problem that people face everyday. They are problem solvers. It’s quite exciting to see fresh new ideas come to market and people starting new businesses.

  5. Alistair Dickinson (CEO / Founder)

    For sure the reality business is hard and painful and takes a huge amount of effort if you want to build something great. The best quote I heard was “Nobody is expecting you to do something amazing, but it is amazing when you do something”. The reality is you might not build a multi billion dollar business that is global, but you might build something that brings value, and that is why we get into business to test ourselves our own ability and to be different. You can only admire what Elon Musk has achieved and the potential of where technology could take us in the future.

  6. Personal Finance For Us

    “If your customers love you, your odds of success are dramatically higher.” Great stuff.

  7. It’s touching to hear Elon talk about wanting to bridge a gap between the genetically unfortunate with intelligence augmentation. My mother has a hereditary severe brain disease that affected her life & disabled her. The impact of her brain health affected my development/life and my brain health. The genetic component also affected my brain health. Currently I’m functionally disabled from it too. It’s a constant chronic hell cycle. It’s comforting to know someone out there as dedicated and capable as Elon Musk is thinking about disadvantaged people like my mother & I.

  8. Business Basics - Entrepreneurship 101

    One thing that stood out to me was ‘persistence’. When starting any type of business, you need to have sustained, continued momentum from the start. Entrepreneurs will need to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to get to their goals.

  9. Lionel Theophilus

    Some people are so poor and have been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and belief

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  18. if the chips make his brain even faster he’ll take a minute each words

  19. Mustafa Ege Candar

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  42. yusuf jaihoon

    poverty will not go away, the same like rich, middle class and poor. something should go wrong in this world, in order to realize the Difference between levels, unfortunatly but true

  43. @Cat nah you’re dumb af if everyone became entrepeneurs civilitation would flourish

  44. Hitter_pullgameGod

    @Narrafields Australia they don’t teach it in schools because they don’t want Society to grow and succeed

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