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I'm back with another awesome side hustle that you can start for Free. Earn $800 Copying and Pasting Free Images Online. This is a great way to make money online from home!

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This is a make money online method that works in 2023.

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44 thoughts on “Earn $800/ Month For FREE – Copy & Pasting Images”
  1. I’m back with another solid side hustle – smash the like button & save this video. Then come back and share your results below because I really believe in this method!

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. This strategy is so new to me and I love it. I’ve been wanting to start at at the store and this is the waited to it. The wall art concept is great. Much appreciation. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and healthy❤️😍👍

  3. Hi Liam thank you for the video. Just a heads up the sources you mentioned after researching don’t allow you to resell eventhough the images are free to use. You can modify and make them original and then resell, but you can’t post them as is on your selling platforms. All, be sure to check the license page and ensure you are able to resell before using. I found a few that you can resell after doing a bit of research however.
    Happy selling guys.

  4. Hi Liam, really enjoyed the video. Would you be able to make a video covering Esty and Printful charges as well as taxes for selling items to certain parts of the world? These are the parts I seem to struggle with. Thanks!

  5. I did a video recently 10 print on demands tips to help you succeed. I cover all of this

  6. Just a tip I heard about using frames: Don’t. Frames might get crooked via print process. Avoid the headache. Good luck everyone!

  7. hεllο ωhατsαρρ πυmβεr⬆️🆙🆙⬆️🆙..

  8. This is the best video I’ve watched that explains perfectly how to make money online. Definitely recommend Using *Daily web earn*

  9. I am a broke azz guy, okay not really broke but jobless and travel and EVERY extra dollar I make on the side or from YouTube videos I invest 75% of it and figure out the rest. Once we realise what really is important to us and what is just for the “Moment” life does get cheaper and honestly better thanks to Using *Daily web earn* though

  10. Liam- I am loving this content and I am setting up my store now. Just wondering what extension you used that allowed you to see how much X&Y were making on Z prints etc. Thank you so much for an excellent and super comprehensive tutorial!

  11. Just so you know, a work in public domain can be used any way as long as one does not take credit for creating the work. If you want to do that you must transform the image such that it becomes a different work of art.

  12. @New Identity Marketing good luck and if you don’t mind can you keep me updated?

  13. It is an excellent and super comprehensive tutorial! The wall art concept is great. Than you for this wonderful tutorial.

  14. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  15. Hi Liam, unreal content this fella and I’m learning a lot by watching your videos so thank you for that. I’m wondering if there’s any platform I can use to get music or sport related images from because that’s where I feel I’d be able to sell more images as that’s two topics I can relate to a lot more. Any advice would be great fully appreciated.

  16. Hi mate. the price of the print you showed on the site is 5 pounds. but it is 10-12 pounds with the shipping price. When calculating in the video, you calculated only with the price of the product. And if it was sold for 15 pounds like this, you would have made a loss. Could you please explain this situation. Thank you.

  17. the ETSY site does not accept registration for payment in Brazil, how can I solve this, since I don’t know anyone outside Brazil?

  18. Do you recommend having multiple etsy shops of I will sell multiple products say candles, and this image idea.

  19. Is printfull better than printify? I can imagine having to keep paying subscription to stay on printify which is fine I guess but not knowing what could happen after you’ve started getting paid for your products just makes me feel like I’m on the edge. Is there a way you can keep track of every transaction of your selling product/image

  20. What is the recommended largest size to make available for the customer ? I’m concerned about the clear quality of the picture.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful video….I have incurred so much losses trading on my own….I trade well on demo but I think the real market is manipulated…. Can anyone help me out or at least tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  22. Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade

  23. Wow I’m just shock you mentioned and recommended Expert Mr Nicholas,I thought I’m the only trading with him


  25. Here in Texas Expert Mr Nicholas carries out the both orientation and mentorship


  26. I stumbled upon one of he’s clients testimonies and decided to try him out…I’m Expecting my third cashout in 2days

  27. This is a great concept that I’m definitely trying! But what is not mentioned is that when you join the printful website, you have to input money or a payment method in order for the orders to go through. You can add your bank card or set up a manual deposit with their printful wallet link.

  28. I think the buyers are paying for shipment. Etsy displays shipping costs, if printful is connected to Etsy I guess the correct shipping price is displayed. Not sure, but that’s my guess.

  29. @New Identity Marketing Hi any updates about the sales? Can you tell me your store?

  30. that’s a cease and desist waiting to happen… i don’t advise you pursue using the likeness of any athlete / celebrity

  31. Good video – the problem with selling on etsy nowadays is that its just too saturated. Too many people doing it which makes it harder to stand out and generate any revenue. From my own experience its still best to grow your own business organically, make networks, get yourself out there, knock on doors etc. Still have a presence on etsy, but dont expect it to make you substantial money.

  32. @Liam James Kay public domain images yes but not Pixabay images

    The Pixabay License does not allow:

    Sale or distribution of Content as digital Content or as digital wallpapers (such as on stock media websites or as NFTs);

    Sale or distribution of Content e.g. as a posters, digital prints, music files or physical products, without adding any additional elements or otherwise adding value

    Depiction of identifiable persons in an offensive, pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or libelous way; or

    Any suggestion that there is an endorsement of products and services by depicted persons, brands, vocalists and organisations, unless permission was granted.

  33. @John Bywaters yeah Pixabay changed their terms I think but to add value you can just add a filter or text etc

  34. @Liam James Kay Hello, Please I’d like to know 🙏. Who is responsible for the refund if the customer don’t like the product please 🙏🙏🙏. ?

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