COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners

Steps to passive income online

Watch my beginner friendly tutorial to create a Shopify online store!

This is my updated tutorial for those of you creating your store for 2022.

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Store Preview – 0:00
Step 1: Claim Your FREE Shopify 14-Day Trial – 4:53
Step 2: Install The FREE Shopify Theme (Simple) – 7:27
Step 3: Create Product Collections – 10:57
Step 4: Add & Edit Simple Product Pages – 11:55
Step 5: Add & Edit Product Pages With Variations – 19:57
Step 6: Create An About Us Page – 26:26
Step 7: Create An Contact Us Page – 28:12
Step 8: Setup Payment Processors (Shopify Payments & PayPal) – 29:15
Step 9: Create & Add Legal Pages – 35:51
Step 10: Add Footer & Navigational Menus – 43:07
Step 11: Add Shipping Options – 46:29
Step 12: Customize Store Design & Homepage – 51:59
Step 13: Choose Your Shopify Plan – 1:06:44
Step 14: Add A Custom Domain URL – 1:09:31
Step 15: Remove Your Store Password & Send Your Store LIVE! – 1:12:19

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3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way 💪👊

On this channel, we discuss all topics for ecommerce business owners (with a sprinkle of motivation thrown in too)!

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36 thoughts on “COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners”

  1. Hannah Armstrong

    Sarah thank you so very much for all the work and effort you put into this! Your information and insight is always extremely valuable, and through watching your videos I have learned so much, and also been able to build my print on demand business. Thank you!!

  2. David Burkinshaw

    This is a great step by step (or should I say stip by stip?) video. So easy to follow and understand. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher.

  3. Thank you for your effort with all of your videos giving excellent advice. As a result I’ve set up a store. However, what did not occur to me is how to get people through the doors. This is a massively important step. I’ve read up on SEO . There are also many offers from so called experts who help you generate keywords etc; It’s a minefield. Would you give us some advice on this extremely important step please? Roy from the U.K.

  4. Shirley's Journey

    If only you knew how much I needed to find your tutorial. I have had such a hard time trying to figure out how to open my Shopify store and I’ve watched so many videos that I prayed and asked God to lead me to the right video so that I could design my store and that day when I got back on Youtube for the thousand time, Lol, i saw your video. What a great instructional video! Great job and God bless you.

  5. Leona Mathews

    Sarah, thank you so much for the awesome information! You’re so fun to watch! I brought my laptop in front of my TV and built out my store step by step. BUT!!!! Once we are live, how do we direct traffic to our site? Should we advertise of social media? PLEASE HELP!

  6. Jeremy Marton

    I have only recently started my ecommerce journey, and I have only just discovered you! I’ve already watched tonnes of your videos, and your simple approach and comprehensive tips make this huge E-universe so much less intimidating. Also, your personality is really relatable, which is becoming increasingly rare on the net. Keep up the good work! On another note; have you noticed that whenever an American celebrity ‘attempts’ to do an Aussie accent, it sounds New Zealand? Thanks again Sarah, from Jeremy, from across the pond.

  7. The Blossom Fashion

    Are u in need of freelancer or a dropshipper.
    I am a professional digital marketer, website developer and social media marketer.

  8. The Blossom Fashion

    Are u in need of freelancer or a dropshipper.
    I am a professional digital marketer, website developer and social media marketer.

  9. I REALLY appreciate the link. I’m trying to follow you step by step as I was born long before the computer 😄

  10. This is a great video; you’ll learn a lot, especially if you are new to Shopify. Your knowledge and insights are incredibly useful. Your step-by-step instructions make your tutorial easy to understand and follow. Thank you for making this video.

  11. Gabriela Tuma

    I love all your videos, and this one in particular with the step-by-step of setting up a Shopify store is so helpful. Thank you for sharing the ” Simple” theme! I do have a question on how you calculate your shipping costs? with Print on Demand such as Printful and Printify the shipping cost per item is so high… so you calculate it into your cost and offer free shipping? I really appreciate all your insight.

  12. YOU just earned yourself a lifetime subscriber. My crazy pregnancy slowed me down in starting my embroidery business that I invested over $20,000 dollars on and I followed your entire vid step by step and literally cried when I saw the finished result of my site. Like I just don’t know how much to thank you. Not only was your video so helpful, but I feel like we became besties because of your awesome personality 🤣 keep up the great work. You are literally the only one who helped me with my Shopify after all my frustration, lots of love your way ♥️♥️♥️

    PS- That’s so funny how I couldn’t find the simple theme. But just now saw it in your comments after I finally finished my Shopify! Hahaha. But mine still came out amazingg yay!

  13. Just wonderful, Sarah! You’re an amazing teacher! Love the branding btw!!! Big thanks!

  14. Don't Worry Be Happy : )

    Your videos are awesome!… I hope things are going well.Thank you for the videos but I’ve been working on my drop shipping store for 3 years now and have not produced enough money to pay for itself many years over. I thought after all of the courses and videos that I could get it figured out but I couldn’t. Have exhausted all of my savings hoping that the next course or video was going to be the thing that helped boosted my sales for a down payment on a home (which is the reason I started in this business). My savings are gone and all I can do is hope that somebody is interested in purchasing my 3 yr old store. Do you know how I might be able to sell my store to hopefully recoup some of the money that I’ve spent?
    As much time and money as I’ve put into this project I truly thought I could get it figured out but I just couldn’t. I hope whoever owns my store next treats it well because I did put a lot of time and money into it.

    I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get this figured out. This project has drained my hope in drop shipping.

  15. Alejandra Teran

    Great tutorial! You are a great teacher. Thanks for the valuable content

  16. Elana Cornelia Willmers

    😁 Hi Sarah
    i would really like to say thank you so much, because of this step-by-step i could finally finish setting up my store.
    i am really thankful for all your YouTube videos they help me a lot.

  17. Ethan Briggs

    Just wanted to say I love your accent, I live in Australia but most of my family are from there and also wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  18. Ellen Hanney-Saligumba

    Hi Sarah, now that Oberlo has been deactivated by Shopify, I am curious to see an update on other dropshipping apps that you use in ace.

  19. JannatiShop

    i can’t find out that theme simple. Is it still available ? I tried several times, what should i do now?

  20. Sarah, quick question: if you create a Shopify store to start selling items from AliExpress, are you able to also link the Shopify shop to other sites (examples: printify, Etsy, RedBubble, etc)?? By linking, I don’t mean add these other stores URLs in the Shopify somewhere, I mean connecting them so you can use Shopify to sell the items from those other stores 😊

  21. Simone Peters

    Hi Sarah I couldn’t find the Simple theme even though I tried the link you gave? Have they discontinued that theme, perhaps? Cheers

  22. Jessica Nicole

    You changed the title to say 2023, but the Simple theme isn’t available in 2023.

  23. Cancer Moon Child F

    This was a great video! Your step-by-step tutorial is exactly what I needed since I am not very computer savvy. thank you!!

  24. A Wellspring of Worksheets

    Hey Sarah, I have a question for you. First of all, I’m just starting out. I’ve created some images for a few t-shirts in Canva and saved them at 3x like you recommend. I’ve been able to upload a few onto Printify, but I’m having difficulty uploading others. Printify is telling me that the file size is too large. I’ve tried to compress the size using Tiny png and resizing with Paint but both are telling me the file size is too big. One image in particular has an image I created from DALL-E (after watching one of your videos!) and some text and another has a photo image and some text. I think I remember you saying in one of your videos what you use to make your images smaller but I’ve watched so many of them that I can’t remember which one it was! Can you offer some insights to help me out please?

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