But, How do you actually SELL Digital Products?!?

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I hear you, I HEAR YOU, you wanna know how to actually sell digital products, like how do you put them in a store and sell them?
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How do people buy them? How do you deliver them? I've got you, no worries! In this video, let's chat about how to actually SELL digital products.

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29 thoughts on “But, How do you actually SELL Digital Products?!?”

  1. Love this! Thank you, Jessica! Can’t wait for the next video on this! ❤️

  2. Tami Cheyne

    This was very helpful! I’m not technical so providing options to ‘hire it out’ and then make money from it that is super helpful. I would like to know from the point of view of if you knew nothing at all, how to launch it. If you could do a video as someone who knew nothing and used Any task to create a product for you and then how you sold that product from start to finish would be super helpful.

  3. Dr. Jessica Louie - Burnout, Financial Freedom, Pharmacist

    Great walkthrough Jessica! I use my WordPress, Teachable and Etsy to sell digital products. Each one has its pro/cons and once you learn how to do it once, it will be a skillset you can continue to use for years to come!

  4. When Birdies Fly

    Thank you for this free information/education! I always look forward to your videos as you explain things so well and thoroughly. Love your enthusiasm and humor, too! Can’t wait for future videos on this topic! 😊

  5. Etsy suspended my store 2 days after I opened it with no reason given. I’m certain nothing is trademarked or had a copywrite because everything is 100% mine. And I did my research. It’s unacceptable to me that there is zero support. I contacted them and just got an email saying they will need time to look into it. What the? Research what? How can they suspend it and not know why? I put weeks of work and planning just for them to suspend with no reason. With no reason given there is no way to fix it. If this was my only income I’d be completely screwed. Anyway if anyone made it this far be cautious with Etsy… Yes, I checked my spam folder no email what so ever from them.

  6. I was so intrigued when I saw you were going to cover this topic.

    Firstly… really comprehensive breakdown as to how you set the product up so that you can sell it. I think those who are overwhelmed [spotted a few comments below] are probably feeling that way because they haven’t dabbled with the systems yet, so it was a bit for them to take in – but once they pick a platform + rewatch the section of the video… they will be totally fine.

    My question is actually from the other side of selling…
    I was really curious to hear how you sold your products.
    Let me explain…

    What I’m sensing from the video – is that if someone doesn’t have systems / foot traffic – then the best approach is Etsy / Creative Market – as there is “foot traffic” – people are already on the platform.

    I don’t feel like my offers are the best approach for those platforms, plus I’ve already gone and set it up on my own website. BUT… I currently don’t have the biggest [or most engaged] audience – and haven’t had a lot of sales of my goods from them before [only one or two products sold].

    So I’m wondering…
    How do you SELL the products you’ve listed – without an audience?
    If I look at your model – I’m guessing the focus is on content [blog + youtube] – with a free opt-in [so that you build up a more engaged audience], and then nurture sequence + sale? But in one of the other videos I think I heard you mention a SLO – and wondered if you thought that was a good option [also been a little burnt by the facebook ad] – but like the idea of someone investing a [tiny] bit to get on a more “inner circle” type list… because I don’t know how I feel about having to build up a list of 15,000 just to make 150 sales.

    Sorry for the longer comment – but thought it may help to explain myself properly 😉 lol

  7. Audrey George

    I’ve seen in some other videos that Etsy will sometimes temporarily suspend new shops to ensure they are legitimate. I would contact them and request a review for reinstatement.

  8. @Audrey George I did immediately. They just said they need to research it and that it may take up to a week to get back to me. It could be something as simple as a bug in their system. They offer zero help. I naively assumed they had 24/7 help for sellers but nope. Unless they consider a pre-set email response saying I need to be patient while they look into it as help.

  9. ps Jessica – if you need me to unpack further – would be happy to chat about it

  10. Penny On The Net

    Jessica, Thank you very much for sharing this info. 👍I Love your videos because of the energy and passion that you share in them. 🤩Lately, I find myself going through your past videos to pick up even more info! It is clear that you are talented and know your business. Have a GREAT day! 🌞Can’t wait for the next video!

  11. Chris, an Average Guy Making Money

    I actually didn’t even think about selling on Etsy, even though it totally makes sense for some of the digital products I’ve made. Great idea!

  12. There are several videos, I have seen, recently, that talked about this very thing happening. Etsy will tell you that they are looking into it, but these people went weeks, and even months, without any help, from Etsy. They had no explanation of what they had done wrong, or even how to fix it. I am very hesitant about Etsy. These people were long time sellers, and they had no clue what they did wrong, so what is a new seller supposed to do? These people didn’t get any of the emails, they were supposed to get, either

  13. Tiffani’s Online Collection

    Loving this series. Definitely coming back next quarter when I plan to launch my ebook

  14. Thank you, Jessica. I was always interested in digital products. Now you give me the ideas that I need it.

  15. Tuyết Nhung Nguyễn Thị

    But Annie Dube can resolve copyright strikes by waiting for 90 days to expire, contacting the owner and asking them to retract their complaint, or sending the counter notification.

  16. Suzy Taylor Oakley

    Dude, I have been WAITING for someone to walk me through the options for selling digital products. So far all I’ve done is create but not install and sell. You’ve lit a fire under my butt. Thank you!

  17. JennySellsLockets

    Had mine suspended too with no email. Once I paid my fees due, boom back on. I’d check your charge settings.

  18. Mike Hersee

    You’ve inspired me to finally turn some things I’ve already created into marketable digital products

  19. THE ALPHA ™

    Etsy is a rip-off !! They charge you for advertising that they say helped you, and when you cancel an order they charge you a cancel fee. That’s why so many people have let there platform. A total rip!!!

  20. Reviews By Nitra

    Thank you for sharing! You legit made me feel happier while watching your video. I like your humor, kindness and way of teaching. I lived in NC for 8 years and miss that charm. ✨have a great day!

  21. Advanced Truck Backing

    Liked and subscribed! Thanks for the great info Jessica! I’m a truck driver/trainer with a blog and YT channel. I developed my own teaching methods and concepts, and the feedback from my students has been very positive. I’m creating my first premium video and you answered so many of my questions.

  22. April Kyser

    Hey, Jessica! New to your channel. This video was more about how to deliver a digital product but do you have a video on how to actually sell (market) a digital product? How to actually get money in the door? How to get eyeballs on your offer that turn into conversions?! I have tons of products made and ready to go in my LinkTree. Just not sure how to get ppl to buy. Thanks!

  23. I have been working on starting my digital products business for a couple years. Learning Illustrator, deciding what streams I want to work. Figuring out what sites I want to sell on. Should I start with a weekly blog / merchandise site, gaining email addresses for gathering followers / email campaigning? How will I manage Etsy, redbubble, society 6, spoonflower, etc all at once. Do I save up many items for a big Etsy shop opening to take advantage of Etsy’s free starters ads? Is it worth it? Or should I just start with a single item? I have researched so many things including what I should copyright or trademark. I thought I was doing pretty well. You, however, are bringing up things I haven’t looked into yet. Thank you. I can’t wait to get the last 2 things out of my way, so that I can concentrate on creating.

  24. The Southern Camellia

    I’d like to know too. So many ideas given but no one ever tells you how to market.

  25. Ann-Louise Vigortsson

    Had this video as an open tab for a good while now – but so worth watching! I have a WordPress site, but not much traffic so I don’t think Woocommerce is for me just yet. However, it’s very nice to see the backend of both WordPress and Etsy and how you do the actual listings. Thank you! 🙏

  26. Melis Design Studio

    honestly bingewatching your videos rn , 100% ready to sell my first digital products

  27. Adrienne Mroz

    So where are they going? I still know Etsy to be quite the marketplace so I’m just curious. I’m considering digital products.

  28. Adrienne Mroz

    Hi Jessica! Love your videos (especially your enthusiasm 😀). I’m a Quality professional and would absolutely love to create project planners, Six Sigma templates, etc. but not exactly sure Etsy would be a fit. Would AnyTask be the best space for specialized professionals selling digital products? Also, where can I locate your courses? I’d love to understand how I can actually turn my profession into a digital business and potentially even offer short courses on how to use these templates…

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