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First, learning how to make money with article websites or through writing is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, you’ll find many routes to take in a home based business.

If you want to run an online income site then this is certainly an option. My Internet sites would not have a fraction of the traffic they receive today if not for article marketing.

How to Make Money From Home with an Article Website

People want information and so the best way to keep them coming back is to provide it. When you start an online business that is related enough to writing, information, or some kind of data archives, you will likely want to add the requisite bulk.

That is, you will probably want to do the suggested thing and add, for starters, 300 pages of relevant, spider/search engine-friendly text for your visitors.

The trick is, if you cannot afford a good writer or are not up to writing the pages yourself, to visit a free article website.

Starting an Article Website Using Free Writing Sites

A suggestion, and in most instances a mandatory one, is find the articles from the article website of your choice, copy and paste the complete text of each of the articles, and be sure to include the source box at the end of each of the articles.

The source box typically contains the name of the writer of the article, his or her brief biographical information (including publishing credits, business successes, hallmarks, and awards, for example), and contact information.

This article author box MUST be included, in tact, and the article you “borrow” MUST be left complete.

You may not modify it in any way, must not violate the free article website regulations, standards, or guidelines…regardless of what country you host your website from or what copyright laws you obey.

It is common sense, common courtesy, and common morality that keeps the article website offering hundreds of articles and allows you to continue to get free text to bulk up your site if you can’t won’t or don’t wish to do so yourself. WordPress works well for this as you can schedule your posts to keep updates fluid.

Some of the best article website endeavors include those that offer unlimited access to needful hosts and webmasters. And, at the same time provide a starter venue for writers who need exposure.

These include my starter favorites and those I am still proud to be a contributing writer to. For example, and for the premier article website, check out This is one of the largest (if not THE largest) article website sources contains thousands (if not millions) of articles.

They include everything from sports to health with articles about:

Interested in Writing for Other Websites?

But, what if you want to write articles for your site or even for others? Well, here are some tips for the other side of article web site design.

Article Website Writing

When you visit a website you can’t help but notice the amount of text and content that goes into just one web page.

Many times, the content is not all written by the person who features the site.

She or he purchases articles from provider services or copywriters who specialize in writing text for the  Internet.

These articles should be easy to read and flow uninterrupted throughout, while providing information to the reader. The subjects might include upcoming promotions, new products and services, etc. Or, you might be writing for an e-zine.

Types of Article Writing

Writing article websites for income is not just limited to the Internet, as you know, as there are many types of articles written for magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Writing articles should be fun for the writer. He should not have to struggle to get the words down.

Through writing, these people interject their personality and special areas of interest, in addition to the specified article content.

Organization of key points to be made on the topic of discussion should be written down first and outlined before the actual writing of the article.

Development of a Good Article

The writer should use a comfortable pace by first introducing the subject and defining it to the reader using a simple approach.

Various points on the topic should be made in short paragraphs that don’t overwhelm the reader into not reading the article at all!

The author of this article advises to place the most important text at the beginning when article writing for a website. It needs to grab the attention of the reader and to ensure  they will read the most important part, even if they don’t finish the whole thing.

When writing for article websites, authors should give examples and emphasize the benefits or significance of the product or focus of the article.

The writer should also define any points that may need clarification.

Freelance Article Writing

Writing articles for other websites or blogs is a great way for freelance writers to sell their thoughts and expertise for publication in many different Internet arenas.

Not everyone who manages a website has the time or the talent to provide all of the written content. This is why there is such a demand for good solid text.

Article writing for the Internet provides many people with an outlet to express themselves and interject their personalities into the finished product. It also allows them to learn about many interesting subjects.

Maybe article writing is for you, it sure works for me!

So, you know a little more about article websites and writing. You know something about  making income with an article website too! I hope you will use this as a beginning to catapult your imagination for starting a work at home business.

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