Steps to passive income online

In this video my special guest, Aidan Booth, reveals his super affiliate tips.

He discusses the types of products that pay commissions without sales needing to be made (and why they do it this way).

I chat about my results from testing out his method for myself too.

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Mark Ling

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18 thoughts on “Aidan Booth makes 10k per day doing this! (Super Affiliate Case Study)”
  1. Hey Mark, hope you are having a happy new year! Is there any way I can make sure to get the link for the worship. I noticed it has not been posted in the description and I would hate to miss it. Really looking forward to learning and hearing your insight.

  2. Hey Mark… could that be considered as even a simpler model than profit singularity ultra, maybe a one step further towards less complicated affiliate business model?… thanks

  3. @William Ryan Lots of ad account bans with profit singularity. Same issue with FB, selling nutraceuticals with questionable sales videos.

  4. Hi Mark. Is Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead the same entity?

  5. I would not call it simpler, I’d call it different and complimentary. The profit singularity model can be applied to these offers too. Beware of shiny object syndrome. To me the combination of both approaches is a golden opportunity right now.

  6. @Unicorn Glamor Not a lot of bans relatively speaking. But it is important not to make specific claims in the ads themselves or the landing pages if it’s in the health or wealth niches. Other niches going more specific seems to be ok. The more adspend put through successfully the more rope you get, so I usually recommend people to start with a niche outside of health and get some adspend running first before going into health so that you build up your trust with the algorithm firstly. e.g. You could spend $50 promoting a more basic offer first up, e.g. a water purifier, or a high quality microphone or something. Even if that product doesn’t take off, it’s just a matter of getting all pieces in play, if you run into any issues then it isn’t the product promoted, it’s something else, e.g. have you used a credit card and not a debit card, have you supplied proof of address, etc, are there other factors. There is always a process and a way, and there are several different ways to go about it to get approved and run traffic without issues, just a matter of working through that and then when you are doing well with the spending, you’re away.

  7. Those are different things, but can sometimes be both available as opportunities within the same aff network.

  8. “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” _Napoleon Hill

  9. Hi Mark, I received an email from you the 10k a day workshop. Is that the one can generate leads still get paid even without a sale?

  10. Hi Mark! Thank you for your content. It is really helping me become a better marketer.
    Q: If all the elements responsible for generating good affiliate campaigns results are 100%.
    How much weight in % would you give to copywriting?

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