7 Hottest Internet Marketing Trends from 2020 to 2030

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00;00 – What are the latest marketing trends?

If you keep in mind these 7 trends you will be able to capitalize and grow your business,

here are 7 trends I'm going to talk about:
02:10 – Digital EcoSystems
03:10 – Building Communities
04:29 – Micro Niche Positioning
05:44 – Podcasting
07:20 – In-Depth Videos
09:25 – Google Advertising
10:50 – Alliancing With Influencers

Considering these 7 different trends that I shared with you which trend is more relevant to you and are you going working on to build your presence on the internet.

Please share your comments below.

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20 thoughts on “7 Hottest Internet Marketing Trends from 2020 to 2030”

  1. Dr Thaj Laser Clinic

    In depth videos. That’s my take away 😊😊😊

  2. shefali Bhargava

    Amazingly insightful information …what I learnt is long format video …each and every time I listen to you no matter it’s podcast ,FB or you tube .. on each platform there is something new to learn and absorb …thanks for sharing this

  3. Vikram Business Tech

    Thank you so much siddharth sir . Whenever, I see ,their is a new uploaded video of yours ,I just can’t wait to watch it ,till the end . Either I watch it ,at that time only ,or i download it,so that i don’t have to dependent on the availability of internet, which becomes sometimes difficult in some areas . You have that level of information and impact on us .
    Thank you for all the information. It helps alot to know about the latest trends. Looking forward for the upcoming videos😊

  4. Hey A fantastic data revealed by you which definately helps all the members in the tribe

  5. SheilaBug. Sheilasartworks

    I’m sooo listening and I am challenged now thank you for actually teaching us! I don’t follow just anyone βœ…πŸ€”

  6. Arthe's Rough Note

    I wanna really share this what I decoded and learnt from the starting :
    1. Research information in starting
    2. Creating a eager to listen
    3. Wonderful welcome roll
    4. Start with what we need
    5. Even though recorded do as you do live (ask for comments)
    6. Valuable insights
    6.1 Countable tips
    6.2 tangible results
    6.3 hitting the pain point
    6.4 solution
    7. Including the strategy tips
    8. Innovative CTA

    Now comes the area where I want to improve
    1. building community – it is slow because I am still into narrow down in micro niche positioning
    2. Podcasting – I started but I missed the consistency but again I will start with consistency because of hackathon
    3.long form videos – started and having the goal of 3 videos per week as like you in giving value but looking to places where I can get more research on trends that I can learn and then give truthful content

    3. I am not into ads and alliancing, but will focus on organic reach first and then start considering YouTube and google ads and influencers.

    And as last note I am copying all the comments that I post actually so that I can remind me again on what to do nextπŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  7. Hemant Koranne

    Adequately shared the information on the trend can only be done by @sidz, and that is why I am following you. My take away from the video is the best suitable direction of making lean back contains on youtube and building ecosystem #ilhfamily

  8. Balaji Gorantla

    I see building digital eco-systems and nurturing online communities would go a big way in making a difference, in all forms of education – basic education or customer education or continuous learning. Millennial (My children belong to this group) are already talking on these lines… “During this Pandemic period of five months, I have learnt more relevant, practical and useful information much faster with less effort and less cost online. This is much better than any form of formal education – schools and colleges.” It is time for the formal education businessmen out there to wake up. You got it right, I am referring to schools and colleges, to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

    Next on my priority comes in-depth videos. Yes! I see this happening. I have learnt from my millennials to search in youtube, answers for almost everything. It is making it much easier to find answers. Yes! this will go a long way in influencing education industry.

  9. Snehal Bhende

    Internet Revolution is compounding by the day with diverse digital platforms and the resultant marketing strategies to watch out for. While it all began with the advent of social media amidst Email marketing in the 90’s , followed by the Rise of Social media between 2000-2010, the internet world has yet again taken a plunge towards embracing the new wave of evolution that extend beyond the prototypes of Facebook and Instagram. The contemporary digital space is increasingly being dominated by novelty in approach, which must be mustered by all the aspiring digital entrepreneurs to keep ahead of the curve. It would be foolhardy to ignore the individual relevance pertaining to each of these trends as the market evolves further and redefines it’s dynamic needs. That said, enunciated below are my learning’s of the hottest internet marketing trends –
    1) Digital Ecosystems – The rapid Digitalization of business interfaces, has led both the large and small-scale companies to re-define their online presence by building their businesses around independent digital ecosystems. With a majority of product researches,brand searches and customer transactions taking place at the click of a button over mobile phones and other portable devices, entrepreneurs are left with no choice but to build a strong online presence. Lack of your brand searchability online could imply opportunity cost in terms of lost sale. Hence, it is inevitable to have a digital brand presence.
    2) Micro-niche positioning – Customers demand specialists to solve their problems and not generalists. It’s like not every doctor can perform a heart surgery, but for a heart specialist surgeon. There is a market for specialization associated with immense value and returns. To be a successful digital entrepreneur, you cannot afford to be just one of the many, but carve a specific niche for your personal positioning. Undeniably, this is one of the most relevant trend’s that requires deep research and self-introspection prior to positioning.
    3) Building communities/Tribe – Most successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs etc believed in building a cult-like culture within their business communities. Tribe nurturing can begin at the very nascent stage’s of lead flow management, even before the target audience enters into the Webinar sales system and continues to strengthen right after sale. It ensures long-term customer engagement and immense brand loyalty contributing to the scalability of the business.
    4) Podcasting – Pod-casters are known to form deeper more meaningful connections with their TG and are likely to attract a global audience. This is an excellent strategy specifically when your target audience is working population.So, they can listen to the podcasts at their discretion even when they are travelling or during their downtime. Also, there is a deeper psychology that explains the success of Podcasts. While only one of our sensory organs related to hearing is active while listening to podcasts, attentive and cautious listening is possible without any visual distractions.
    5) In-depth Long format Videos – More than the width, the new-age customers are genuinely interested in acquiring the depth of knowledge. The Content marketing strategy and the choice of digital platform matters a lot when you want to impart in-depth content to the audiences. It all depends on whether you are promoting the lean forward or lean backward content. The lean forward content pertains to 2 mins or less videos/stills on FB/Instagram usually promoting the lifestyle products, while the lean backward content is hosted on You-tube and is minimum 10 mins or more in duration, depending on the depth of the knowledge that needs to be covered. Furthermore, You-tube is the second highest search engine in the world, bearing obvious implications for all the aspiring digital entrepreneurs to have their content aired on You-tube and redirect the potential customers from there into the landing pages of your sales funnel.
    6) Google Advertising – With over 75% of the search market share, Google qualifies to be the highest search engine in the world. It is a platform for the most proactive leads engaging in genuine searches for authentic products and services. That said, it is a no-brainer to invest in google ads to capture the most authentic leads for their demand fulfillment. However, a lot also depends on your investments in Search Engine Optimizations at regular intervals to qualify in the top 3 to 5 list of searches, unless you happen to be a market leader. Therefore, most campaigns usually run on a budget split between google and Facebook/Instagram ads, wherein the latter servers as a source of demand generation.
    7) Alliancing with the influencers – The current scenario is indicative of many influencers working with Influencer Marketing Agencies and Google to find collaborations. Tie-ups with the influencers is considered as one of the ways to enhance outreach. Bearing this sentiment in mind and to increase traffic generation, even Amazon has recently announced an open invitation for lifestyle influencer’s and bloggers to tie-up with them. However, my limited marketing experience till date suggests that influencers predominantly help in increasing the brand-awareness than authentic lead generation or conversions. Moreover, the quality and type of influencers we explore in keeping with their target audience becomes typically more relevant in the game.
    Thanks to Mr. Rajsekar, for incessantly providing us with a daily dose of his state of the art knowledge. This would surely go a long way into building our foundation and character as future digital leaders.
    Thanks and Warm regards,
    Snehal Bhende

  10. #ILH family, Thanks🌹🌹🌹 very useful information and in depth view on internet or digital revolution πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  11. Edupreneur Hub: Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

    Amazing as always πŸ‘Œ. Crisp, clear , informative and focused!

  12. Dr. SANEESH C.S.

    1. building communities
    2. micro-niche positioning
    3. in-depth videos


    Amazing and super duper information

    My takeaway is follows
    – podcasting
    – Micro niche positioning
    – Building communities
    – In depth video of the content

  14. Thank You Very Much! It is very insightful and will help to grow my career ahead! These are extremely powerful and Thank You Very Much to understand the waves of Marketing 😊 Although, I am Journalist and Writer by Profession but I am definitely gonna do these to promote mine ahead! THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ,πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

  15. Long Form Videos.. Love n blessings to create a new era teachers/ coaches..Gratitude to be part of Comminity

  16. Anita slathia

    A well-researched video, with a thorough understanding of the content. It is so well structured in a way that the idea could be easily understood by the audience like us who are new to the world of videos and online content .Great job done.

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