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Check out these 5 Online Marketing Strategies for beauty businesses. I get asked all the time to share my marketing strategies for beauty businesses since I've been in this industry and online for almost 17 years. Here are 5 of them I want to share with you.

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36 thoughts on “5 Online Marketing Strategies For Beauty Businesses”
  1. Just found this video and I’m so happy I did, it definitely helped me get a little bit more focused on the best ways to look at marketing myself! thank you!

  2. So true! I’ve owned a salon for over 22 years and built a web site and many, many relationships long before Social Media. I am booked solid & hiring my student interns. “Likes & followers do not =$” is so on point. We don’t live online, it’s just a tool.

  3. i REALLY liked this presentation. I especially like the PROFESSIONAL way you presented it. Thank you so much for leaving out all the blah blah blah’s and simply getting to the point. This is really good , sound, solid experience you shrae. thank you again and I am going to watch more of you !

  4. I’m a new entrepreneur so I definitely needed to hear this because I started to get discouraged

  5. Thank you for this. Yes build relationships so important. Stop chasing sales.

  6. Thank you for your support! We will be happy to let Marquetta know. — Team Marquetta

  7. I watched this video maybe like a year ago when I was trying to rush and start a business. here I am a year later and I’ve finally started my own cosmetic line! Thank you for this !!

  8. Hi, That’s great news. Keep up the good work! Thanks for your support!

  9. LOVE this, I could share some of our own failures after chasing clients when we shouldn’t have, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Thank you Marquetta. All what you said is very wise and so many business owners and entrepreneurs need to understand this. I come from the same industry as yours and I am always working to educate my clients about it. BUILDING A LOYAL AUDIENCE takes a lot of effort and time.

  11. Hi! I have been a stylist for 25 years! I just left the salon I’ve worked at for 15 yrs to open my own salon suite. I took this step in a town about 25 miles from my old salon. I plan to open my own salon in the future and this seemed like a logical and safe step. This has by far been the hardest point of my career. I kept the majority of my clients, however, I went from fully booked to a rebuild! I literally spent most of today crying! Thank you for this video. I am now going to put these practices into play and continue to learn all I can from you! God bless you, I needed this today!

  12. Hi Kelly, Keep your eye on the prize and keep pushing forward. We wish you the very best on your continued journey! You got this!! — Team Marquetta

  13. This is simply amazing ! I just learned so much in less than 10 min. I feel soo lost trying to make my business work and I felt these were some great tips

    Thank you!

  14. Hey girl! Im actually a professional digital marketer. I want to see what makeup business owners are having trouble with so that I can make a YouTube video. Is it OK that you share exactly what you were having trouble with in growing your makeup business please?

  15. I relaunched my cosmetic line 5 months ago, rebranded and everything one reason being this video! Thank you for the extra motivation💖 I’m still learning how to better market my brand on Instagram, and I’m enjoying the process!

  16. Loved this video. Short and straight to the heart of marketing issues. I wished the advertisement companies would lay off on how manny adds they shove in this video…but her video itself was fantastic. Thank you:)

  17. @Joshua Gill – Bossnation Academy i want to learn about digital marketing …kindly email me

  18. That’s my motto. Just did an interview and I let the guy know everything grew based on my client’s experience with me.

  19. @Paul Muchiri paul, reach out to me on my facebook fanpage. You can find it within my YouTube about section. Thanks!

  20. This was really helpful. I’ve been having difficulty selling online and I feel discouraged but now I’ve realised what am not doing right. Thank you

  21. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I’ve never been involved in online sales. I really believe in the company and the products I’ve joined up with. This really helped with a good foundation to start dipping my toe in the water. ❤️

  22. I needed this info! Thank you! Short, yet descriptive and straight to the point!

  23. Wonderful advice ❤️ I am just starting my business and I am so open to receiving advice and this is solid. Building a relationship is so important and also providing content thats more than sale driven

  24. Thank you so much for this content! I thought you just only need a business plan and that’s it, you’ll have a chance to succeed in your start-up business. Thank you for this!

  25. I watch this video last year on April when I started my Beauty Business, I watch it again today and know understand how to start my business, and patience is the key and getting a relationship with your customers is very important I’m so glad I ran into this video again. Thank you for providing this information I’m going to share this with my team to help them be successful as well.

  26. You’re so well put together. A true professional. I love your videos! No wonder you’re doing so well. Great job!

  27. I’m starting my business and I need this but I am at the point of being discouraged

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