COPY THIS $3000/Week Affiliate Marketing Trick For BEGINNERS In 2022!

Steps to passive income online

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0:00 – $3000 Per Week Breakdown
0:50 – STEP 1
02:53 – STEP 2
06:54 – STEP 3
09:30 – STEP 4
18:14 – STEP 5



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55 thoughts on “COPY THIS $3000/Week Affiliate Marketing Trick For BEGINNERS In 2022!”

  1. PHRA¥ADONเลอ้อน

    Love the concept of affiliate marketing but I don’t think that when you switch to affiliate marketing as your main income it will stay as a passive income . That’s the goal but it’s so hard.

  2. Juan Wilson

    Biggest takeaways I get from your videos are never give up, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and to be creative with promos. Thank you.

  3. Let's Make Money

    As long as you keep going, you’ll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success.

  4. Lindsey carpenter

    you have the best video tutorials! thank you for making these videos so easy to follow!

  5. Wisdom Speaks

    Thanks for the feedback, we’re happy you found them helpful. We’re always excited to hear of ways to improve our content !

  6. Stephen Norris

    Also, remember to plan ahead. If you want to keep it under 30 seconds you might not want to have 34 tips to squeeze into 30 seconds.

  7. urfavoritedrillpage

    Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  8. mercedita bobis

    Truly you are full of wisdom who valued people to have passive income, more power to you. Am a subscriber who followed you in your success. Never get tired sharing ideas who needed it the most.👏

  9. Armando Leles

    Absolutely right, that was going to be my question. Thank you for mentioning that

  10. sefanaia vivi


  11. 🆆hatsapp┼⓵⓺⓵⓻⓻⓸⓸⓽⓶⓼⓵

    Let’s talk now ♥️❤️♥️

  12. Armando Leles

    First off all I would like to thank you for your relentless efforts and willingness to provide the would with important tools. You have no idea how many families will put food on their tables, send their kids to school and gain freedom from financial burden. keep it up you have nothing to loose as the universe it shelf is fair. – My only question in this whole video is, did you added your affiliate link to the video; I missed that moment.
    Thank you

  13. Armando Leles

    Hi, I sent in my inquiries about connecting affiliate link to the video edited on canva but my understanding is that the boy has no time to get back to every question as the’re thousands of them. can you assist me? all I want to know is, if I have to add my affiliate link to the video. Thank you

  14. Malachi Mua

    Now that the title is actually 34WAYS…what can I do so that the video reflects the title? Thanks

  15. Blake Broadway

    Please don’t take this down I received so much info from this video and I need to listen to it a few more times to digest

  16. Riccardo Brambilla

    Heard someone say the best season for a financial breakthrough is now, especially with inflation running at a four-decade high, I have approximately $250k stagnant in my portfolio that needs growth. What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?

  17. Having a coach is key in a volatile markt, My advise is “Julie Christine Rush” You can easily look her up, she has years of financial market experience.

  18. Riccardo Brambilla

    @Jean Tomas Thank you for this amazing tip. I verified her and booked a call session with her. She seems Proficient.

  19. Dr. Linda Likely

    Best video I have watched from someone that explains affiliate marketing for beginners. You have helped me so much! Thanks!

  20. Juul Van der marel

    Hi, is it possible to still promote the product when it says”this offer is only allowed in the us”, and do I need to fill in the form about taxes because I live in The Netherlands? 🙂

  21. Christopher Williams

    Great video Bro, I appreciate the direct information with clear steps… Thx🏆

  22. Quantum Optimist

    You must be consistent and post your video every day until you start to see results.

  23. Emily Wilson

    I have literally watched hundreds of affiliate marketing videos and this is by far the best most informative one I’ve seen! Thank you so much for taking your time to show step-by-step what to do

  24. Lorela's Inner Thoughts

    Great video! I put “Other” as the publisher type instead of website/incent, does that really matter?

  25. Janice Giesinger

    Hey Armando…You know how he puts in his video: ‘Click the Link in the Bio for the fastest Way to Make Money Online’?
    In his Bio, he has a link to his Beacon page, where you can have several links to different offers. You can also use LinkTree for this. If you have a website, then you would put your website URL in the bio. But NEVER just put your affiliate link in your bio. It will get your account banned.
    Watch Step 5 in the video, starting at the 18:15 minute point.
    Hope that helps!

  26. Janice Giesinger

    @Armando Leles I replied to your other comment and explained the process to you, there 🙂

  27. Will Khalifa

    He’s not gonna tell you that part smh. By following all of his steps all your gonna have is a good edit video and an affiliate the rest is up to you. You can’t post your link in tik tok bc you need a business account with 1000plus followers before you can post your link

  28. Will Khalifa

    He doesn’t show us where to post our affiliate link nor does he tells us we have to create a businesses w 1000plus followers before we’re able to post our affiliate link. Yeah dude very clear steps fs….

  29. Will Khalifa

    That’s what it seems like huh? Do everything he does in the video and post your video on tik tok. Then come talk to me🤣

  30. Janice Giesinger

    @Yarikska Thank you! I’m glad you found my comment helpful! I actually have an online business and a different YT Channel. I just don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, with respect to the owner of the channel we’re chatting on.

  31. 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕤𝔸𝕡𝕡+①②②④③⑧④③⑨⑦⑦

    Hit me  up for  more guidance ………📊

  32. Fathom Sound

    Truly appreciating the step-by-step processes in your videos! Thank you!

    Clicking your link in bio to learn “the fastest way to make money” and being lead to, “enter my email for a chance to win a gift card” would scream “scam” to me. Perhaps this example could be tweaked? Or does this seriously still work just fine?

    Have you mentioned many affiliate programs to start with if we’re starting a fresh new blog (most affiliates want an established site, no?)? If you already have, could you link me to your video, please?

    A million thanks!

  33. Relentless Path

    Dre, awesome video man!!! I’m new to this space, thanks to you I’m learning a lot. I wanted to ask about the links in someone’s bio, is that link supposed to be for a specific video or can the marketer include several different links, one of each product/offer they are trying to promote? It seems like you wouldn’t have a link for each offer then your bio would be filled with hundreds of links eventually right?

  34. needed this 19 and have a kid on the way trying to get my money right so i can be a good father

  35. Whats App What s app+①⑨⓪③②①⑨⑧②④⑤

    Hello…..🎉🎉🎉🎉 thanks for your comment DM I got something for you⚓⚓☎️☎️…….

  36. @Will Khalifa bro all the people in the comment section is acting like NPCs

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