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Are you wanting to convert local residents into customers? If so, tune in for 25 tips on local online marketing for small business in order to increase your sales!


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Local businesses have a unique opportunity to convert local residents into customers via online tools. 

If you apply a generic digital marketing strategy to your brick and mortar model, you may not see the results you want! 

So today, I’m sharing 25 tips that are specifically geared towards local online marketing for small business.

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Tip #1: Optimize Your Instagram Bio (0:52)
Tip #2: Add Or Claim Your Business Listing On Apple Maps (1:54)
Tip #3: Set Up Your Google My Business Profile (2:43)
Tip #4: Post In Facebook Neighborhoods (3:22)
Tip #5: Local Facebook Groups (4:19)
Tip #6: Local Keyword-Based Blogs (5:44)
Tip #7: Local Keyword-Based PPC (6:30)
Tip #8: Create A Locally-Related Lead Magnet (7:26)
Tip #9: Run A Giveaway With Local Incentive To Enter (8:06)
Tip #10: Facebook Marketplace Ads (9:11)
Tip #11: Solicit Positive Google Reviews (10:13)
Tip #12: Get Listed On Any Local Directories (11:38)
Tip #13: Run Local Facebook Ads (12:16)
Tip #14: Incentivized Referral Program (12:52)
Tip #15: Keep Your Website Updated (13:43)
Tip #16: Turn Your Instagram Feed Into An “Instagram Shop” (14:55)
Tip #17: Create Facebook Marketplace Organic Listings (15:42)
Tip #18: Post Your #SmallBusinessCheck Short Videos (16:16)
Tip #19: Post YouTube Videos (17:08)
Tip #20: Go Live (17:50)
Tip #21: Identify Any Local Influencers You Can Partner With (18:36)
Tip #22: Set Up Automated Email Marketing (19:23)
Tip #23: SMS Marketing (20:10)
Tip #24: Respond To All Comments, Messages And Reviews (20:38)
Tip #25: Claim Your Yelp Listing (21:07)

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  1. I loved this list, it could be used for online business as well or have some video for online business only. Thanks for the help ✨👍🏼

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  3. Hey, lovely video!!

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  6. 10 out of 10! Wow, such a gr8 video ..Gr8 ideas!!! Never thought of them!!!

  7. Brandi, thank you so much for making this video! I’m about to watch it for the 2nd time. You shared so much information and have answered about 50 of the questions I have. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

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