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Want to make $10,000 in the next 90 days?! An online course is a GREAT way to do that, so in today's free training, let's talk about how to make $10k in 90 Days with Your First (or first successful) online course!

29 thoughts on “Make $10k in 90 Days with an Online Course”

  1. Jeniffer Kiarie

    My question is, how do I popularize my course when I have a small audience?

  2. I’m saving up to purchase your course.
    I love how you simplify topics and ideas.

  3. Jennifer Dunn - Holistic Nutritionist

    I just discovered your channel this week. I have been loving your content. It has helped me so much with knowing how to grow my YouTube channel and my health coaching business. Thank you thank you thank you! I love that you are southern too!

  4. BusinessBuddha

    Exactly what I needed, thank you!! I can also recommend the newest video from Peter Cornfield – Teachable Tutorial 2022, great for beginners – like I am. 😄Thank you for sharing so much! I think your authenticity is what really hooks people! 🙂

  5. Phantom Valentine

    Might be a dumb question but what if our interest isn’t necessarily teaching people? What if we just want to sell products? Is it generally a good thing to also provide a service first before selling products? I’m pretty new to this channel so maybe I missed something.

  6. Jillian Ferraro

    This was great! I can’t buy the course yet but hopefully will be able to soon!

  7. Uncle Jo's Farm

    I’ve been making content about gardening and chicken keeping which I looooove. But I have a hard time wrapping my head around making a course when I don’t feel anywhere close to being an expert. I’m just learning along the way and doing tons of things for the first time. If I don’t feel like I’m in a place to teach a course, should I just focus on my content (and building an audience) for a long while before I contemplate making a course?

  8. Tara In Montana

    Ah dang I’ve just found your channel! I’m bummed I didn’t get to see this webinar live. I would have loved to get those exclusive bonuses!

  9. Helen Gomez

    You’ve done an absolute top notch job on this. Very informative! I started watching your videos earlier last year as a beginner before giving stocks a trial and I’ve been able to scale from $220K to $880K, I did get an advisor for supervision and accountability as you recommended.Thank you Jessica !

  10. Helen Gomez

    well about 50% of my portfolio profit was from TSLA, GME and NIO, my FA was able to get me in early on most of these stocks and I exited just at the right time, her analysis was really on point.

  11. Halona Anakin

    Please do you mind leaving me your financial advisor’s info? or preferably i can also leave you mine if that suits you better…

  12. Helen Gomez

    Sure! She goes by Donna Jean Boyette , you can search her up on the internet where you can get necessary info about her and as well to connect with her

  13. Halona Anakin

    Thanks for sharing ! I just looked her up on google and she’s a licensed broker her resume is pretty impressive , I left a mail after going through her credentials. I’m really willing to make consultations to improve my portfolio.

  14. LOVE your helpful vids and of course I subscribe 😀I have one question for you or anyone. When you make a printable PDF in Canva & copy that link (after downloading) It shows Anyone can see this link without signing in; is that correct? or should it be the choice of limited or only with sign in or something else? I’m stuck on that part if I’m selling my pintable’s. Thank you so much everyone!

  15. I want to make a course. I had no idea you could do that with no following and I thought it was for the big dogs. AWESOME!

  16. bemom homemaking

    Thank you for creating this course! I am looking forward to watching it a little later this evening.

  17. Thank you 🙏. I don’t have the money for your course at the moment but have taken so much information from your live.
    I love your energy and the fact that you want to help others ❤

  18. Caffeine to Cocktails

    I’m going to need your advice on potty training please 🙏🏼

  19. Jessica Stansberry

    Email my team ( and then can get it over to you!

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